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The Clan Vizsla Artifacts are special possessions owned by the Clan and issued to members for proving themselves on the field of battle. Only one Clan Artifact may be held at a time. Therefore, if a member does win both the title of Huntmaster and Warstalker in the same competition period, they will be allowed to choose which Artifact they want. The other Artifact will go to the next highest finisher. Since the Consul is in possession of the Tarre Vizsla Datacron, they are ineligible to receive the other possessions.

Jai'galaar Electro-Trident

The Jai’jalaar Electro-Trident is a three pronged polearm consisting of an ax head with a spear pointed down the middle of the blade. It is made of Beskar and retains its metallic silver color. Both axe blades have been sharpened to allow them to either slash or pierce when thrust. The two blades and center spear tip have been crafted to resemble the crest of Clan Vizsla, the diving Shriekhawk. The head is also capable of being charged with electricity through a selector switch in the shaft. The electric charge can range from minor discomfort to lethal with a constant shock being applied over several seconds. The back end of the Trident has been forged into a spearpoint to allow a piercing end on a back thrust.

Due to the material used to construct the weapon, it is extraordinarily lightweight, especially for its size. The entire weapon is made of alchemically treated Beskar which can be connected to by a force sensitive in the same manner as a kyber crystal.

A symbol of power in Clan Vizsla, the weapon has been specifically crafted and designed to represent the best hunter in the Clan, the Huntmaster, the title awarded to the winner of the Great Hunt. The member afforded the title and weapon from the previous Great Hunt must defend their title or lose access to the weapon. If no rostered members hold the title it will be handed out by the Consul to one who seems most worthy of the honor.

Beskar Crusader Armor

Originally carved out of Mythosaur bones, the armor has a light brown color due to fossilization. The armor has spikes in the pauldrons, knee guards, and feet. The helmet retains the classic T-shaped visor with several horns on the crown of the helmet. The armor has been restored to its original glory and modified with a Beskar underlay. While it has the Beskar underlay, the Mythosaur boned exterior is still subject to damage. Hermetically sealed, it is capable of minimal use in a vacuum.

This was the oldest known armor used by a member of Clan Vizsla. It predates the Galactic Republic and was originally worn by an ancient Taung warrior of Vizsla. It had resided in the private collection of a Hapan noble until liberated and returned to its rightful owners by Declan Roark and Val Cole.

A symbol of power in Clan Vizsla, the armor is reserved for the Warstalker, the title given to the most notable warrior in the clan during vendettas. If no rostered members hold the title, the Beskar Crusader Armor will be awarded by the Consul to one most worthy of the honor.

Tarre Vizsla Datacron

The datacron is a cube measuring twelve inches by twelve inches. It has intricate designs and patterns on all six sides. The datacron is made of Beskar and an embedded Dark Crystal with internal mechanisms hidden behind that darkened crystal. Once powered on it has a dark glow with white edges. The image of Tarre Vizsla is projected over the top of the Holocron in a dull gray glow.

Originally believed to be a damaged or failed Jedi Holocron, the device is in fact a Datacron created in the final years of Tarre Vizsla's life. It sat for centuries in a vault and eventually made its way into the hands of the Shroud Syndicate. During the Collective attack on Eos, members of Clan Vizsla assisted the Shroud Syndicate by repelling Collective strike teams. Taken initially as a trophy by members of the strike team it was later revealed to be a complete history of Clan Vizsla cataloging the Clan's history, starting at its formation and up to the death of Tarre Vizsla.

It is unique in that the force is not required to operate it. Instead, one must push, pull or twist a certain sequence or risk a painful shock. Discovered by persistence and pain, it contains the knowledge of battles fought as well as wars won and lost. The secrets of creating Mandalorian weapons and artifacts are also contained within. Using this Datacron, members of Clan Vizsla can search for more of their history and Artifacts as well as create new ones.

Awarded to the member that earns the most credits in a quarter.

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