Malfrost Xeon

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Malfrost Xeon
Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

Date of Birth:

11 ABY

Physical Description





6 feet 2 inches


185 lbs







Personal Information

The Hutts

Lightsaber Color(s):

Purple Tundra Saber

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Information Officer/Broker


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:


Known masters:


Known apprentices:

Nero Inferni



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"Power is an illusion. What you call powers shifts with the winds. Knowledge and information, that is true power. For only by knowing truth and fact do you hold power in a world of ever changing circumstance. "
―Malfrost Xeon to Mirus Cavataio, 36 ABY

Malfrost Xeon is a Krath Dark Jedi Knight. He is the son of a powerful crime lord and still has a strong connection to his family. His family title is that of Executor, or second in command, though it is largely an honorary title. He is a member of Independent House Taldryan and has been a loyal member since his induction in 26 ABY. He is a skilled saber duelist and knife fighter, but he is more well know for his mental prowess and intelligence. He is an information broker with ties to both the criminal world and New Republic Intelligence. He is a skilled manipulator and negotiator, as well as a tactician and adviser. He was recently appointed to serve as a Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master Raken. He serves as one of Raken's chief intelligence gatherers and analyst, helping to monitor all the political movements of the Clans and Houses on behalf of the Dark Council.

Character History

Early Life

The Smugglers Moon

Born in 11 ABY on the Smugglers Moons, Malfrost Xeon was born the son of Black Sun Vigo, Vicor Xeon. As such, he was born into an extremely prominent and well off family;even with the Black Sun weakened after the death of Xizor, it was still a powerful organization. He was raised to be the successor of Vicor and it was assumed that once Malfrost came of age, he would become the Vigo in Vicor's wake. It quickly became clear that Malfrost was highly intelligent, showing a high level of proficiency with Basic when he was as young as five. He took a great interest in philosophy and history and began to study the topics in dept when he was eight.

Around the same time, his father began to teach him about the family business. Smuggling, Gambling, Brothels, everything illegal the Black Sun was conducting on Nar Shaddaa was overseen by the Xeons and they got their cut. Vicor taught his son the art of manipulation and extortion and Malfrost learned quickly. He watched his father's enforcers do their work on the streets while he sat in on meetings between operators on conducting all the behind the scenes business.

By the time he was eleven, Malfrost was given control over a section of Nar Shaddaa to over see. With the ending of the Galactic Civil War by the Pellaeon–Gavrisom Treaty, Black Markets and Gambling Dens were booming and business was good. Malfrost saw an expansion of the Xeon's wealth and assists and it seemed like it was only a matter of time until the young prodigy succeeded his father.

ABY 24: The Shift

Early in 24 ABY, Vicor sensed something was amiss. The Black Sun was planning a massive expansion, but he had an uneasy feeling. He pulled some strings and got in contact with New Republic Intelligence officers. They told him the New Republic was aware of the Black Suns plans and intended to act. Seeing the risk and opportunity, Vicor turned his back on the Black Sun and threw his lot in with the New Republic. The deal was, the Xeons were allowed to keep their operations going in Nar Shaddaa and the surrounding sectors so long as they fed information to New Republic Intelligence when asked. With this this quick turn, Vicor was able to keep the Family intact and avoid the great purging of the Black Sun which caused the organization's near utter collapse. It was this even that taught Malfrost the core of his maxim. Power is nothing but an illusion that can vanish over night. What his father showed was that knowledge allows you to act in the best manner possible in any given situation and therefore, was the true power that dominated the galaxy. Seeking to better himself, Malfrost went to join New Republic Intelligence.

The Search

Malfrost was an active member of New Republic Intelligence for a few months, actively learning the ways in which they gathered intelligence. He became knowledgeable on how to make and keep contacts and the art of diplomacy. Still even with this increase of knowledge, Malfrost still felt like it wasn't it enough. Thus he studied more subjects and eventually became interested in the idea of precognition though the Force. Prior to this point, Malfrost had not really believed in the Force. His upbringing in the very realist world of organized crime have taught him to remain grounded in reality. However, his drive to know what could occur and to know everything he possibly could drove him to study the Force and eventually seek out training in late 24 ABY.

ABY 25: The Awakening

The Rogue Dark Jedi, Mr.X.

In his quest for knowledge about precognition and the Force, Malfrost was kidnapped by a rogue Dark Jedi who called himself Mr. X. Mr. X forced Malfrost and eight others to play a game known as the Ambidex Game. It was a game of betrayal and deceit and it was in this chaotic game where no one could trust anyone else that Malfrost discovered he was Force Sensitive. He used his newly discovered powers to the best of his abilities and was able to overcome the other eight participants and escape while dooming the others who were still alive to death unless he could kill Mr. X. Mr.X confronted Malfrost once he escaped and the two engaged in combat. Malfrost was overpowered physically but with cunning and guile he managed to defeat Mr. X. Just before his death, Mr.X gave Malfrost the information he sought, the existance of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and how to locate them. He also gave Malfrost the key to the door to free the other participants of the Ambidex Game and then finally he died from the wounds inflicted on him by Malfrost. Malfrost freed the remaining participants and then left to seek out the Brotherhood.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master- 36 ABY-???

Outstanding Achievements

  • A Score of 98 and 100 on the Chamber of Justices Exams respectively.


Positions Held
Before Position After
N/A Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master
36 ABY - ???