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This informal title is awarded to the highest-placing member of Vizsla in the most recent Vendetta event.


This is straight forward - be the highest placed member of the clan in a Vendetta-level event. The only exception to this is that the Consul during the event cannot earn it. For clarity, if a Warstalker takes over the Consul or Proconsul role after the Vendetta, they retain the honorific until a new Warstalker emerges in the next Vendetta.

The title remains with the member until the conclusion of the following Vendetta, at which point it will be awarded to the highest-placing member of that Vendetta. A Warstalker can defend their title and retain it if they place as the highest Vizsla member in subsequent Vendettas.

A Warstalker is granted the use of one of Vizsla's clan artifacts, the Vizsla Crusader Armor and has that item added to their possessions for as long as they hold the title.


Below is the list showing the current Warstalker (at the top) with previous Warstalkers listed in order from most recent to oldest.

Member Vendetta
Malfrost Xeon Rite of Supremacy: Escalation [1]

Behind the Scenes

This was a title created by Consul Korvis and Proconsul Kenath Zoron Ad Vizsla as an informal, internal title that could be used fictionally to recognize someone who put in the work to help the clan place well in any given Vendetta. It can be used in clan fiction to evoke a position of prestige and competence within the clan.

The title exists internally only for roleplaying/fictional purposes and does not confer any authority, rank, position, or other privilege in the club (except the possession of the armour as noted). It is not displayed on dossiers as it is an unofficial title.

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