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The Dark Crusade
Conflict: Following actions against the Dark Brotherhood by the One Sith, Grand Master Muz Ashen began a Crusade against the One Sith to reclaim the worlds of the Ancient Sith Empire.
Date: 35 ABY - 36 ABY
Location: Sith Space

Dark Brotherhood

One Sith


Darth Krayt


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"Equality is a lie…A myth to appease the masses. Simply look around and you will see the lie for what it is! There are those with power, those with the strength and will to lead. And there are those meant to follow—those incapable of anything but servitude and a meager, worthless existence"
―Darth Bane

The Dark Crusade was a major offensive conflict began in 36ABY. After years of internal wars, the Dark Council decreed that the the Brotherhood would expand. They first set their sights on the worlds of the ancient Sith Empire. Here they hoped to gain a foothold and find artifacts that would aid in future war efforts.

Prologue - Assault on the Avenger II

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Immediately following the events surrounding the Horizon plague the Dark Council responded with precise fury and immediate retribution upon the remnants of Zoraan's forces. The primary target was that of Zoraan's flagship, the Super-class Star Destroyer Avenger II, an ample prize and tool for the Brotherhood's plans against an encroaching threat. Calling upon all available forces, the Council immediately began actions against the rogue Destroyer within the Shroud as Task Force 62 began their engagement to keep the vessel trapped within their territory. This diversionary effort had been designed simply for the second half of the Master at Arms' plan, deploying small strike teams to board the vessel and capture it from within. Amongst the chaos of the combat surrounding the Avenger II, eighteen teams were deployed at the behest of the Grand Master with each dedicated to the cause or simply in it for their own personal glory.

A shuttle on approach to the Avenger II

While not amongst the first party to land aboard the Avenger II, a team comprised primarily of Sadowans and a singular Palatinaean landed in two separate craft in an exposed hanger. Swiftly clearing the hanger of potential threats, the team encountered a pair of Zoraan's acolytes by the names of Frost and Reaper. These Sith were of little match for the highly trained team as Araxis Farron tricked Frost into slaying his brother before the team put him down with ease. The lull in combat allowed the team to disconnect the hanger from the surrounding sub-systems aboard the Destroyer so that they could use it as a staging ground for further reinforcements. The Council responded swiftly, sending the Deputy Raken and the Herald's Praetor Ekeia Iclo amongst the reinforcements for a task unknown though they did leave the team with a message decrypted by Atra Ventus. This message was never communicated with the rest of the team before they were assaulted by a team lead by an Elder under Zoraan's employ, Dantella Novae. Eliminating the first waves of resistance, the team moved quickly to disable all the vessel's security using the knowledge of Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae and Kalia Pepoi. In the midst of their efforts, the Sith Elder managed to assert control over Kalia and would have succeeded in using the woman against her own team had they not reacted appropriately. Asserting his own muscle within the Force, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart helped free Kalia from Novae's grasp and assisted Atra in locking the Woman in stasis before rendering her unconscious to ensure she could be captured by additional Brotherhood forces.

With their capture of Dantella, the team was given a new directive: Capture the Bridge. On their approach to the Bridge, it became very apparent that one final threat still remained along with his creations. Twisted by his Master's death, Darth Necar and his modified Terentatek awaited them on the bridge having turned the Avenger II about in a final crazed effort to eliminate the Brotherhood by crashing the vessel into Antei and the Dark Hall. Before the confrontation even began, the team knew they were outmatched by an individual of Grand Master skill and strength; but this did not give them pause as they began their assault quickly. Splitting into two groups, one side dealt with the Terentatek as the other focused on keeping the crazed Grand Master busy. Together, Archangel, Atra and Kalia confronted the Terentatek and ensured at least one of the pair were captured for study by Krath Alchemists in the Brotherhood's employ though Atra had been incapacitated in doing so. Meanwhile, Araxis and Methyas dealt with the Sith Lord alone; their efforts rewarded in the loss of an arm and leg in the name of duty. As the battle wore on it was obvious that they would not survive the battle without grievous losses, knowledge Methyas utilized as he separated himself from his team by sealing the bridge and tricking the Grand Master into destroying a weakened viewport and venting the bridge to space.

The mission was a clear success for the Brotherhood as they assumed control of the vessel to refit it for their future endeavours. While many members of the strike team had been seriously injured, they did survive and were taken to the appropriate facilities to receive the attention they needed.

Phase One

Chapter One - Invasion of Nfolgai

The planet Nfolgai

Detail mission successes utilizing the placements and details from the fictional prompts for the events.

  • Shadow Academy
    • Gold: Tra'an Reith (PLA)
    • Silver: Nite Dawn (PLA)
    • Bronze: Atra Ventrus (CNS)
  • Wiki
    • Gold: Plagueis Alpha
    • Silver: Karness Muur
    • Bronze: Sadow One
  • Gaming
    • Gold: Tiamath (CNS)
    • Silver: Raistlin (CNS)
    • Bronze: Kuro (PLA)
  • Graphics
    • Gold: Solus Gar (PLA)
    • Silver: Ylith Atema (CNS)
    • Bronze: Atra Vetrus (CNS)
  • Fiction
    • Gold: Sanjuro (CNS)
    • Silver: Oberst (TAR)
    • Third: Eiko (PLA)
  • Assassinations
    • Gold: Solus Gar (PLA)
    • Silver: Nite Dawn (PLA)
    • Bronze: Ronovi (PLA)

House Plagueis victory followed by Clan Naga Sadow.

Chapter Two - Khar Delba Incursion

Battle over Khar Delba.

When the Dark Brotherhood's eyes turned toward the former homeworld of Naga Sadow himself, the Clan quickly forgot about its failing on Nfolgai as the drums of war hammered in their ears once more. Conquest, after all, was in the Disciples of Sadows' blood, and they would not lose their destined seat of power to anyone else in the Brotherhood anymore than they would to the One Sith. As the Sadow Warhound marched on Khar Delba, however, the dark cloud that hung over them returned and many of their advance teams failed to make a successful landing, with several plumetting far off course. One party, amongst them the excommunicated apostate Darth Vexatus, whose decision to accompany the team had already unsettled their pilot Shirai Dupar, crash-landed in the frozen ice fields outside the Spire Mountainrange.

Reclaimed artifact by Xia Long.

While they struggled to reestablish contact with the orbital strike fleet to organise an extraction, the team were set upon by warbeasts and troubled by strange apparitions and distressing visions, which were believed to have been caused by the residual dark side energy that permeated the planet's atmosphere, although Ylith questioned if the source was closer to home. Tensions flared when the apostate son and his apprentice, Sildrin, failed to come to the assistance of Shirai, Amagon and Yuriko after their ascent up the mountain was stalled by an assassination attack, and by the time the six eventually reached the summit of the mountain, they found forces from House Plagueis had already spread out into the ruins. Yet Sildrin managed to unearth an ancient battle hilt believed to have belonged to Naga Sadow himself. At the very touch of the hilt, immediately the hilt began draining her vitae - if not her Master intervention, who knows what her fate would have been.

The more overt war against the forces of the One Sith progressed like clockwork. A combined task force led by Naga Sadow, followed by Houses Tarentum and Plagueis, deployed immediately to the planet's surface via dropships and drop pods amidst the swirling miasma of a space battle directly over the landing sites, both naval forces maneuvering and positioning for bombardment orbits. The Clan Summit of Sadow was the first group to hit the ground and using blitzkrieg tactics supported by light armor and commando raids, secured the primary landing sites within the first two hours. Odan-Urr's Jedi Knights and Tarentum's Dark Jedi worked in concert to assault the primary barracks of the One Sith, marching a sizeable force of seasoned Force-users onto the base and crippling it. However, it was the battle droid and clone army of Sadow that won the biggest victory on the plains of Khar Delba, first routing and then crushing the main Sith army with overwhelming firepower and use of a squadron of bombers over the battlefield as a force multiplier. It was not long before the One Sith surrendered the planet.

Detail mission successes utilizing the placements and details from the fictional prompts for the events.

  • Run On
    • Gold Nova - Team Alpha, House Plagueis - Ronovi, Alaris, Solus, Arden, Teylas
    • Silver Nova - Team Lance, Clan Naga Sadow - Xia, Vexatus, Shirai, Yuriko, Amagon, Ylith
    • Bronze Nova - Team Prime, Clan Naga Sadow - Mirdao, Atra, Kalia, Mirus, Syntari
  • Fiction
    • Gold Nova - Vexatus, Clan Naga Sadow
    • Silver Nova - Locke, Clan Naga Sadow
    • Bronze Nova - Malik, Clan Naga Sadow
  • Shadow Academy
    • Gold Nova - Malik, Clan Naga Sadow
    • Silver Nova - Eiko, House Plagueis
    • Bronze Nova - Tra'an Reith, House Plagueis
  • Graphics
    • Gold Nova - Morotheri, House Odan-Urr
    • Silver Nova - Xia, Clan Naga Sadow
    • Bronze Nova - Sanjuro, Clan Naga Sadow
  • Gaming
    • Gold Nova - Mirus, Clan Naga Sadow
    • Silver Nova - JScumm, House Odan-Urr
    • Bronze Nova - Oberst, House Tarentum

House Plagueis victory on planet, close second for Naga Sadow.

Chapter Three - Siege of Ch'hodos


Despite the combined might of many of its members, Khar Delba would not be reclaimed by Clan Naga Sadow. Their resolve, however; would not falter especially when the next set of planets was revealed. With a short interlude between conquests for participation in the Brotherhood's Independence Games, Sadowans would once again have a chance to reclaim a planet of special significance. Ch'hodos, which millennia ago served as the central base for Lord Shar Dakhan, would be the obvious target for the Clan. Among some other chosen members, Raistlin was part of the initial strike force to the planet. He did most of the initial recon, and was involved in numerous guerilla strikes that would helo to soften up the Clan's targets before their arrival. After the main assault began, Raistlin then stayed on the planet, working with the bulk of CNS's ground forces to achieve total victory on the planet. This time, they would not falter.


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