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Rhelg System





Rotation period:

26 hours

Orbital period:

195 solar days



Primary Terrain:

Mountainous, Alpine

Points of interest:

Ludo Kressh's fortress

Native species:


Immigrated species:


Major imports:


Major exports:



Old Sith Empire

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The planet of Rhelg is located in the Sith worlds region of the outer rim territories. Known as one of the Sith Holy World, it is located in the Esstran sector, in close proximity with the planet Khar Delba. Rhelg provided little use until the Sith Lord Ludo Kressh chose it for his military base and hunting grounds, constructing a private fortress where he could conduct military operations against his rival Naga Sadow. Several Sith slaves toiled to construct the fortress which was located within the more mountainous regions of the tundra and was heavily fortified.

Due to the high altitudes of the planets terrain, oxygen was thin and provided and unwelcoming climate for a handful of native species. By the time Kressh had constructed his fortress, many of the mammalian species had been wiped out due to the fjords glacial waters being used to hydrate the Sith Lord's Troops. Keen on hunting, Kressh had his men experiment on Silooths so he could hunt and trap them. The survivors of the mut[at]ed, now-bantha sized species have adapted to Rhelg's climate, and several of them can be found along the tundra.

As a result of Ludo Kressh's death, Sith troops evacuated Rhelg, and the planet was left abandoned for several years. Rumours spread that Kressh's spirit remained in his private fortress, his presume haven, but even the strongest Sith have expressed skepticism for those claims. While minimal flora continued to thrive in the absence of species on the planet, Rhelg offered little in terms of useful natural resources, especially when most of its native species had been rendered extinct and the data on them was limited and vague.

In 36 ABY. the One Sith sought to retake the fortress of Ludo Kressh and reclaim the remaining weapons and armory of the Sith Lord. Maxyn Vonnisia, a Kiffar Sith Lady, led the expedition to Rhelg and sensed the dark side flooding from the abandoned keep. It was rumored that even priceless artifacts and heirlooms belonging to Kressh had possibly been left behind in those rooms that could not be looted or infiltrated by rogue Sith warriors. Maxyn Vonnisia has drawn dangerously close to the planet and is estimated to land there within two weeks...


Rhelg is best described as an alpine tundra planet, with no trees and a very limited flora. The mountains of Rhelg are susceptible to snow and sleet, though depending on the season, lichen grasses shrugs and other dwarf foliage may grow upon the less icy slopes. In the northern hemisphere, close to the fortress of Kressh, several small fjords run between cliffs and into valleys where there is some glacial activity. It is at the northernmost point that the climate becomes more polar than alpine, with several small glaciers, frozen bodies of water, and practically no flora.

Points of Interest

Located in the northern hemisphere of Rhelg, Ludo Kressh’s fortress was an impressively massive structure flanked by several barracks and other military fortifications. Serving as a primary military base, Kressh would operate from Rhelg in order to consolidate war efforts against Sadow’s fortress on Khar Delba. As the planets were in close proximity, Rhelg was an ideal place for Kressh to lead his troopers.

Aerial approach is discouraged due to the perilous mountains and steep cliffs surrounding the fortress. The turbulence in the air due to high wind, blizzards and hazardous weather patterns make bomber or fighter runs less than ideal. While the separate barracks and outside quarters were burned to the ground upon abandonment, Kressh’s fortress remains intact nestled beside a particular fjord that leads outward to the more polar regions of the planet. The valley allows for the fortress to be concealed from potentially passing ships, and the abrasive cold and low air quality makes ground combat all the more unpreferable. However the fortress is a likely home of various weapons, armories and other artifacts owned or wielded by the Sith Lord and his men. It is rumoured that one of Kressh’s customized suits of armor, complete with gauntlets and helmet is located in secret room close to the Sith Lord’s former living quarters.

The One Sith

Maxyn Vonnisia

Main article: [[Maxyn Vonnisia|Maxyn Vonnisia]]

Maxyn Vonnisia is a thirty two year old Sith Lady from the planet Kiffu. Overshadowed by her Kiffar brothers in Clan Moxla, Maxyn sought to prove herself through various conflicts with their rival clan, Clan Konshi. She ultimately traveled off planet to become a bounty hunter, and was subsequently disowned by her family due to her welcoming darker influences for money. Well recognized as an almost supernatural hunter who followed through on every given assignment, Maxyn was recognized by Darth Krayt in 30 ABY, shortly following the indoctrination of Yobd Nan. She was initially matched with Yobd as a fellow apprentice while being trained on Korriban, but their instant dislike for each other forced Krayt’s hand in separating them from each other while learning the Sith teachings.

Elevated to Sith Lady in quick procession to Yobd’s elevation, Maxyn was chosen to lead the operation against Rhelg, in order to seize and occupy Ludo Kressh’s private fortress. Maxyn’s stubbornness, aggression in battle, and pride allows her a hard-headed resolve, more ready to kill her opponents than tame them.

As a Kiffar, Maxyn is extremely adept in psychometry, capable of picking up massive amounts of information and history from objects. As this ability happens only occasionally among Kiffar, such use of telemetry was discouraged due to its darker implications. Maxyn however is perfectly willing to use her psychometric abilities on living creatures, in order to tear their memories from their actual brains. While psychometry is not always useful in live combat, the Sith Lady has mastered it thoroughly in order to use it quickly and instinctually in order to “scan” her opponents.

Maxyn exhibits extreme dexterity and Force defense in battle, agile enough to dodge certain physical or melee attacks as well as absorb the Force attacks of lower ranked Sith. She employs Force choking regularly, values speed over physical strength, and can change her body chemistry through convection making her body unnaturally hot and allowing her to set various objects and people on fire. Maxyn employs a saberstaff as a master of both Juyo and Vapaad, and she is accompanied by several Sith acolytes and three bounty hunters, each of them being equipped snipers and esteemed marksmen.

Black Sun Affiliates

Due to Maxyn's bounty hunter past, several assassins from Black Sun and other criminal organizations were recruited to the One Sith cause. They answer directly to the Sith Lady and are well-trained in melee and ranged combat with knives and blasters. Some of the less controlled thugs have come from swoop gangs, planning on patrolling the seized fortress's perimeters with swoop bikes and speeders. Also focused on agility, they are formidable opponents.

Behind the scenes

Rhelg was one of two planets fought in the second chapter of the Dark Crusade. It was contested by *units*, but eventually won by Arcona.