Operation: Strike Back

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Exodus era.
The Warspite


In 17 ABY, the newly appointed Consul Timbal of Clan Scholae Palatinae initiated operation Strike Back mere weeks after gaining power. A complete accounting of the Clans' financial records were compiled and presented to the new Consul, and his orders to freeze any existing expenditures were a surprise to many. After an exhaustive review of the records, orders were released to the financial managers of the Clan with far-reaching revised goals.

The Consul then traveled in secret to meet with the Grand Master and his Deputy, and laid out his plans. Timbal had realized that the Clans' fleet, although proud and able to fight, was no match to fight off any sort of concentrated effort by either the New Republic or the Imperial Remnant, or any other major power in the area. Thus, Timbal had re-prioritized the financial aspects of the Clan to funnel a huge amount of credits over a period of several years indirectly to the coffers of the Grand Master, with a gentleman's agreement that the funds, plus a commission, would be used by the Grand Master to fund the completion of two new capital warships for the Clan.

The plan was kept in secret, known only to the Clans' Consul and Proconsul and senior financial managers as they took power. Over the period of several years, several billion credits were funneled in this manner, all of the money kept safe and invested heavily to fund the warship construction fleet.

In 19 ABY, Grand Master Jac Cotelin included the money from the Clan into the Operation Tempest Bravo funds into a Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) shell organization, authorizing the construction of several new warships, with the first two slated for CSP. The ships were constructed at KDY's remote Xa Fel facilities.


In 20 ABY, then Grand Master Sarin went one step further and upgraded all of the Clans' ships with new technology to make them more effective than stock warships. Further unclassified details are available on each ships' records.


After years of waiting, in 21 ABY the sister ships Indomitable and Warspite were completed and delivered to the Clan, taking their place amongst the other capital ships of the Clan fleet. They currently fulfill a very important role within the Clans'.

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