Darth Silas

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Darth Silas
Biographical Information

Lorrd II

Date of Birth:

2 ABY (age 46)

Physical Description





1.88m (6'1")


89kgs (196lbs)




Brown; yellow (dark side)

Personal Information

One Sith


Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Lightsaber Color(s):

Violet (double-bladed)

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Sith Executioner


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


One Sith

Personal Ship:

YV-664 Harbinger

Known masters:

Darth Krayt

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"The weak shall fall mercilessly upon my blade."
―Darth Silas

Darth Silas was a male Lorrdian Sith Lord of the One Sith during early years of the Order. He was born and raised on Lorrd II in the Outer Rim. Though he maintained a careful facade of civility, Silas was a vicious killer, using his ability to interpret body language and mimic the speech and emotional behavior of others to disarm his prey.

Overview of early life.

Overview of Sith life.


Early Life (2 - 14 ABY)

  • Born on Lorrd II
  • Father was a Corporate Sector Authority executive, his mother was basically a serving girl that got knocked up
  • Father took custody of him and paid the girl off

Darkness Within

  • boarding school at a young age
  • despite "low class" birth, a child of gifted intellect, but somewhat antisocial in his youth
  • unknown to school administration, Silas was a sadist. Bullying and outright torturing using the Force on his fellow students whom he saw as being beneath him
  • eventually discovered and kicked out/scandal
  • violent outcome with father, ends in his death by explosive Force attack


  • Fledgling NJO investigates the case and apprehends Silas, plan to take him to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV.
  • Their transport was attacked and the passengers slaughtered
  • Silas was their target, and was invited to join a new Order that would nurture his talents

The Dark Path (15 - 28 ABY)

One Sith


  • Darth Krayt takes a person interest
  • Begins a lethal regiment of training and tests, based on Krayt's knowledge of how Sidious instructed Darth Maul
  • Martial skills improve drastically, top fighter amongst apprentices
  • Mastering the difficult art of Juyo and double-bladed lightsaber
  • A couple of missions for the One Sith, tested against captured Jedi Knights

Lord of the Sith

  • Receives title of Lord for successfully assassinating an influential politician who was protected by the Jedi

Executioner (29 - 33 ABY)

  • given title of Executioner by Krayt
  • sent on high-profile missions to eliminate targets of the One Sith
  • creates his own circle of disciples/assassins

Dark Crusade (34 ABY - Present)

Shots in the Dark

  • assassinated several high-ranking DBers with his own hand


  • eventually tasked with eliminating the person responsible for killing Tor Siva and capturing Maxyn Vonnisia
  • does (blank) to (blank) (blank) and make him (blank) for his (blank)

Resolution Part

Physical Appearance

  • in natural state, wild and unkempt
  • highly capable mimic of both speech and actions

Personality and traits

  • psychopath
  • narcissistic
  • intelligent
  • glorifies killing
  • hates the weak

Powers and abilities

  • emulates emotions to disarm targets (Lorrdian trait)
  • infiltration, subversion, assassination
  • can read his opponents
  • juyo mastery, double-bladed lightsaber


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