Sundari Station

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Sundari Station
Production information


Product line:

GrayMor Resort Station


GrayMor Resort Station



Technical specifications

2,600 Meters


8,000 SBD


3040 RU

  • Turbolaser Batteries (50)
  • Proton Torpedo Launchers (24)
  • Tractor Beam Projectors (15)

12+ Star Fighters





Cargo capacity:

15,000 Metrics Tons


3 Standard Months


Clan Vizsla Mobile Base


Clan Vizsla

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Sundari Station is a GrayMor Resort Station named after the Domed Capital city of Mandalore. Sundari Station was secured with credits earned during Clan Vizsla's defense of Arx against the Collective forces seeking to destroy the brotherhood and the Grandmaster. It is the home away from home for Clan Vizsla. The station is positioned in deep space within the Zsoldos system surrounded by the fleet. It is used as both a mobile base of operations and as a for-profit endeavor having multiple cantinas, a casino, and stores ranging from Black market arms to starship upgrades. Offices for the various houses and battle teams are there as well for official contracts and business transactions.



The Promenade is the main public area of the platform. It houses numerous shops, restaurants, cantinas, and even a casino. This area is a profitable endeavor for the clan and attracts a wide variety of clientele with everything from high-ranking governmental representatives to mercenaries with death marks on their heads, are to be found here. With a high level of security and surveillance everywhere it is not the place to start trouble and the rules are usually obeyed. The most popular venues are listed below:

The Mortuary

This is the most popular bar on the Promenade. Specifically designed to meet the standards of the shadiest bar in the known galaxy the decor is a classic dive bar, blaster marks, and all. While the appearance is that of a run-down, hole-in-the-wall bar, the drinks are not your backwater watered-down drinks. Gamorrean waitresses and a no-frills approach and disingenuous service are just part of the charm of the bar. Even the live bands are sourced from true backwater planets to add to the atmosphere. Tables are laid out in a seemingly haphazard pattern with mismatched tops. Benches along the wall are recessed in to provide privacy for meetings or away from any off-station security forces.


Designed as an upscale facility it is more than just a bar. Delicacies are served by culinary specialists in Grigio’s. High-end drinks and only the finest decor are found here. Private booths and tables line the walls and a dance floor is on the far end in front of a stage. Shows and singers are selected to match the refined tastes of the restaurant. This is the place to wine and dine with high-end clientele and curry favor with important dignitaries. Reservations are strongly recommended ahead of time to be able to source the items requested for those special tastes.

Wagglehorn’s Weapon Emporium

This is the black-market arms dealer and fence for the station. Able to move stolen cargo and merchandise quickly and more importantly quietly is their specialty. The standard cut is 15% though some hotter items can exact a higher percentage for the clan when necessary. They also have a legitimate business offering weapons and armor from Antei Armaments as well with the appropriate markup.

Akaan Gaming Den

The “casino” is an expansive area covering parts of 2 levels. Lugjack, Sabacc, and Jubilee Wheel are the most popular table games and machines. Live sports betting on, but not limited to, pod races, swoop races and gladiatorial matches are also extremely popular. There are two bars and a restaurant serving the casino as well as a special VIP section for high-stakes gambling.


Sundari Station has 2 hangars. The first is a public hangar used for smaller ships that are visiting either for business or pleasure. Though most visitors shuttle in from larger ships on one of the Vizsla shuttles. Arx Starship Acquisitions operates a store in the hanger bay as well with many parts in stock. Ship purchases are available but will require a delivery fee as they are not stored on the platform.

The second is a full military hanger for both the defense of the platform and Clan Vizsla to use for repairs and when visiting the station. This hanger is connected directly to the upper levels that house the Clan Vizsla quarters and rooms.


Crew Quarters

The Crew bunks in the lower levels of the station. Bunk rooms are small and offer little more than a locker and bed. Each room holds 4 crew members and is adjoining a hall with a mess and recreational area for the crew as well as a communal shower and restroom. Officers are afforded a little more privacy with a single bed, locker, and private shower and restroom. Only officers with privileges are allowed on the Promenade off duty.

Training facilities and simulators are available for all the various weapon systems as well as hand-to-hand combat and a firing range to make sure the crew is ready and fit for battle at all times.

Medical Facilities

A complete state-of-the-art medical bay is onboard for both the crew and vizsla members to utilize. Capable of nearly any medical procedure it has an array of droids and sentient doctors. A group of six bacta tanks, operating rooms, and rehabilitation and recovery area exist to make sure everyone stays in peak health and fighting form. Cybernetic replacements are also available as well as cosmetic surgery in order to change one's general appearance.

Clan Vizsla

Each subunit of the clan has an office aboard. Generally, staffed with office personnel while it is normal to find members on board, most leave the administration duties to others. Large meeting rooms as well as more specialized training facilities are found in the Vizsla section of the ship. It also is the area the Clan keeps its bank housing important items and funds

This area houses quarters for members who choose to have one on board the station with a private turbolift to other areas of the station. Nicer than the standard officers' quarters they are still small and usually used as a place to stay overnight and not as a permanent residence. Thought it could be used as such if they do not mind a smaller space. The ranked members have much more leeway in decorations and furnishing with each unit being about 25 square meters (260 square feet) of total space


Lasha Nin

The dark-furred Zygerrian Lasha Nin is the current captain of Sundari Station. Her skills are more on the diplomatic side than actual tactics and warfare she is adept at keeping the Officers and Crew in line with shrewd operating practices and morale rather than fear and is not against using her well-kept body to flirt and seduce those she wants to in order to get her way. However, she is also not the type to go down with the ship and has been known to save her own skin above all else including her crew and vessel.

Security Officer

Chief Security Officer Tranok is a green-skinned Trandoshan with yellow eyes. Lean and muscular he is a towering presence and can oftentimes de-escalate a situation just by his mere presence. Often seen as arrogant, his confident nature at times is both an asset and a curse refusing to back down from a challenge. He has a tactical mind and is in charge of the defense of the station and the security forces.

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