Southern Arkanian Revolution

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Southern Arkanian Revolution
Date: 12 BBY - 9 BBY
Location: Arkania
Outcome: Arkanian Resistance Victory

Arkanian Resistance

Zachar Imperialists

  • General La'Koole Zyzen
  • Admiral Michel Harper

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Though little was recorded in history about the Southern Arkanian Revolution, a huge portion of it was destroyed during the Imperial Occupation of Zachar city, Arkania in 20 ABY. A hidden file was found by Aidyn Wolfwood in 22 ABY on his return to Arkania during the Second Southern Arkanian Revolution which had been created by his father shortly before the end of the first revolution.

Originally isolated from the scientific parts of Arkania after the Arkanian Revolution in 50 BBY in the Arinel Plains, Zachar City became a source of conflict in 18 BBY when an Imperial Battle Fleet under the command of Admiral Michel Harper descended on the Plains and took control of the city from Arkanian General La'Koole Zyzen. It is still highly disputed that this was the beginning of the Southern Arkanian Revolution. A small resistance force lead by La'Koole's former second in command Commander 'Nicholeb Gheils' that had formed during General La'Koole's rule of Southern Arkania managed to rescue La'Koole's son Aidyn Zyzen, now known as Aidyn Wolfwood by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Aidyn joined the Arkanian Resistance, much to the dismay of many of its members.

Admiral Michel Harper and Commander Nicholeb Gheils would clash against each other through many battles, however the war would take a drastic turn in 12 BBY when the Arkanian Resistance gained information on a weak point in Zachar City's defenses. Taking advantage of it, Nicholeb Gheils and his daughter Krysta took a small force of 37, including Aidyn into the heart of Zachar City to the Shimmering Tower where Admiral Harper's Command Center was. This was the first major offensive that had been taken on the Zachar Imperialists by the Arkanian Resistance. A trap laid waiting for them however, and much to the surprise of Nicholeb and Aidyn, his father La'Koole Zyzen was waiting for them along with Michel.

Sacrificing himself, Nicholeb forced Aidyn and the others from the tower before reinforcements could come, passing leadership down to Aidyn. As they escaped the tower; Aidyn and Krysta both knew that Nicholeb Gheils, was dead. Facing the betrayal by his father, now determined to have been the mastermind behind the entire war over Michel Harper, and his new leadership position in the Arkanian Resistance; the war took a massive turn. Almost everyone asked agrees, that this is what officially began the Southern Arkanian Revolution when La'Koole betrayed his people, his race, and his son Aidyn.

Aidyn sent a petition to the remnants of the Arkanian Dominion asking for assistance and supplies; however no word ever returned to them on the matter. General La'Koole began to pressure the Arkanian Resistance more and more by cutting off supply lines and enacting Martial Law through the Southern reaches of Arkania.

Over the next 3 years, numerous battles would take place all over Southern Arkania with neither side gaining a lead over each other. In 9 BBY, the war finally came to a head as supplies and rations for both sides was virtually non-existent. Managing to pull off a strong victory in the Arinai Valley, the Arkanian Resistance pushed into the Arinai Plains which gave them a clear view of Zachar City. Despite being outnumbered, the Arkanian Resistance standing at 20,000 warriors and the Zachar Imperialists at 27,000, it came down to this last battle to determine it all.

Information on the Battle of the Arinai Plains is very scarce and was heavily edited and cut by the Zachar Council shortly after the conclusion of the war. What is known however is of the 20,000 Arkanian Resistance Warriors and the 27,000 Zachar Imperialists, that there was literally few to no known survivors of either side. The battle is said to have lasted only 6 hours that at the dawn of the first day of 8 BBY, Aidyn Wolfwood walked into Zachar City heavily injured. Refusing to obey orders; the Zachar Soldiers allowed Aidyn into the Shimmering Tower.

At the top of the Shimmering Tower Aidyn and his father La'Koole finally faced off in a one-on-one duel, with Aidyn coming out the victor. Upon the end of the duel, the Southern Arkanian Revolution drew to a close and peace once again returned to Zachar City and Southern Arkania.


Arkanian Resistance

  • Leader: Lt. Commander Aidyn Wolfwood-Zyzen
  • Commander Nicholeb Gheils (Former Leader; Deceased)
  • Major Krysta Gheils

Zachar Imperialists

  • Leader: General La'Koole Zyzen
  • Admiral Michel Harper