Jaden Kyrath

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Jaden Kyrath
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10 ABY

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1.95 Meters





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Dark Jedi


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Jaden Kyrath is a Dark Jedi Knight serving in Clan Plagueis and more specifically House Exar Kun. Born in a small village on Dantooine to a simplistic yet kind and loving couple, he was destined to become nothing more than average. However, during a short trip to Nar Shadda, his parents were murdered and young Jaden was kidnapped and sold into slavery. After seven long years, Jaden escaped and was inducted into the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Here he trained under the tutelage of Aabsdu, and was eventually made a Knight. During the Seventh Great Jedi War, Jaden participated in the rescue mission of Dismal and Scorpius.



10 ABY to 25 ABY


As a child, Jaden Kyrath, was born to a kind and loving Mother and Father who were both born and raised on Dantooine. Jaden didn't really know his parents as what jobs they had and if they were good people to the community, he just rembered that he had parents. When he was young, around the age of eight, his parents took him to many planets showing him the worlds outside his. But as fate had it, this would not not last long. On a short visit to Nar Shadda, they stopped to get something to eat, and when Jaden went to use the bathroom he came back to find the body's of his parents and he was soon knocked out and taken to be sold to the Hutts. His life would never be the same, but it would one day lead to his ultimate power, and strength in the dark side of the force.

Slave Days

For about seven years, Jaden worked as a slave to the Hutts. He did the Hutts bidding, he worked hard night and day creating fuel for space ships. His specific owner was Ka'Pa a Hutt who lived and owned much of Nar Shaddas slaves. But this was not a kind master, he was beaten by the guards when failing to finish his shift without trying to get water, and some times would be tortured because he was not fast enough to do anything. All of these were just excuses to beat the young boy, which is a little extra help to him wanting to kill them. Even then, when he didn't know it, he was being fuled by the dark side making him have terrible rage spurts. Once he killed his own cell mate for calling him weak, and that day he proved the foolish man worng. He was once brave enough to poisn the drink of the hutts that were having a party. But he did not expect them to even tell that it was poisned just by smell, and he was beatned until he almost bleed to death.

Jaden's Lightsaber

He had no way of escaping, and he felt as if he was doomed for ever to the pits of hell known as Nar Shadda. The work and hours began to wear him down faster and faster everyday, not even the force could aid such pain and suffering without a break. But he always seemed to feel that he was being watched, every now and then he would see a dark cloaked figure but it would soon disappear in a flash. In fact, he thought he saw the cloaked figure doring and after he killed his cell mate. And when he was poisning the drinks he swear he saw that cloaked figure smiling evily in the background, it seemed to him as if it was incouraging him. The were detined to truly meet one day, when his master had him serve drinks for a party, the same cloaked Dark Jedi had found him and sensed the strong Force aura from him for sometime now. He tod him to come to him and they both left easily, but not until they got into space.

The Escape

As the pair reached the ship, they soon realized that Jaden had a slave tag that would and did trace every step he took and where he is. Almost as soon as the left the atmosphere they were being attacked by the hutts freighters and were being unsuccessful in winning this fight. After taking loads of shots they stopped on a nearby remote planet when as soon as they landed and got out they came down and shot at the ship, having it exploded into a billion bits. They both left that explosion un scarred but the fight wasn't over yet. As soon as the ship exploded, they landed planning on killing the Dark Jedi and taking me back. This only amused the Dark Jedi the whole time he just msiled as he easily deflected the blaster bolts and killed the two men. As soon as that was finished, the had to find the trace of the tag, and the dark Jedi looke dat him through the force to find it was in the flesh of the boys left arm. I twasn't very deep but it was still going to be a painful experince as the Dark Jedi burned through his flesh and took the tag out. Only 15, he was still in major pain and screamed as it happened but he came out with a new scar to rember as the two took the men's ship and ditched the tag on that planet and blasted away.

Sith Training

25 ABY to 30 ABY

When first joining the clan, he was given the chance to choose from three paths of enlightenment: the way of the Obelisk, the Sith, or the Krath. Knowing little of the classes that stood before him, he instinctively chose the way of the Sith (something he luckily did not regret). With the choosing of his class complete, he was officially inducted into the Brotherhood and given the rank of Apprentice. For many months he trained vigilantly in order to prove himself to his clan, and his efforts were graciously rewarded with the ascension to Protector. With that rank achieved, the young Sith was put under the guiding hand of SWL Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar who would guide him to the rank of Knight. The SWL trained Jaden for quite sometime, teaching him the meaning of the dark side and the way of the Sith, with an iron fist.

Anything less than perfection was not tolerated with Aabsdu, which made the word 'shock therapy' and Jaden near complementary to each other. These long brutal years of training broke Jaden down, and like Plagueis to Sidious, Aabsdu molded him into a medium in which the dark side could flourish. The onces kind and unassuming child had become spiteful and heinous, seemingly fettered to his his dillusions of grandeur. These traits had made him strong, but unlike the other Sith, pride and ambition did not completely control his mind. There was a part of him that could still see the world in a lucid enough manner, allowing him to hold control of his most demanding emotions at times of the imperative; which he still holds today.

After a few more years of training, Jaden's ever increasing skills in the dark side were becoming quite evident. His Master was impressed with his progress, so the Sith was given a symbol of Clan Plagueis on his back and a sith tattoo bellow his eyes in order to celebrate his success. The title of Jedi Hunter was awarded to the young Sith, and immediately following this ascension, his trials began. The first, and most memorable of those trials, was his task to create a lightsaber. He had spent nearly a month creating the lightsaber, and when he was the body finished, it was time to travel to the Sith cradle; Korriban. There Jaden entered a cave filled with the spirits of old, who guided him through the process of collecting and altering his crystal (via Sith Alchemy). He spent nearly two days in that cave, attuning the crystal and eventually applying it to his lightsaber. Finishing in success, he left the cave to be immediately confronted by his master in a duel. His master easily bested him, and within moments, the apprentice was at his knees with his lightsaber a few feet behind him. Though Jaden felt his future was grim, to his surprise, his master simply deactivated his lightsaber and laughed. The Sith War Lord was just toying with the boy, having no actual plans of killing his apprentice. With that, the two left the planet and headed back to the Brotherhood. There Jaden gave his lightsaber to the council which would return it to him on the day of his ceremony.

A few months past after the first trial, and slowly but surely, Jaden finished them all. In seemingly no time, the pathetic wyrm of a being rose from the ashes of oppression and became the oppressor of oppressors; a feared and powerful Sith Knight.

Service to Clan Plagueis

30 ABY to Present

Jaden is formally a Sith Flight member for Blades of Kun and Exar's Shadow. He has served in the Sixth Great Jedi War fighting for Plagueis and has done many missions such as the assassination of the senator who planned on helping the Jedi mine crystals on Ilum.

During the Seventh Great Jedi War, Jaden was one of few clan members who stayed in the Jusadih System, and as such was one of the few there when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded. Teaming up with Galaphile and Anochiir, he assisted them in the bording of the Yuuzhan Vong ship, rescue of the captured Dismal and Scorpius, and escape from said ship. Today, Jaden continues to work towards the advancement of his career and his clan.