Battleteam Tavros

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Battleteam Tavros
General information

Bale Andros


Bale Andros


Sector 003, Chyron


Caelus System

Historical information

37 ABY

Other information



Dark Jedi Brotherhood
New Order era

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Battleteam Tavros is a clandestine strike force operating in affiliation with Clan Taldryan. Officially, they are a paramilitary force hired by the Clan summit to protect their interests across the Caelus System and beyond. Unofficially, they are believed to carry out various clandestine operations for the organization, employing mercenaries with varying skillsets to complete a wide range of missions including assault, demolition, infiltration, extraction, and escort. They may be cutthroats but no one can deny their efficiency.

Creation and Purpose

In 37 ABY, facing the immediate threat of a Collective-led insurgency within the Caelus System, Clan Taldryan’s leadership called upon the retired Zabrak bounty hunter Bale Andros to establish a clandestine strike force to better defend their interests. Detached from the Clan’s organizational hierarchy, the strike team would receive orders through an informal third party, ensuring that they could be deployed promptly and operate unhindered by red tape, all while protecting the Clan summit through plausible deniability. As such, those who willingly signed on or were otherwise assigned to Battleteam Tavros were considered expendable.

It takes a special kind of person to work under such circumstances; someone with a more flexible morality and a willingness to get their hands dirty. It so happened the Zabrak knew just the type. Reaching out to old associates around the galaxy, he gathered a group of cutthroats and mercenaries willing and able to do Clan Taldryan’s dirty work. When the Collective battle group dropped out of hyperspace in the Caelus System, battleteam Tavros was ready.

Example Archetypes: Mercenaries, commandos, shock troopers, assassins, snipers, scouts

Features and Goals

  • Each member is assigned a unique callsign
  • Flexible environment that nurtures team and solo ventures
  • Overarching plotline and continuity
  • Potential to become a House


In fiction, Battleteam Tavros is being created in direct response to the growing Collective threat within the Caelus system. This is merely a starting point for the team itself. We intend to branch out beyond the Collective and build an overarching plotline for our battle team, weaving big DB events into the narrative while pursuing our own separate story.

Character Callsigns

All members of Battleteam Tavros are given a unique callsign that is used fictionally to conceal the character’s real identity during missions and when communicating over unsecured frequencies. This callsign is generally representative of their skillset or a key personality trait and offers on-the-spot insight into their function within the group.

Member Callsigns
Name Callsign Alt / NPC Dossier (CS)
Bale Andros Blacksmith 826
Kaela Val Whisper 826
Etho Pavi Dicer 826
Atun Ro’kaill Patchwork 826
Zentru'la Hammerhead 5951
Masakado Stalker 5951
Rolah Trugaim Airlock 5951
Lilina Mirin Bacta 5951
Aylin Sajark Codebreaker 14505
Zehsaa Hysh Trueshot 14505
Ankira Irr Stripes 14505
Ala'ar Rinn Duke 14234
Jord Spit 14234

Military Assets

The Spear

The Bulwark

Roll of Leaders

Battleteam Leaders
Name Dates of Service
Bale Andros 37 ABY