Lorien Sinclair

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Lorien Sinclair Dupar
Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

Date of Birth:

5 B.B.Y.

Date of Death:


Physical Description











Black with dark red coronas

Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

Rebellion Era, New Republic Era, New Jedi Order Era, Legacy Era


Maa'daer'khai Confederation, Ghost Squadron, Clan Plagueis

Personal Ship:

Resurrected Erebus



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Lorien Sinclair is a rogue Guardian of the Brotherhood. Her allegiance to the Brotherhood is one of common goals, originally born of the idealistic fervor of a woman determined to avenge old wrongs through any means necessary, and now out of a desire to protect all she holds dear.

Character History


The thirty-four year old Sinclair is a native of the slums of Nar Shaddaa. Raised by her parents, Tekhis and Sarai Sinclair, Lorien learned the cold, hard truth of life at an early age; shunned by most of the inhabitants of the slums due to her unusual eyes - obsidian orbs with crimson coronas - and her preternatural reflexes. Attacked on a daily basis, Lorien became a bitter, streetwise tomboy, whose reputation for brutal retribution only worsened her circumstances.

Despite this, Lorien's parents were able to instill a fierce sense of honor into their daughter, largely centered on protection of loved ones, and concerning retribution. Tekhis taught his daughter to defend herself, and Sarai taught her how to read people, to observe the world around her, and be mindful of her surroundings.

In 11 A.B.Y., the slums of Nar Shadaa fell prey to a epidemic, decimating the population. Buoyed by the belief that the then-sixteen -year-old Lorien was some sort of dark harbinger, the survivors mobbed the small permacrete building that doubled as both home for the Sinclairs, as well as family business, and demanded that Lorien be executed for her supposed role in events. In the ensuing events, the building was firebombed, causing a support beam to break loose, crushing Sarai. Tekhis ran to save his wife, but a wild shot from one of the lynch mob outside hit him between the eyes.

Lorien's life would have been over, had it not been for the timely intervention of the gray Jedi Alaric Shaddonai, a survivor of Palpatine's Jedi Purge who had been in hiding in the Unknown Regions. Shaddonai tore through the mob's ranks, scattering them to the wind with the Force and a few choice waves of his lightsaber. Once through, he carried away Lorien, who had been clipped in the head by a sizable piece of permacrete, to his ship on the upper levels.

Despite some early distrust of Shaddonai, Lorien learned some information that both complicated her situation, and also set her on a rather uncertain path. Alaric's presence on the Smuggler's Moon had been the result of her ancestor, Makhael Sinclair, the leader of the Maa'daer'khai Confederation.

Jhaekkoria Prime and Primary Grievances

Makhael, who was known better by his title of 'Zaen'ekhai', was an Immortal, one who had earned a grudging respect from Palpatine's Sith predecessors, as well as the Jedi Order, in the years before the Purge. As he was Lorien's only relative, Lorien was taken to Jhaekkoria Prime, the capital seat of the Confederation.

Between Makhael's Zaenekhai Council - a group of warriors who had fought under him since the fall of his homeworld -and the man himself, Lorien was trained in the art of war, stealth, and assassination, alongside a formal education in philosophy, history, and technical design. She was placed in an apprenticeship until the age of twenty-one at the Khryton Skunk Works, designing starfighters and light gunships.

During the latter half of 17 A.B.Y., Lorien was commissioned as a lieutenant colonel in the Confederation Special Forces, and placed in nominal command of the 816th Tactical Reconnaisance Hoplites, also known as "Greywalkers", during the Laankaj offensive. Sinclair served with distinction during the eight months of the campaign, but resigned her commission over issues of how the middle echelons of the Confederation responded to the intelligence her command had uncovered about a Imperial Remnant weapons cache that the Laankaji had used to devastating effect in the final days of battle.

Over the next few years, Lorien did all manner of work, from being the bodyguard and personal consort of a midlevel Black Sun operative, to running assassination and smuggling missions for the Hutts. Her battle savvy need her up in the middle of the Corellian Insurrection on the side of the New Republic, although not without consequence—her first ship, the Vendetta Pride, was destroyed in the firefight.

Enter the Brotherhood

Shortly after, Lorien caught wind of rumors about the Brotherhood. Returning to Jhekkoria, she made peace with her ancestor, and accepted his offer of aid if she ever needed it. She also made inquiries to several mercenary associates about the Brotherhood, as well as looking up Alaric, who she convinced to train her in the ways of the Force. This was cut short by Talon Jade, who cut down Shaddonai on the ruined world of Makhotis in late 21 A.B.Y.

In 22 A.B.Y., Lorien joined the Brotherhood. Running on hate and a thirst for vengeance, she locked horns with a few of the upper echelons of the Brotherhood - most notably Jonaleth Isradia diPlagia - over her temperament and her tendency to get in over her head. Despite having trained under the likes of Chi Long and her adopted brother, Gaidal Dupar al'Tor, Lorien has had no great desire to gain any great status within the Brotherhood. Following Gaidal's departure for points unknown, and the destruction of the Acarr system, Lorien left the Brotherhood, haunted by a vision of her as a Sith Warlord, engaged in battle with a Brotherhood helmed by diPlagia, but controlled by forces whose ultimate objective was far more capricious then even Jonaleth was capable of—galactic annihilation. She took up residence on Preminger Colony, a deep-space stellar cartography station on the edge of Nubian space for five years, before travelling back into the Unknown Regions, where she helped to organize a group of independent operators under the banner of Ghost Squadron.

The Yuuzhan'tal Incident & the Catacombs of Kaleth

In the first quarter of 32 ABY, Ghost Squadron came upon a derelict Vong warship - the Yuuzhan'tal. One of a half a dozen ships that had survived the aftermath of Shimrra Jamaane's defeat at Coruscant, the Yuuzhan'tal was presumed to have been either scuttled by its crew (an eyewitness account from the GAS Praetorian remarked on how the Yuuzhan'tal had been damaged amidships during the firefight), or had simply bled out atmosphere. With the help of two Shapers from the Vong colony on Rakata Prime, Ghost Squadron was able to cannibalize tech from the derelict, adapting it to work in tandem with the systems of their sole capital ship, the Praesetlyn-class carrier Oriencor. Due to Lorien's intention to re-educate herself in the ways of the Force, as well as to hone her own nascent abilities, the Oriencor became both her permanent residence during this time, as well as her private workshop, where she began a collaborative effort with the Vong Shaper Kalai Niroka to create a hybrid techno-organic gunship.

The following year, Lorien came into possession of Je'daii texts, shaking her belief in the ways of the Force as she had been taught by Jedi, Sith, and Obelisk. Travelling to Tython, she descended into the ruins of Kaleth, spending months at a time trying to reactivate sections of the ancient temple's archives. Based upon the spattering of information she was able to gather, Sinclair began to immerse herself in as much lore and history of both philosophies - Light and Dark - as she could authenticate. By year's end, 35 ABY, Sinclair decided that any further education would have to take place from a more 'learn-by-doing' approach; she rejoined Ghost Squadron - headquartered at the time on Makhotis.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Flight Member, Exar's Shadow, Disciples of Dreypa

Outstanding Achievements

Combatant in Acarr Exodus


-Lorien is derived from "Lothlorien", the realm of Galadriel, the Wood Elf Queen who tested Frodo Baggins in "The Fellowship of the Ring", by J.R.R. Tolkien. Sinclair is derived from Michael Sinclair, the main character of the Reckoning Wars Saga. -The idea for Lorien's eyes, as well as Makhael's, came from an image of the goddess Tokimi of "Tenchi Muyo!" fame. -Makhael, Tekhis, and Sarai are names used in the Reckoning Wars Saga. Makhael is an honorific given to Michael during his experiences in the distant past. Tekhis and Sarai are the names of two of his closest friends.