Laigerick Ryokou-Amor

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Laigerick Ryokou-Amor
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1.98 meters


100 kg


Light Brown


Pale Blue

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Ryokou-Amor Family



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Yellow, with red trim, and warlord hilt

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Shadow Fist and Grappling

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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Laigerick Ryokou-Amor is a 24 year old Dark Jedi Knight and currently a member of House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow. The Journeyman hails from an aristocratic Corellian family. Laigerick has a sick, sadistic personallity. He enjoys watching people die horrible, prolonged deaths, and it is this very essence of his being that makes him the talented and sometimes over courageous warrior that he is. His headstrong and twisted personality have helped him survive many battles, and has many battlescars covering his body as a result of this. It is rumored that Laigerick suffers from a mental illness, as sometimes he is struck with a craving for violence, quenched only by death. He never kills anyone quickly, preferring to torture them and watch them suffer. Known to speak in riddles while torturing victims, his sadism and bloodthirst is widely known.

Character History


5 ABY – 14 ABY

Laigerick Ryokou-Amor was born as Laigerick Sithelhood to a wealthy family on the planet of Corellia. His father was Durza Sithelhood, a man renowned within the Corellian Duke’s court for his tactical capacity. Durza was given great wealth in exchange for pledging his lifelong services as a military advisor. The Sithelhood estate was located not far from the capital city of Coronet. Durza and his wife, Narissa, managed a small farming community named Valincia which was built around their home. Both of the Corellians doted over their son, buying him all the gifts he could ever desire. They did spoil him to some degree with this, but it was to be expected, being the only child of well-off parents.

Laigerick’s father, being a former soldier, gifted him with lessons in the art of combat as he grew older. The child, bearing all the natural aggressiveness that came with being a boy, was delighted and excelled at his practices. By the age of nine, Laigerick had become somewhat skilled in the area of melee combat, and could correctly operate a blaster. All the while, he began to develop more and more of a strategic mind, going off of what could best be described as “hunches”, which often turned out to be correct.

Durza was proud of his son to no extent, and fully believed that with a few more years of development, that his son would eventually succeed him as the Duke’s advisor. As time went on, Laigerick continued living a normal childhood. He would often play with his friends, besting them at fake sword fights. He was very fond of playing wargames. Every Saturday, the boys of the community would gather in one of the many fields near Valincia, picking groups lead by two ‘Generals’. There, the children would take outposts at either side of the field, each side trying to advance and take the opposing faction’s makeshift flag. Every week, Laigerick would be a General, and every game was resolved the same way: Laigerick’s army would capture the flag, with the other side not gaining any ground. Often due to his hunches, he was always able to properly secure his flag.

Over a course of weeks, everything was beginning to change for young Laigerick. His parents seemed to want to be with him more often, and his mother always had a look of worry about her. Something felt wrong within himself too; he began having nightmares of his parents leaving him, quite frequently. One day, several weeks before his tenth birthday, the child was in his room, playing a real-time strategy game he had recently acquired by the name of Holo-Strat, and his father called him down. As the young man descended down the stairs, he saw both of his parents and a man in Jedi robes in the parlor. The man introduced himself as Aeos Quelcin, a Jedi Knight of Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order. He then explained to Laigerick that he had been talking to his parents over a long period of time, and how he was Force Sensitive. He was going to leave with him the next day, to begin his training as a Jedi. Laigerick was in shock, but also eager to become a Jedi like he had heard so many stories about. The next morning, at the crack of dawn, he departed Corellia for Yavin IV.

Corellia as viewed from space; Laigerick's homeworld.

Life as a Jedi

14 ABY – 23 ABY

For nine years, Laigerick was trained as a Jedi. He quickly rose through the ranks, being assigned a master within two weeks of arriving at the temple. His master was no other than Knight Aeos Quelcin, the man who had brought him to Yavin. His past training with swords aided him greatly when he practiced with the training lightsaber he had been issued. During his spars with the other padawans, Laigerick was almost always the victor. While he had impressive skill, he frequently drew criticism from his master. Aeos always claimed that he was too aggressive, and that could possibly lead to the dark side.

Other than his slight belligerence, he was for the most part praised and complimented. Laigerick kept up with his studies well, and had already built his lightsaber by the year 20 ABY. He was always power hungry, however. By and by he felt himself drawn to texts about the ancient Sith Lords, fascinated by how their ability to control others, and force them to conform to their will. As more time past, Laigerick was scolded more and more by his master. He disregarded all of Aeos’ warnings, continuing to study the lore of the Sith. By late 22 ABY, he had secretly begun to practice some of the dark arts.

Laigerick was always fond of training the youngling and padawans, often taking the time to spar with them and never refused a challenge. On one such occasion, while battling a somewhat cocky padawan in a duel, he was fed up with the arrogant one. Fueling his connection to the Force with frustration and hatred, Laigerick sent the young man flying into the wall with a burst of telekinetic energy. As a result, the padawan broke one leg and one arm, and was rushed to the infirmary.

The Council had since sensed one of the students in the temple practicing the dark side, and had no doubt as to whom it was when story of the injured adolescent reached their ears. They summoned Laigerick to their chambers, where they interrogated him about his recent activities and spar with another student. He was dismissed within short order, and the Council meditated on the matter. By the next day, they requested his presence again, where they announced their verdict. Laigerick Sithelhood was discharged from the New Jedi Order, and all honors and privileges he had as a member were revoked. Slamming his lightsaber on the floor in anger, he stormed from the Council chambers, boarding the soonest shuttle departing Yavin IV.

Life Anew

23 ABY – 25 ABY

With what few credits Laigerick had, he found passage to the world of Nar Shaddaa, where he settled in an apartment in the Refugee Sector. Life on the planet could only be described as living Hell. Criminals were always mugging civilians, people were constantly being killed for whatever reason, and bounty hunters always loomed in the shadows, waiting for their next victim to pass by. Laigerick had a job as a bartender in a less than reputable establishment a few miles away from his building, but was laid off within weeks. He took miscellaneous odd jobs, none of which he could keep for more than a few days. All the while, his supply of credits slowly dwindled until none were left.

He needed an occupation, and one that would last. Observing the society around him, he saw that the people who prospered most on Nar Shaddaa were the criminals. As he watched the outlaws handle their business, memories came back to him of when he almost killed the padawan on Yavin. His blood thirst grew, and he sought out an organization in need of a mercenary.

He would not search long before he was employed by a Nar Shaddaa branch of the Corellian Intergalactic Mercenary Force. He began killing for hire, at first hesitant about actually ending a life for profit, but soon passed the ‘learning curve’, so to speak. He immediately bought two DL-44 heavy blaster pistols, those being his preferred weapons. As the man robbed and killed mercilessly, he soon began to forget the Force techniques he once knew. Most of his objectives were to kill small-time people, most of which went unnoticed by the world at large. Smugglers and government officials frequently appeared on his list.

After a while, Laigerick had sufficient funds to purchase a vessel of his own. He managed to find a deal, acquiring a used YT-1210 from a spacer who needed to rid himself of the ship in a hurry. He renamed the craft the Merk-6, which he used to transport himself for jobs that required going offworld. In his many missions, Laigerick was known to often be hit in the head with blunt objects or get hit by a grazing blaster shot. Many believed that he was beginning to lose his mind, partly due to his occasional misfortunes. He had started to torture his victims, even when his instructions stated a quick kill was needed.

After proving his worth as a bounty hunter, he was given a big task. He was to locate a smuggler by the name of Racc Don, and kill him. This particular smuggler had evaded the clutches of four of the Mercenary Force’s best hunters, and he had failed to make a delivery on time again. He was last seen on the planet of Kapsina, and Laigerick embarked to make a kill.

When he arrived in the Jusadih system, the mercenary entered the premises of a local cantina in order to scout the local underworld, and possibly get Don’s location. As he was having a drink, a cloak figure approached him. Even though his Jedi days were long since over, he could still feel the dark power emanating from the man. The two quickly started conversing, and the figure revealed himself as Dismal, a member of a Dark Jedi sect. He had sensed Laigerick’s sensitivity to the Force, and offered to take him to be processed as a student. Laigerick, always eager to become more powerful, went with the man.

Clan Plagueis

Life as a Sith

25 ABY – 28 ABY

Laigerick was enrolled into the Shadow Academy on Lyspair in 25 ABY. There, he excelled as always. He passed his Test of Lore with perfect marks, and graduated from the Academy as an apprentice. He was assigned to House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis, the same place where the man known as Dismal, who recruited him, served. There, he rose through the ranks quickly, becoming a Guardian in mere weeks. At this time, he sought out a master, to further guide him during his training. Valerian Orzon saw the potential in young Laigerick, and took him under his wing, beginning a master-apprentice relationship.

Orzon taught his student many things. The importance of knowledge, the basic secrets of Sith Alchemy, and even touched up his skills with a lightsaber. He was dispatched on numerous missions, the most exciting one for Laigerick being to assassinate a Hutt which posed a threat to Plagueis. While the pair was destined for greatness, their relationship was short lived. An emergency arose for Orzon which even his students did not know of, causing him to resign his commission as Consul and leave the Brotherhood. Laigerick did not have time to begin his Knight trials before his master departed, and as such began a search for a new master.

Departing the Dark Brotherhood

28 ABY

Laigerick was meditating within his dormitory in the Dark Tower one day, looking to the Force for assistance with his master crisis, when he was approached by Consul Aabsdu. The equite informed the man of his father’s death. He was given leave for one week, during which time he returned home to Corellia for his father’s funeral and to comfort his mother. Laigerick, who had seemed to begin to act normal again since his mercenary days, took another blow to his mental stability as he learned the true nature of his father’s death. Durza had been assassinated in the dead of night by an organized crime unit based in Coronet. It was believed they had knowledge on the man’s son's true identity as a Sith.

Narissa, Laigerick’s mother, urged him to stay as the time for him to return to the Jusadih system came. The Duke had offered Laigerick his late father’s position within his court, and realizing the danger his family was in so long as he was a Dark Jedi, took the position, becoming a military advisor and tactician.

Things were well in his life. He continued to earn money to support himself and his mother, and the Duke was very appreciative of his services. Laigerick was content with everything in his life. This would change very soon, however. After nearly a year of being at home again, he returned from the grocery store to find his mother lying on the floor, half head, grasping her favorite amulet. The family’s estate had been ransacked, and he found a note on the table. It revealed that the same organization who had murdered his father was behind this. Laigerick held his mother in his arms as the life slowly drained from her. The funeral was the following day, and this event is widely believed to be the incident that pushed him off the edge, tumbling into insanity.

Return of Darkness

29 ABY

Three days after his mother’s wake, Laigerick left Corellia once more. He had no reason to remain there, and was headed for the only place where he could become powerful enough to regain control over his life: the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He returned to his home in House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis, where he was welcomed back with open arms. His good friend, Dismal, had ascended to the rank of Sith Warrior by now, and took Laigerick as his apprentice. The two quickly resumed his Knight trials, making considerable progress in a short time.

Things were not well within the clan’s upper echelons. As time crawled on, both Laigerick and his master realized the poor leadership that the clan was under, and sensed it was headed for doom. Loyal to their house and clan, the pair gave it time, but observing the way the summit conducted business, believed it was best to leave. So they did; Laigerick Sithelhood, Dismal Ryokou, Mitushide Akechi, Derev Niroth, and Kalei Basai departed from the Jusadih system. The bond the five shared was indestructible, and could weather anything that came their way. As such, they formed a family. Dismal, Mituhide, and Derev were already brothers, with Kalei accepted as Mitsuhide’s wife and Laigerick as Dismal’s apprentice. Eager to forget his past and the pain it was filled with, Laigerick willingly accepted the offer. They would share a common name: Ryokou meaning traveler and as a family name, with Amor signifying their passion. The five would forevermore be known as the Ryokou-Amors.

Clan Naga Sadow

29 ABY

Clan Naga Sadow

The family relocated to the Orian system, pledging their services to House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow. They all moved and took up residence on the world of Tarthos, building houses along the outskirts of Kar Alabrek. Laigerick and Dismal remained as master and student, resuming his trials almost instantly. He has completed them, and is now a knight of the brotherhood.

Character Overview


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Upon his return to the Brotherhood, Laigerick requested a new set of robes to be tailored by the Herald. These robes were made for combat, especially in the Antei Combat Centre, and were duly dubbed "Gladiator". He is very fond of the fishnet design, which allows for easy and unrestricted movement. When not in battle, Laigerick will usually be garbed in a tattered black outer cloak, which has seen much use. When he is attending Conclave ceremonies, he wears the traditional Black Guard armor. However, whenever he is on a mission for his Battle Team, the Night Hawks, he prefers to wear their personal armor.

Laigerick in his Night Hawk armor.
Laigerick in his Black Guard Armor.

Durza's Heart

Durza's Heart is a topaz amulet, which belonged to his mother. On the day he found her dead, Laigerick took the piece of jewelry, which was Narissa's prized possession, putting it around his own neck. Laigerick never takes off the pendant, and it is the only thing that Laigerick will keep that reminds him of his past.



Laigerick can always be found with his lightsaber, which is the blade he crafted upon his knighting. He used a warlord hilt, and special crystals to give it a yellow blade. His blade's trim is blood red, forever displaying his fealty and allegiance to the Sith order.

Laigerick's BlasTech DL-44 blaster pistols

DL-44 heavy blaster pistols

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DJB Facts

Notable Achievements

  • Awarded 4 Pendants of Blood
  • Awarded 1 Dark Cross
  • Awarded 1 Dark Side Scroll
  • First Recipient of the Dark Maven of Flight degree (besides the Headmaster)

Posistions Held


Commander Rank



  • Former apprentice of Valerian Orzon
  • Former apprentice of Dismal Ryokou-Amor, who guided him to knight
  • Named Dark Maven of History and Flight
  • Speaks three languages
    • Basic
    • Rodese
    • Huttese (limited)

Dismal Ryokou-Amor Sith Commander of Exar's Shadow
27 ABY - 28 ABY
Mayda Ferium