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Shirai Ryu Dupar
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Jonaleth Isradia, al'Tor, Dupar, Ethran Sayre Isradia, Salth Khan, Quejo Rak'ul Drakai


Thran Occasus, Braecen Kunar

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Naga Sadow

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Caelian is a Sith Battlemaster and Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan. He is a powerful Sorcerer of Naga Sadow From the time he joined the Brotherhood long ago, he had been loyal to Clan Plagueis. During his tenure in Plaguies he completed noteworthy accomplishments. One of which he had been famous for however short a time, which had been fighting the Crimson Tide. Shirai was one of the most consistent fighters against the Crimson Tide. Having to eventually crushing them. But after his final bout with the Crimson Tide in which he and Dismal were key in defeating and apprehending the commanders of the bandits, Shirai began to fall off the map. That was until he Naga Sadow picked him up and showed him a new path to power.


On the Path

3 BBY - 8 ABY

Shirai Dupar was born to Ullus and Nene Dupar on the planet Kyandria in 2 BBY. He had three siblings: Gaidal, Dismal, and Kai Dupar. The four Dupar children were born during a conflict which came to be known as the Seventh Clan War, where the reigning Chancellor was attempting to seize complete control of the planet.

Ullus and Nene were not exactly rich, so they could not afford to leave their small agricultural estate in Kalessa (an important spaceport city in the Tenkai region of Kyandria), where the war struck most. Ullus was a bureaucrat who did the dull and tedious job of distributing spaceport visas and corresponding documents, while Nene stayed at home to watch her children and oversee the farm. The small couple feared the fate of Kalessa, especially with four small children running around. Over time, though, the children started to take an interest in warfare, Shirai was especially interested in the arts of weaponry. Having the valuable ability to spot any kind of weapon, name it, which company it came from, and all the other synopsis of the weapon.

Young Shirai.jpg

Through the years the three Dupar children began to exhibit strange unexplained powers. The eldest Gaidal had a small argument with their younger sister over piece of bread and became so angry he unwillingly pushed her back a couple of feet back without even touching her. Shirai and Dismal were playing memory game with a stack of cards. Dismal was able to predict what half the cards before even seeing them. Not so long after that, Shirai was sparring with a boy using whittled sticks at recess at the academy, within the minute the boy was disarmed and beaten to the ground, while Shirai claimed to have seen the boys moves seconds before he made them. These traits where well known to be possessed by the benevolent Jedi. Soon after these events a Jedi Master came to seek them.

Ways of the Jedi

8 ABY - 20 ABY

As these supernatural events began to take place within the Dupar family, they did not go unnoticed. In the year 8 ABY Kyandria was now unfit for any child to raised in. Filled with immense poverty and chaos, the planet was engulfed in much turmoil that the parents did not want their children to ever witness while they grew. The Dupar brothers soon changed their ways and began to hone what powers they had to protect themselves. Still weak in the Force Gaidal suggested they find other ways to make money and fend for themselves.

After saying their goodbyes the three boys to the planet Dantooine where they began their training to become stronger, for a number of years. Ripe when the year turned 14 ABY the boys where progressing on the steps of becoming adults. The three young men created their first fight club, proving their worth to be prominent fighters with the unknown use of the Force. But the Dupars often let their emotions exhibit far to often while they trained. After being reprimanded for it by each other, Gaidal for the most part did not listen. Gaidal then began to take on the Dark Arts, finding that it was much more enthralling to use your own anger to further your power instead of withholding it like the Jedi were taught to do.

The other two Dupars began to see that their brother was walking along the Dark side, and were against the thought at once. But in due time they began an interest in it. Soon enough by 18 ABY they were practicing the Dak Arts with their brother, increasing their skills to what they knew not.

Shirai embracing the enormous power the Dark Side has to offer.

It was around 20 ABY that the Galactic Republic began to sense what the three Dupar brothers were doing, and they ordered an investigation to stop them at once. The sergeamt sent to them scolded them for their actions, but did not see just how much of a mistake it was. Gaidal told him what their true intentions were, as well as how flawed the Jedi Order was for keeping a Jedi's true potential locked up just so the council could keep control. The three brothers ignited the flames of anger in their eyes, and despite the sergants skill he was taken by surprise, and the three brothers overpowered him and killed him.

They fled from Dantooine, escaping to a spaceport and each going their separate ways. Shirai became a freelance mercenary, spending his time in various cantinas and taking any job that paid. Around 23 ABY, an unknown male approached him with a proposition to join a Dark Jedi Brotherhood, where he could harness his dark skills. He accepted, and moved through the ranks until becoming a Dark Jedi Knight. His master whom helped him ascend was Drodik Valence al'Tor. During this time he was reunited with his brother Gaidal, and later Dismal.

Clan Plagueis

23 ABY - 36 ABY


Return to Eden

Return to Eden was a mission undertaken by Battleteam Exar's Shadow in 24 ABY, shortly before the clan evacuated to the Jusadih System. Led by Commander Aabsdu al’Tor, the team was sent to the former home world of House Bane to investigate a beacon that had been activated, but it soon turned into much more.

The mission was originally nothing more then a spy mission. The Summit of House Exar Kun had sent the battle team to Eden to investigate a distress beacon that had been recently activated. Incoming reports suggested an attack by the Crimson Tide, so many were suspicious that they could be hiding on Eden, no long inhabited since the dissolving of House Bane.

When the team arrived and a young Shirai, or Galaphile which he was going by at the time, was but a Guardian. This was his first mission on the field as a battleteam member. He was eager to prove himself worthy. However when they arrived there was more to the story then what met the eye.

They met a team of Dark Jedi and troops. Shirai fought with all the arsenal available to him. But he was blown back by a proton missile and knocked unconcious, then he was taken captive. The young Dark Jedi awoke in a cave with his captors leering over him. Planning to take a slow revenge on him for their losses. The Ghost of Bane suddenly appeared out of no where, silently he slaughtered the pirates that were about to kill Galaphile.

After the swept them away, he looked at Shirai but said not a word, and disappeared from wence he came. Scorpius found him and released him from his binds and they made their way back to Exar's Shadow.

Battle of Byfrost

During the time of Shirai's ascension through the ranks, he also took part in almost every major conflict Plagueis had as a clan. Most of which was an on going war against the Crimson Tide. The Tide would attack, the Plagueians would counter. It was an ongoing war that last for many years. But it really began to hit the fan during the Battle of Byfrost.

The Crimson Tide had chosen no better time to attack the clan, when they were preparing to evacuate the system due to it being in critical danger. This would be Shirai's first battle, and the first part of the war with the Crimson Tide. During the move, they were attacked viciously. The Krath did not take to space in battle, but he was ordered to man a gun and shoot down anything that came near. Which he did with much ferocity.

The size of their armada was that of an army, one that would prove difficult to handle in a long haul. But the Plagueian Jedi cleverly outwitted the pirates. The pirates were not aware that the system was on the verge of destruction until it was to late.

Even though the Tide was retreating, Consul Kir decided that they were made an example of the Tide, mainly to show that Plagueis was not as weak as it seemed, but also to show the Tide just who they were messing with.

In an amazing show of strength and power, the clan's top force users joined together and seized a large number of the retreating Tide. They took control of their ships, primarily the fighters, and flung them back into the system. So close to the growing star, the ships were trapped as the intense radiation cooked through the hulls.

Great Jedi Wars

The Seventh Great Jedi War

Shirai or Galaphile as he was known throughout his tenure in Plagueis, found himself in a war that had threatened the entire brotherhood. Such was the treachery involved that even clans were against one another starting from within. Shirai could trust no one save for only a few people. Two Jacs were both claiming to be the real Grand Master and they were splitting the Dark Brotherhood forces to rally their campaign.

Shirai had chosen the red Jac Cotelin as the true Lord of the Sith, but his clan did not see it the same way. Many of the Plagueis Dark Jedi chose the blue Jac, like some of his family members including Aabsdu and Dismal. Though Clan Plagueis had chosen the red Jac they internal strife over personal choices was the cause of the dissension. This was his first test in a growing rivalry against Clan Naga Sadow, two individuals in particular, one a Sith Warrior Devani. The other who has now become the Herald. Shikyo Keibatsu was one of the other rivals he had during this conflict, they fought on more than one occasion.

After the war however hostilities remained with his anger against the heirs of Sadow. This would not be hard placed as they could clash again in the very near future. Where he made his mark on the clan as well. Shirai had also gone an amazing transformation, at the cost of a darker passenger. Dark Side Adept Jonaleth Isradia, an ally of Shirai had given him a gift for saving one of his kin, despite his life being forfeit.

After being battered down with no restraint, Jonaleth healed him and gave him increased strength and dexterity that someone a level above him. Shirai was ecstatic about the change. But Jonaleth warned that the power would come at a price, a more power hungry individual would be manifested from this Force mutation. And indeed he was correct.

The Eighth Great Jedi War


During the Yuuzhan Vong’s conquest of the galaxy, Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane learned of a reclusive sect of Dark Siders known as the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. As the Vong offensive progressed towards the core, Shimrra decided it unwise to leave a potential threat to his flank and ordered the cult of Dark Jedi exterminated. Nagto Mel, a proven Commander and veteran of the core-ward campaigns, was assigned to locate and destroy the Brotherhood. When reports of a small naval exercise near Ziost reached Nagto, he dispatched spies who soon confirmed that a large cadre of Jeedai apostates was present. Realizing his enemy had gathered the bulk of its fleet in one location; Supreme Commander Nagto moved his battlegroup to the area and promptly arrayed his forces in ambuscade.

This marked one of the most destructive war he had ever been in. Shirai Ryu had been stationed on Aerun, a planet that had named him their Guardian after his efforts at this battle. Plagueis, whose fleet was crippled as a result of the week long conflict, tried its best to stay out of the civil battle within the much larger one. Meanwhile, as the Brotherhood fell to its knees at its home planet, the Jusadih system was also invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong. Warrior Dismal and Archpriest Scorpius oversaw the resistance effort on Aerun, and performed valiantly for as long as they could before Diadem Fortress, and virtually all of Aerun was destroyed by the might of the invaders. Dismal and Scorpius had almost escaped the carnage in a lone TIE Phantom, but ultimately ended up prisoner on board the Vong mothership for three days.

Shirai embracing Aku so that he could save Dismal and Scorpius

Miraculously, the two Equites were rescued by a recovery team of Archpriest Anochiir Isradia, Knight Shirai, and Knight Jaden Kyrath, who had also stayed in Jusadih for unknown reasons themselves. As the search party returned to Kapsina, Clan Plagueis tried to flee the bloodbath at Antei. Almost simultaneously, Grand Master Sarin returned from the Roche asteroid belt, accompanied by six brand-new Nebula-class Star Destroyers. Immediately, he executed the Braata Option, which was a complete evacuation of Antei.

Shirai had known defeat before. But never at a scale such as this.

Clan Naga Sadow

36 ABY - Present

Children of Revolution

Shirai had found himself in disdain about the way things were going on internally in Clan Plagueis. There was an internal struggle involving an old ally of his Braecen Kaeth. The Elder had caused quite a stir in the last war when he had fired upon a ship so that he could cover his forces. Minimizing the amount of people he lost in the war by betraying the db during the retreat from the Yuuzhan Vong. It left an unsatisfactory taste in the clans mouth and they were sent to deal with him.

After this time Shirai joined Naga Sadow. His long distance rivals from another clan. He had at one point multiple rivalries within the clan with such Jedi as now Dark Jedi Master Shikyo but he has long since transcended this rivalry. However his timing couldn't have been any worse. Because the Son's of Sadows were in a dispute with the rest of the clan. Shirai had taken part in going against the Sons of Sadow.

He was the one who freed the Dark Jedi that were trapped in the slaughter room. Sensing something amiss on his way to the temple, he saw that everything had gone to hell. The Sadow's had concocted their Krath magic and risen the dead. Shirai led the troops in the defense of the temple, and freed the rest of the Sadowan Jedi so that they routed the undead. After a while the fighting came to a close when he came face to face with the Overlord. He ended struggle right then and there.