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Alexis Quinn
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Date of Birth:

22 ABY (age 21)

Physical Description





1.65m / 5'4"


53kgs / 117lbs


Dark brown



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Djem So

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Dark Jedi



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"Try to keep up with me."
―Alexis Quinn

Alexis Quinn was a female Human/Zeltron hybrid born on Karufr and trained as a Dark Jedi by the Clan, Taldryan, after the Incursion against the Dark Brotherhood. Discovered at a young age, Alexis remained an Initiate for years before being deemed ready to enter the Shadow Academy to officially complete her early training. Alexis was talented, but highly emotional, and flaunted her exceptional skills over her peers, which made her a target for aggression and constantly isolated. After completing her trials, she returned to Karufr expecting to become the student of one of the Clans famed Elders. Instead, she was apprenticed to the Clan's recently acquired outcast, Aidan Kincaid, at the order of Consul Rian Aslar.


Early Life

"He was brave, powerful... and very naughty. But we came from different worlds."
―Elise Quinn, describing Alexis' absent father

A Human/Zeltron hybrid, Alexis Quinn was born and raised on the planet of Karufr, where she was discovered to be a Force-sensitive at an early age and was inducted into Taldryan where she was raised and taught to nurture her gifts.

It wasn't until she came of age

Shadow Academy paragraph.


Expedition to Kalus



Breaking Into Prison



Draw of the Dark Side



Physical Appearance

Alexis Quinn

Despite her mixed heritage, Alexis physically favored the Human side of her genes with pale skin and dark brown hair rather than the vivid shades of red. She had bright brown eyes, a small mouth, and an upturned nose. She was considered by many to be very attractive, her beauty believed to be an aspect of her Zeltron blood. However, Alexis did not like to flaunt her appearance, and often wore a hood to hide her face. Although average in size, Alexis had an athletic build, lithe and graceful, and moved with a poise and self-confidence beyond her young age.

Personality and Traits

Captivating appearance aside, Alexis had an aggressive, confrontational personality that often got her into trouble. She was a highly volatile young woman, easily led astray by emotional responses and destructive impulses. Growing up in the care of Dark Jedi, she lacked any familial bonds or the desire to form close ties with others. Part of this detachment was driven from her ability to read people's emotions, which could easily overwhelm her, and even project her own feelings onto others. When troubled, she would unconsciously transmit dark emotions to those near her due to her Zeltron traits.

Because of her extensive training at an early age, Alexis was proud of her gift for the Force, which she liked to flaunt over others. There were few Journeymen at her age who could stand against her in a fight, and she developed a sense of invincibility, which led her to taking brash actions without thought of consequence. Her power also made her haughty and sarcastic, quick to lash out verbally at those she believed were beneath her. Even her master was not exempt from these attacks, as the two were complete opposites in most respects.

Powers and Abilities

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Force Powers


Other Skills


Behind the Scenes

Alexis Quinn is an NPC created by Aidan Kincaid for a fictional venture to flesh out his history after joining Clan Taldryan. Alexis is meant to be a young, emotion-driven foil of Kincaid's and an ongoing character in the "Elder Legacy" stories.

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