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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





187 cm


187 lbs


medium length brown wavy hair


jade green eyes with dual pupils

Personal Information
Fighting Style(s):

Kartranin, Tu'rek

Chronology & Political Information

Weapon Smith, Merchan escort, Merchant Pilot, Space Pirate, Dark Jedi.


Dark Brotherhood Era



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Character History

Aesir was born to a slightly wealthy upper middle class family on Telos. His dad was a weaponsmith, and his mom was a merchant pilot. He would, eventually become talented at both. Throughout his life, he would take on various, and diverse, professions. His is a dedicated, loyal guy, with a passion for overcoming any challenge set before him.

Early life

Aesir was born in the year 6 ABY. Although he was born on Coruscant, he lived out a vast majority of his early life on Telos. At age 8, he began to learn the trade of his father: Weapon smithing. He was sloppy to begin with, and it took him a few years to get the hang of it. On the other side, when his mother started to teach him to pilot, he was a natural. At age 13 his horns began to grow, and, as is custom, he took a rite of passage. He had to fend for himself for a year, on nothing but the skills his parents taught him. To labor, trade, and survive in an unforgiving galaxy. After passing the rites, he was granted his facial tattoos. Thereafter, he would begin working with his father, as an apprentice weapon smith. At age 18, he left the trade behind and started working as a escort for merchant ships. He would also be the merchant ship, on occasion. Two years later, he would band together with a number of miscreants to form a space pirating group.

For four and a half years, Aesir would raid merchants, run blockades, smuggle contraband, and many other less than reputable acts for a large salary. Business was good, very good. He, and his fellows, gained enough money to open a front. It was his original trade: weapon smith. It would bring in even more money to buy supplies and equipment needed for the various jobs he took on, and it averted the authorities.

Becoming a Dark Jedi

Aesir was unnaturally gifted as pirating. He could run a blockade with his hand tied, he could avoid detection like an Imperial Spy. These skills gave him the nickname "ninja" amongst his comrades. One day, he had the job of running a Scholae Palatinae blockade. Aesir admits that it was the hardest job he ever took. The blockade destroyed all but one of the ships under Aesir's command. His got by, but was pursued by a team of dark jedi from the clan. They eventually cornered him, and his crew. They refused to back down, so the jedi cut down all of them. Aesir had his personally forged sword he had made years earlier, and was preparing for the end. The Commander of the strike team smiled, and ordered that Aesir be taken alive. Aesir took the confusion of the soldiers as an opportune time to make his escape. During the year 30 ABY, Aesir was living in a colony on Antei. He had used the skills he picked up as a pirate to snake his way into the everyday life of the colonists. On the day that the Unification War began, Aesir saw thousands of ships come out of the sky. He fled the planet, and took refuge on a moon.

The Dark Jedi saw Aesir's ship land on one of Antei's moons, and sent a battalion of jedi and troops to said moon, thinking it was the Vong trying to escape. They found Aesir, and Aesir was confronted by the familiar face of the commander he met years ago. He told Aesir he had something to offer him. Intrigued, Aesir followed with curiosity boiling within him. He was taken to the Shadow Academy where he was tested, and accepted into the Brotherhood. Upon graduation, he was accepted into the Clan Scholae Palatinae. Not long after, he would meet Kalak Ragnose in the Acclivis Draco halls. Kalak could feel the potential flowing off of Aesir. Kalak took personal interest in Aesir, and decided to make him his apprentice.

Personality and Traits


Aesir can be described with many different words; it all depends on your prospective. He hopes to considered useful and accepted by many people. He allows very little to ruin his day, and therefore can be usually caught in a very good, and talkative, mood. He often...quite often, in fact...doesn't think before he speaks and so a good portion of what he says has almost no connection to the topic at hand. Aesir is also excited easily so he most often has an energetic flair to add to most any discussion. While Aesir is mainly a happy-go-lucky fellow, his happy face isn't endless. Very little can upset him, but when someone finally steps over THAT line, it is quite easier to contain a hurricane with a fishing net than to calm him down. The best way to handle said scenario is to just stay out of the way until he gets bored off being angry.


Aesir is definitely a determined person. So much to fact that when he pursues a goal, he can be very tunnel visioned. He considers himself to be very open minded, but is open to the possibility that he isn't.... He also considers himself to be very funny. He finds that some people find him down right hilarious, while others find him dreadfully droll. It just depends on what type of humor you enjoy, I guess. He's generous in many ways, and tries to lend a helping hand whenever he can. One thing any person who wishes to know him should be aware of is his temper problem. While he doesn't have a "short temper", he does have an explosive one. Aesir also has a very sharp wit. One trait that Aesir has is one that he never thought he had, wisdom. One day, a good friend of his remarked that he is incredibly wise for his years. Aesir was struck dumb by the comment, but took pride in it. Probably the most noticeable trait that Aesir exudes is his outstanding ego. He sharply defends that he is not "vain", but he does admit that his pride does have pretty long leash.

DJB Facts

Outstanding Achievements

  • Is a member of the Order of the Dragon, holding the title Fang of Fear.
  • Is a contributor to the Scholae Palatinae clan website.