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17 ABY

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Dark Jedi Knight


Clan Naga Sadow, House Marka Ragnos, Scepter of Ragnos

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Kalia Phoenyx



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Character History

Beginnings of Greatness

Born in 17 ABY, Amagon started life as an orphan on the city-planet Coruscant. When he was born his parents abandoned him as it was hard enough for them to survive under the surface of Coruscant let alone with a newborn. It is unknown whether it was blind luck or the will of the Force that brought an unassuming man to that particular crumbling building or, for that matter, what caused him to protect and raise the quiet newborn carelessly left on the floor. What is known is that his act of compassion in saving one life would lead to the ending of many.

At a young age Amagon was already a killer. When his Guardian returned one day to find him sitting quietly in their shelter, surrounded by fresh hawk-bat corpses strangled and mutilated, he knew the boy was special. The man, aware of the Force and the stories of what an untrained Force sensitive could turn into if left to the darkness, resolved to get him to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 so he could be trained in the ways of the Jedi. Amagon's Guardian, being familiar to the ways of Coruscant, was confident he could find him and the boy a way off planet and then to Yavin 4.


After much searching and many bribes, Amagon's Guardian managed to locate a crew member of a New Republic transport bringing medical supplies and munitions to Yavin 4. After many hours and credits, he was able to secure a space in the cargo hold for both him and Amagon. Anticipating a long trip the Guardian entertained young Amagon by telling all the stories about the Jedi he knew, and Amagon sat quietly listening with rapt attention.

During one of the Guardian's stories about a great battle between a group of Jedi Masters and one of the most powerful Sith Lords ever known, an explosion rocked the ship. Suddenly, sirens started going off all over the ship, followed by the captain on the intercom. The voice declared the ship was under attack by a Corvette and a squadron of Tie Fighters, and that a distress call was put out to the nearest New Republic patrol. The Tie Fighters made short work of the Transport's escort while the Corvette left the ship crippled and motionless. After the Transport was incapacitated, the Corvette started to deploy forces to board and secure it.

Knowing it would not be long until they were discovered, the Guardian decided that the most important thing was to ensure Amagon was safe. Meanwhile, Amagon was intrigued by all the new sights, sounds, and feelings he was experiencing. He could feel the panic of the crew while Imperial troops boarded the ship, the fear of his Guardian as he tried to stack the boxes and crates into a wall that they could hide behind, and the cool resolve from outside the ship as the Stormtoopers began to board the Transport. Most intriguing though, was the pure hatred he could feel step onto the transport. Amagon had never felt anything so strong, as if the one he was feeling was a bright red beacon of anger and hatred focused entirely on its mission and would let nothing get in its way.

As the Imperial forces systematically secured and cleared the ship from the bridge down, the Guardian knew it was only a matter of time until they entered the cargo bay and found the makeshift hideout he had hastily put together. He began to realize that he could only slow the imperial forces down in hopes that the distress beacon was answered in time. He grabbed a blaster rifle from a nearby crate and prepared to hold the bay as long as possible. As the troopers cleared the ship they neared the cargo bay and walked somewhat arrogantly into the bay, right into the Guardian's line of fire. The Guardian immediately squeezed the trigger, taking out a few before they got to cover and started to return fire.

Amagon sat with a trickle of fear as the shooting started, especially since he could feel the Guardian was prepared to die to protect him. Suddenly, Amagon felt the beacon on its way towards the cargo bay, and he became truly afraid. The Guardian kept firing into the small door the troopers were coming from, but they were not making it easy. The troopers pushed suddenly into bay and dove for cover. Only a couple made it but it was enough to turn the tide.

The Guardian knew it was a hopeless effort, but he kept up the covering fire for Amagon's sake. All of a sudden there was an explosion from one of the corridors, then the snap-hiss of a lightsaber. From the smoke walked out a woman holding her saber at her side. Amagon watched as she sauntered into the cargo bay with seemingly no concern for the fire fight in progress, the troopers stopping when they realized who had entered the bay. The Guardian had also stopped firing, surprised and awed at the beautiful women with the ruby blade and black robes embroidered with a singular red rose.

The Red Rose was disappointed when she saw that it was just one man, even if that man had held off Imperial force for as long as he did. Orders were orders though and hers had been explicit. Capture the supplies and leave no witnesses, as she walked towards the Guardian he opened fire on her. The Red Rose did not even break stride as she neared the man, deflecting blaster bolts onto the walls of the cargo bay. The Guardian, in a last ditch effort pulled out a vibroknife he kept for emergencies and charged the Red Rose. With a sneer, the woman calmly sidestepped the Guardian, spun, and neatly decapitated him.

Amagon, having just watched wide-eyed as his savior and guardian fell to the floor, was overcome with a sudden anger. He stood up, drawing the attention of the troopers whose orders were the same as the Red Rose's. The troopers leveled their rifles, targeting young Amagon as he stood trembling with rage. Before they had a chance to fire Amagon's instincts took over and he did to them what he had done to the hawk-bats on Coruscant.

In the aftermath, Amagon just stood there breathing until he noticed the woman standing behind him. As he tensed, ready to let his anger over his fallen guardian overtake him again, the Red Rose spoke.

“You have potential, young one. Would you like to learn to control of that anger rather than be controlled by it?”

Amagon looked at what he had done, then looked at the Guardian's corpse. He didn't release the anger he felt over what happened but pushed it down into the depths of his core, always lurking under the surface. Amagon then looked up at the Red Rose and replied, simply, “Yes”.

The Red rose nodded her gaze turning away.

“Good, my name is Kalia but you may call me Master”.

Positions Held & Achievements

Positions Held
Before Position After
None Flight Leader of the Scepter of Ragnos
36 ABY - Present