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New Order era.
The Anvil
General information

41 ABY



Physical specifications

New Order era

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Built into the side of the Sundor mountain range, the anvil inspired base’s veins run deep, its halls of valor rooting deep into the highest peak on Daemunn. It is there, Clan Vizsla’s militaristic arm, Saxon, stretches out to the rest of the Zsoldos system.

— Juda Graves


While Zsoldos remains the central hub of activity and is but a hive of scum and villainy where the lawless hold sway. Daemunn is from where the members of Clan Vizsla operate and mobilize. Heavily influenced by Mandalorian culture and law, the moon is governed by the Consul and Proconsul, who utilize the whole of the Saxon military in order to safeguard their seats of power and to defend or police neighboring systems.

The Rattataki leader of Clan Vizsla, Korvis had felt the need to organize his Clan in a way that ensured militaristic might and presence while securing contracts for economic growth and protection orders for groups primarily located on Zsoldos. However, keeping invaders at bay during the attack by the Children of Mortis had left Korvis feeling vulnerable, so as to deflect the stirring viewpoints of Clan Vizsla operating from a weakened position. Korvis, along with his newly appointed Proconsul Juda Graves began maneuvering their forces to strategic positions that would allow them to perform from a position of dominance as members and Clans from rival territories began to resist.


Prefab homes have been erected at the foot of the base that wealthier clan members and personnel call their home away from home while stationed at The Anvil. Beyond the courtyard of homes lies a sheer cliff with a treacherous road carved into the cliff face descending to the bottom of it. At the foot of the Sundor mountains where the Anvil looks out over the city like an everwatchful eye. Arpat, meaning seed in Mando'a, is a sprawling new city and Capital of Daemunn that seemingly sprung up in close proximity to the Spaceports. This is typical of many worlds as logistics will become easier the closer you are to travel lanes.

It is governed by officials voted in by the people and are carefully monitored by the Mandalorian overseers of Clan Vizsla where final approval and say comes directly from the Summit. These appointed officials or governors are figureheads and charismatic spokesmen of the Clan presiding over them and their presence is important for day to day affairs. From there, the Daemunn River stretches out for two miles wide, at the military base, a four lane highway bridge is the only ground access point to The Anvil. Vizsla engineers chose this spot for their headquarters from a sheer military focal point of defensibility.

Before crossing the bridge, visitors will notice that the landscape has been cleared for kilometers to give a pair of Mass Driver Cannons and Turbolaser Towers clear line of sight to defend the bridge and base from ground and amphibious assault. Once across the bridge, more Mass Driver Cannons and Turbolaser Towers line the bank of the cliff to repel invaders. Just beyond the first line of towers, Vizsla engineers have installed a Power Fence to further aid in the defense against land based attacks, if the river and cliff weren’t enough.

With the ground defenses well tended to, engineers constructed a DDS-02 Shield Generator along the mountain wall to secure The Anvil from aerial and orbital bombardment. The Anvil isn’t defenseless from aerial attack as it hosts an Ion Pulse Cannon capable of disabling the power systems of an entire attacking fleet, leaving them vulnerable to counter attack.



This headquarters isn’t designed like your typical box like installation, with rooms sitting directly beside and on top of each other, instead, utilize manmade and natural caverns to house Clan Vizsla’s military operations. Being built into the side of a mountain, The Anvil looks more like a mining operation with hvac, plumbing and electrical lines gathered neatly along the walls and ceiling next to suspended lights. Few know the full layout of The Anvil by heart, as its personnel are relegated to zones defined by their occupation.


Just like the exterior, engineers pulled out all the stops to make the interior of The Anvil as defensible as possible. Various air shafts have been widened and connected to allow the Mandalorian defenders to use jetpacks to flank unsuspecting invaders. Etched and carved into the mountain side, winding halls were created to disorient foreign invaders while choke points were designed to give defenders strategic firing advantages. Furthermore, pillboxes were hidden in the walls around the facility only accessible via jetpack or climbing rope from a tunnel ascending straight up into the air shafts.


The difference in treatment between enlisted men and officers seems to be pretty standard among all military arms across the galaxy and Clan Vizsla is no different. Enlisted personnel have their barracks built straight into the side of the mountain with very little extra added for comfort. Stone walls, ceiling and floor are what these soldiers call home among racks of bunks with what seemed to be the scratchiest linens Vizsla Logistics could find in the entire galaxy. Very little amenities are added to the enlisted barracks as a way to “encourage” their performance into a commission and comfier lifestyle.

Comfy is an understatement for the comparison between the officer barrack and the enlisted barracks. Officer barracks are fully sealed off with a durasteel floor, ceiling and walls to create the effect of cleanliness and more modern living than their cave dwelling soldiers. To add to the modern living, high thread count sheets adorn the single cots while hot water is piped into the wash basins, showers and caf machines to put the final touches to the extravagance of officer living.

The Forge

Nestled deep within the mountain is a place no Mandalorian society would go without, The Forge. Headed by The Armourer and his/her apprentices, these Mandalorians are in charge of producing many of the armaments required and used by Clan Vizsla. Whether it’s repairing weapons or forging new beskar’gam for foundlings, these Mandalorians hold an important place within the Clan by allowing the rest of Vizsla to create what they’re best at, War.

The Cooler


The Cooler is the nickname given to the carbon freezing chamber and viewing room created by Clan Vizsla to house its trophies. While other trophy rooms may contain suits of armor, weapons, artwork and trinkets from conquered people, The Cooler holds Vizsla’s most prized possessions, people.

Frozen in carbonite, these people adorn the walls as macabre art in the value of high profile targets that the Clan would rather not have traversing the galaxy. Whether it be high ranking Collective Officers, prolific members of the Children of Mortis or other targets worth more than their weight in credits, it’s safe to say that once you join the gallery, you’ll never be leaving.

The Crucible

The largest cavern in the mountain, boasting a ceiling of nearly sixty meters, is used by Clan Vizsla as one of its premier training facilities. With the ample space provided, it serves to teach young Mandalorians the art of unarmed, bladed and blaster combat taught by the most renowned Combat Masters Vizsla has to offer.

A catwalk sitting over the training area not only gives a Jai'galaar’s eye view of combatants, but also allows instructors to train and coach Mandalorians through the obstacle course set high into the rafters. This obstacle course is used to refine the art of the Rising Phoenix, otherwise known as the jetpack to non Mandalorians.



Daemunn Spaceport lies 40 kilometers from The Anvil so each of their DDS-02 Shield Generators will overlap to cover all of Daemunn’s Spaceport bays that boast enough size to be able to house the entirety of the Fleet at the same time. While the major ships of House Deathwatch, House Wren and Saxon naval forces are all contained on the ground, the mountains of Daemunn shelter the corvettes, freighters and star fighters of Clan Vizsla in more man made caves, much like the Rebel Alliance did on Hoth. While also attempting to reduce their visual footprint from orbit, underground barracks have been constructed to house the army of navy personnel that the fleet would require while grounded at Daemunn Spaceport.

A series of rail speeder lines connect the base and the nearby Daemunn Spaceport hangars via underground and above ground tunnels. Proconsul [Juda Graves] saw the importance of being able to quickly move personnel and supplies between the two installations not just for the sake of logistical efficiency, but to reduce weak points in Vizsla operations per Consul Korvis’ directive.

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