Ji K'awiil

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Ji K'awiil
Biographical Information

Uba IV

Date of Birth:

12 BBY

Date of Death:

34 ABY (Presumably)

Physical Description





2.21 meters


81.64 kilograms





Personal Information

Ronovi Tavisaen, Sato Tarentae

Chronology & Political Information



House Cestus Quaestor, Commander BAC Doomsday

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"War is the statesman's game, the priest's delight, the lawyer's jest and the hired assassin's trade."


Early Years - Uba IV

Born a force-sensitive Ubese to a vehemently traditional clan posed many problems for Ji as he matured. While not ostracized or even looked down upon by his peers and clanmates, it made the typical lifestyle of a young Ubese male seeking to prove himself extremely difficult to attain. Abnormally in touch with the natural world—even for a force sensitive—Ji found living in the dire conditions of the wasteland planet Uba IV torturous and the brutal traditions of disfiguring captured prey animals did little to help. However, regardless of his intentions, Ji often found himself falling into normal Ubese patterns, incapable of escaping the brutality of his nature. As he matured, the Ubese developed a knack for two things which would come to define him as a sentient: machines and the sniper rifle. The young male had little difficulty taking the snout off of a Bladavian pocket hare at just under a mile, the force screaming no all the while.

Adult Events - Ubertica to Bastion

Ji in full battle armor.

Due to his aptitude with weaponry Ji found himself pressed into facing his trial at a very early age and, most unusually, his trial was not to hunt the native predators of Uba IV. He was deigned a candidate for a genocidal mission against the Yrak Pootczk Ubese of Ubertica and was soon drafted into the ranks of the Ubese warlord Savax's expeditionary force. While the fleet was largely destroyed during an Imperial intervention to save Ubertica, many of the ground-pounding terror squads managed to survive and disappear into Ubertican society, only revealing themselves when doing so would result in an abhorrently devastating bombing or assassination. As such, Ji spent the next several years operating on Ubertica, brutally murdering dozens of impure Ubese and several prominent clan leaders until sometime around 9 ABY when he was caught by Imperial garrison forces. While the Uberticans were promised the captured cell was executed for their crimes, in fact the Empire drafted the Ubese terrorists as specialized—yet disposable—assassins and commandos who could be turned against the New Republic. This followed the typical doctrine of the Thrawn era where all resources would be used against the impending Rebel threat, regardless of their origins.

During his tenure under the Empire Ji had a front seat to the deaths of some 58 rebels (5 of whom were important dignitaries or military officers) through the scope of his issued Nightstinger Sporting Blaster.

When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the Galaxy in 25 ABY, Ji was an established operative with Imperial Intelligence and now in his late 30s. Taking part in the vicious and destructive Battle of Bastion Ji came to know the Vong as the truly Holocaustian force they were and while he desired the downfall of the Republic, he was not prepared to trade the entire galaxy (especially his homeworld) for such an outcome. The tugging of the force to defend life and stand for righteousness likely had a large impact on this decision to fight the Yuuzhan Vong. However after the battle Ji found himself once again facing sentients native to the galaxy and this time, on a front he was not used to. As the clash between Pellaeon and Flennic flared into a full scale battle at Yaga Minor, the Remnant found itself direly short of pilots and Ji was pressed into service as a TIE Defender pilot off of the VSD Red Hammer.

While scoring a kill and developing a fondness for flight, Ji soon found himself out of work and a deserter when the conflict between the (now) Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant came to an complete halt after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Wandering alone in the employ of Hutts like Borga Besadii Diori led Ji to see a vast majority of the galaxy in a matter of months. This resulted, directly, in Ji's first contact with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in 29 ABY and Ji's immediate and complete disappearance from the Galaxy at large.



While unnaturally tall for an Ubese, Ji wears the armor and biosuit typically associated with his species. The old armor is marred by countless pockmarks and scars from Ji's years working as an assassin. Though the armor appears to be uncared for and is far from aesthetically pleasing it is, in fact, very well maintained and in pristine working condition. Beneath Ji's helmet his face is a dead-looking shade of gray with deep, hollow eyes, characterized by the black shadows which seem to crowd around the twinkle of his pale green irises. A wicked scar, clearly the result of an acid burn, covers the left side of his jaw and lower cheek. His hair is worn pulled back in tight ceremonial braids and the sides of his head are shaved completely bald.

Ji's armor is a sickly gray color, departing from the standard browns and tans in use by contemporary Ubese warriors. The armor, however, is often concealed under a heavy black robe or cloak issued by the Brotherhood. Apart from his skin color, the scar on Ji's face as well as the strange styling of his hair distinguish him from other Ubese.

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