Kandosii Casino

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New Order era.
The Kandosii Casino
Production information

Minstrel-class Space Yacht

Technical specifications

160 Meters

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 2

  • 6 Turbolaser Turrets
  • 1 Tractor Beam Projector
  • 37 persons

75 guests

Cargo capacity:
  • 6 Starfighters (not present)
  • 2 Aka'jor-class Shuttles

Casino and Vacation Yacht


Clan Vizsla

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The Kandosii Casino

The Kandosii Casino is a modified Minstrel-class Space Yacht owned and operated by Clan Vizsla. The 160-meter long Yacht was constructed by the Arx Capital Exchange in 39 ABY, based on a modified design from Ubrikkian Industries.

Despite Vizsla’s military strength and mercenary operations, sometimes we all need to unwind after a hard hunt through the Outer Rim, and sometimes, even commanders need some time for R&R. That is where the Kandosii Casino comes in.

The Yacht has been heavily modified from the original design, and features a range of amenities, three decks, an exclusive VIP lounge and a medium hangar that could accommodate 6 starfighters, along with a pair of Aka'jor-class shuttles that cater for the Casino’s guest transfer and cargo needs.

The Casino calls the Zsoldos system home, and regularly tours idyllic paradise worlds like Cerea and Takodana, and more prosperous systems such as Bespin and Sullust, sometimes with and sometimes without Clan support. These tours will usually last two or three weeks, depending on how many days are spent in orbit around each stop, with another week back home for rest and recovery.

As a public-facing entity, the Kandosii keeps its Brotherhood and Clan affiliations quiet, but does have a reputation for safety, comfort and security thanks to the hard work of its management team.


The Kandosii Casino is managed by an excitable Bothan named Lucil Cuddy, with security handled by the passionate Cathar, Desi Naz.

These two are the double act that keeps the Casino running, overseeing the day to day operations on behalf of Clan Vizsla, however they tend to get along like oil and water and some days, the Yacht’s entertainment isn’t just on the stage. Thanks to Lucil’s social and friendly nature, and Desi’s serious and no-nonsense approach to security, the Casino has a good reputation for safe and enjoyable cruises that service a public who is hungry for entertainment and escape in an otherwise troubled galaxy.

The pilot in command is a human named Sella Hamne, a reliable and compassionate woman who expertly guides the Casino along its tours, both as an experienced pilot and navigator, and as a voice of reason should any drama erupt.

The executive chef is a young Ardennian named Carden, a refugee with a talent for exotic and memorable meals who grows his own special herbs and spices in a very small hydroponics lab, whose location is a closely guarded secret.

Lastly, the VIP lounge and restaurant is managed by the exotic Twi’lek hostess Sonneta. She often provides the guests in the VIP Lounge her personal attention, and every night she thrills guests with her opera-trained voice and her energetic dance routines.

In addition to this crew of regulars, the Yacht is mostly staffed by a rotating mix of people from Clan Vizsla territory, with support from a team of droids, including several BD-3000 luxury droids for the gaming floors and restaurant areas, modified ASN couriers to bus the kitchen, and a few B2 battle droids for sensitive areas.

Service Level


The hangar is a simple block design, with entry and exit from beneath the Yacht. Two Aka’jor-class shuttles are on hand regularly, and they cater to the Casino’s cargo transport and passenger ferrying needs, with most pickups of guests coordinated planet-side.

There is also space for a maximum of six starfighters, but the Casino does not have a complement; instead, the space is reserved for Clan members and special guests who join the Casino between ports.

A small greeting room is attached to the hangar, featuring four elevators to take guests to the Guest Quarter and Observation Deck areas above.

Crew Quarters

Behind the hangars is the service deck, which features numerous small rooms for each of the rotating staff, a droid maintenance workshop, and a comfortable staff lounge. The kitchen is also on this floor, with a hollow shaft for modified ASN couriers to shuffle food to the Gaming Floor and VIP Lounge directly above.

Residential Level


The fore and aft portions of the second level are given over to the necessary engineering areas, including hyperdrive, waste processing and power generators, with most controls accessible remotely from the cockpit.

Living Quarters

Modest cabins dominate the second level of the Yacht, allowing for a comfortable stay for all guests who choose to travel with the Casino. Each cabin features a double bed, storage desk, personal refresher nook and a small walk-in robe.

A limited number of luxury cabins are also available for special guests and dignitaries, featuring a small spa and holotable. Luxury cabins have also been set aside for the five permanent crew members.

Relaxation Parlour

The other main feature of the second level is a massage parlour, with a small fernery and realistic holo water fountain, and a few spa and sauna rooms for the comfort of guests.

Entertainment Level

Observation Deck

The Observation Deck on the third level is an open external space that features a large, heated swimming pool, a stage for holodancers to accompany the music system, and a circular droid serviced bar to greet guests as they enter and exit the Gaming Floor. Elevators connect to the Guest Quarters and Hangar below. The elevators face outward, ensuring that awe-inspiring views of the world outside the ship greet all visitors as they arrive on this level.

Gaming Floor

The third level is dominated by the main gaming floor, which includes a circular droid-serviced bar and bistro towards the back, decorated support pillars and transparisteel windows along the entire edge. This floor caters to all the guests gambling needs. There are two small areas for lugjack machines and jubilee wheels flanking a circular droid-serviced bar and bistro along the aft side, along with several small and medium tables for a wide selection of card and dice games, including Binspo, Zinbiddle, Pazaak, Hintaro and of course, Sabacc. All of these draw regular crowds thanks to their visibility from the entrances to the Gaming Floor. An elegant elevator platform connects to the VIP Lounge above, located in the heart of the gaming floor.

VIP Level

VIP Lounge

The entire fourth level is given over to the VIP Lounge, an exclusive area within a shielded transparisteel dome that features a catered bar and bistro, a live cabaret stage that converts to a private holotheatre during the day, and elegant little staircases that duck down to viewing platforms above the gaming floor. Large private tables adorn the VIP Lounge to ensure that the best guests always have access to their favourite games.

Entrance to the VIP Lounge is quite exclusive, with expensive tickets ensuring that only the galaxy’s better half would experience this space. Holders of the Vizsla Challenge Coin are, of course, always welcome.


Also located on the fourth level is a small elevator room that connects with the permanent crew cabins via a secure elevator. Blast doors connect this guarded room to the cockpit, which is overseen by the pilot in charge and a command bridge droid. Security terminals allow for observation of the guests, and most of the necessary engineering and flight needs are controlled from here.