Lumyi Hicyl

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Rise of the Brotherhood eraExodus era.New Order era.
Lumyi Hicyl
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

12 ABY (age 28)

Physical Description

Kel Dor




1.82 m


83 kg




Right Hand

Personal Information

Marra Zkig


Anthol Zkig

Lightsaber Color(s):

Lightsaber (Purple)

Lightsaber Form(s):




Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information



New Order Era


Clan Vizsla

Known masters:

Appius Wight



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Lumyi Hicyl is a Kel Dor Force Disciple. They are a member of Clan Vizsla and a fighter. Any events that happened with another name are not to be changed, as they reflect the emotions and challenges they faced as another name.

Character History

Early Life

Trenkyp Zkig was born at the end of the Rise of the Brotherhood era, in 12 ABY, on Dorin. He was recruited by the New Jedi Order when he was 4, in 16 ABY, and started training with the Knights of Odan-Urr.


Trenkyp Zkig was a youngling for a long time in the Jedi Order. After he became an Initiate, he trained heavily in lightsaber combat and hand-to-hand combat. He never got a Master. When he was 19, he decided to leave the Jedi Order and traveled to other planets.


Trenkyp Zkig has been roaming around the Galaxy with various people. Most notably with Gern'i, a Twi'lek, Frius, a Zabrak and Zheno, a Human. They worked together on their YT-1000 Light Freighter as guards for important shipments that went through space. Trenkyp had a secret relationship with Gern'i, kept away from the eyes of their workmates. When he was 25, in 37 ABY, they were attacked before they arrived on a planet they were supposed to get the shipment from. A Sith boarded their Light Freighter and chopped Gern'i's right arm off, forcing Trenkyp to use his lightsaber once more. After their battle was over, the Kel Dor killed the Sith and decided to leave their group for the better of all of them, looking to rejoin the Jedi Order, leaving Gern'i behind.

After Trenkyp stopped his space journey, he found the Brotherhood on Zsoldos and decided to join Clan Vizsla. His ascension to Neophyte brought Trenkyp under Appius Wight's wing, Knight of Clan Vizsla. Shortly afterwards, he joined Battleteam Deathwatch.

Once he joined Deathwatch, he was called in the Daleem Tunnels by his own Master, whom he had never met before. Trenkyp was forced to kill another man against his will and fought Appius. Ultimately, Appius won the fight but Trenkyp learned a few things about his own Master.

He and Appius got a job on Shili to take out a nest of Akuls. They managed to kill them, but not without a few scratches and bruises.

Once Appius left the Deathwatch BTL position, Trenkyp's attention shifted towards Battleteam Saxon. He soon became its Battleteam Leader, but didn't stay on top for long.


Trenkyp left the position of Saxon BTL a while after the GJW started and didn't do much in the war himself.

Post GJW XIV Impressions

"I didn't really feel like it. Kind of burnt out but not really." - Trenkyp Zkig

Trenkyp got promoted to Mystic not long after his first GJW experience, mostly due to prior achievements.

Time Away

Not long after the Fourteenth Great Jedi War, Trenkyp left the brotherhood. He wanted to check up on his former coworkers and friends, Frius, Zheno and Gern'i. After months of tracking, he was finally able to locate their old ship, only to find graves for Zheno and Gern'i. Frius contacted him as soon as he found out about Trenkyp, telling him turn himself in. In the time he had been gone, Frius had amassed massive amounts of money and power, becoming a boogeyman in the Coruscant underworld by doing jobs nobody else would be willing to do.

After trying to find Frius by himself for a year, Trenkyp returned to the Brotherhood.

An Unexpected Return.

Trenkyp returned to the Brotherhood, looking for ways to find Frius for revenge.

Not long after joining, Trenkyp took place in the sixth Pro Bowl, taking 6th place overall and being Vizsla's highest scorer. He's had various fights since then, including a less pleasant meeting with his former Master.

After a little self-discovery, they finally achieved a renewed sense of self, finally at peace with who they are as Lumyi Hicyl.

Physical Description

Lumyi has orange skin, black eyes covered by a breathing apparatus, a bald head and a tall and lean body. They have a scar across their left cheek from a blaster shot and a crossed out black eye tattoo on their right arm.

Their right shoulder was scratched in an Akul hunt and their right hand was replaced with a cybernetic one, completely visible as non-organic.

Lumyi Hicyl's back has three large parallel scratch scars and five scattered cut scars, visible only as light discolorations.