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Clan Vizsla was founded upon a singular principle: Credits not Words. To that end, the Clan Title Ad Vizsla can only be earned through contribution to the clan's coffers. There is no partisanship, no politicking, no promises - only cold, hard credits.


Once any active Vizsla member contributes two million credits towards the clan's credit account, they are awarded the title of Ad Vizsla by the sitting Consul.

The current list of clan credit-earning activities can be found in the Possessions/Salary Policy - Clan Credits

Retention of Title

Title holders will retain the right to display it on their dossier and in communications for as long as they are a part of the clan. Retirement to the Rogues or elevation to the Dark Council does not strip a holder of the title.

Revocation of Title

Transferring to another clan will result in the removal of the title. Extreme circumstances (on a case-by-case basis) may also result in the removal of the title, but this requires consultation with the MAA.

Returning Members

Any member who leaves Vizsla (except to Rogues/Dark Council as noted above) and then subsequently returns will have their clan credit contribution reset to zero. This is applied equally to previous title-holders as well as non title-holders - each will have to earn a fresh two million credits to (re-) earn the title.

Current Members

Ad Vizsla Holders
Member Awarded Date
Kenath Zoron 04 May 2021 [1]
Vynn Salm 26 Oct 2023
Rulvak Qurroc 08 Apr 2024

Behind the Scenes

The number of two million credits was determined by looking at various member's historical yearly contributions. Extremely productive years saw approximately 1 million clan credits earned by members through a variety of activities, and thus two years of high achieving was determined as a fair, round number that was attainable.

While the principle of the Clan Title (namely that it would be earned by a defined, impartial metric) was set out in the initial formation documents for the creation of Clan Vizsla, the actual name was only decided upon after the first title-holder reached the two million credit mark. The formation document initially suggested the title, "Mando'ad", meaning "Son/Daughter of Mandalore".

Multiple names were bandied about - some humorous ("Vizjizzles"), some serious ("Pre Vizsla") - before Ad Vizsla was finalized on the day that it was granted to Kenath Zoron.

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