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Battleteam Deathwatch
General information

Appius Wight




Camp Kandosii, Du Kang Island



Historical information
Formed from:

37 ABY

Other information
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"Be ready. Once the path has been determined we will strike. It’s time we gave them their own personal welcome to the Zsoldos system."

- BTL Appius Wight to Deathwatch, Daemunn, 38 ABY


House Deathwatch consists of a group of elite members from Clan Vizsla. Originally a Mandalorian splinter group that was anti pacifist originally founded by Tor Vizsla and led by Pre Vizsla before and during the Clone Wars. The original purpose of the Deathwatch was to retake Mandalore both to govern and reinstate their warrior culture. However, they did not succeed and were eventually disbanded.

In 37 ABY Appius Wight took inspiration from the group of the past and created a brand new Battleteam with a new purpose. To protect House Wren's assets and be the tip of the spear. To conduct secret missions into and above the underworld to eliminate targets and destroy unwelcome trades such as slavery, drugs, child labor and human trafficking. He thus named this new Battleteam "Deathwatch."

Secret missions involving the collection of scum with prices on their heads. Heists into banks of literally anyone else which includes, but is not limited to, The Collective as well as other rival clans of the Brotherhood. It is also not unheard of for those who have gained the attention of Deathwatch to suddenly "disappear."

Combat specialists are not the only members that make up this new team. Pilots, intelligence agents, saboteurs, diplomats, and more. As long as they have the skills to provide to the Deathwatch, they could be accepted amongst its ranks provided you passed the initiation. Deathwatch is an elite Special Operations team that can handle a variety of mission parameters. This adaptability makes this Battleteam both a powerful ally and as dangerous an enemy as the original Deathwatch.


Camp Kandosii

Deathwatch operates out of Camp Kandosii. This is a secluded training/housing facility that is located on the Northernmost side of Du Kang island. This camp is only accessible to Clan Vizsla and House Wren leadership as well as the soldiers assigned to Deathwatch. Any natives to the island or tourists lost in their travels on the island that wander up to the camp are never seen again.

Camp Kandosii features facilities to house the Special Missions Company as well as the Artillery Battery attached to Deathwatch. The two hangars house the Deathwatch Kom'rk-class Fighter Flight. All four fighters are kept close by for any rapid response missions as well as standard travel for leadership on official business.

A standout location in Camp Kandosii is the Pain Pit. This is an area that the second Deathwatch Battleteam Leader Kano Tor Tydex threw together and uses for training fighters to compete in the Underground Fighting Arena, within Yuanming. Not only does this give Deathwatch a direct link to all activities within the UFA but the soldiers assigned to Deathwatch see it is a great honor to be selected to fight on behalf of their unit.

Members Roles

With multiple assets available to Deathwatch its members are able to take on various roles to maximize their combat effectiveness. From leading ground troops into battle to being the flight leader of the fighter squadron, Battleteam assets are often best utilized by being commanded by the elite members of the unit. Current assignments are as follows:


Upon the creation and rise of House Wren in 37ABY just a few short months after Clan Vizsla's inception, many began to become concerned with how powerful the group was becoming after such a short space of time. As an attempt to weaken the newly founded House and Clan Vizsla as a whole, attacks on House Wren became a frequent occurrence. Including the slaughter of civilians, kidnappings, and assassination attempts on both the Aedile and Quaestor. This resulted in the leaders of House Wren calling for the creation of a new Battleteam.

Chapter 1

The attempts on the Quaestor's life continued with an explosion within Yuanming on Zsoldos. Collective assassin's planted a bomb and were there to attack and kill Rulvak Qurroc, the House Wren Quaestor. He survived and Battleteam Deathwatch was assigned to find those responsible and put an end to them.

Upon beginning their investigation, the Zsoldos populace was not as willing to be co-operative. However, Dral Falgorth was successful in creating a propaganda poster that won over the hearts and minds of the local people to the Battleteam. Thus allowing the investigation to continue.

After the attempts on the Quaestor's life, a secret code was uncovered by the Battleteam Leader. Unable to decode it himself, his apprentice, Trenkyp Zkig, took on the task and deciphered it quickly and efficiently. He revealed that the Collective had staged a base of operations on Daemunn, Zsoldos' moon.

Upon checking Yuanming surveillance, it was discovered a Twi'lek by the name of Reb Sino was responsible for planting the bomb. Kade Ra, another Battleteam Deathwatch member was successful in locating him and killing him. But not before he was able to reveal the exact location of the Collective based on Daemmun.

With this information in hand, Dral Falgorth was successful in scouting the lay of the land on Daemunn. He was able to provide information on the Collective base, the Daemunn landscape and atmosphere as well as the local wildlife.

Not too much time later, Battleteam Deathwatch landed on Daemunn in the cover of darkness. A plan was formulated and the most elite members attacked the base.

These members were Appius Wight, Kano Tor Tydex, Trenkyp Zkig, Kade Ra, Katropolis, Hector Ricmore, Dral Falgorth, Mauro Wynter, and Rajhin.

Together, the nine attacked the base, with Rajhin and Kade taking the initial strike and Dral in the seat of a J-1 Proton Cannon, they were successful in creating a diversion for Dral to destroy the central base structure. This was the signal the Battleteam waited for as the remaining members jumped into the fray. After the initial wave of Collective soldiers were defeated, all nine elite members regrouped together and destroyed the rest of the base. Preventing any further attempts on the House Wren Quaestor's life.

Notable Activities

Deathwatch: Chapter 1 ran from the 5th of January to the 21st of January.

Chapter One

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