Veiled Origins

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Exodus era.New Order era.
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Veiled Origins
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Conflict: House event
Beginning: 36 ABY
End: 36 ABY
  • Aeotheran Populace
  • Army of Dakhan


Aul Celsus


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Veiled Origins is a House Shar Dakhan event occurring during 36 ABY.

"Return to the Teachings of the General and Reclaim Glory or Perish."
Morax Darkblade, decoding the secret message which turned the tide of battle.


The year 35 ABY was coming to an end and celebrations on Aeotheran were readying for a new and prosperous cycle. The events of the previous cycle were devastating, what with the spread of a terrible virus, invasions, and general unrest. Finally, the war-hungry Sadowans were off fighting and the civilian population was allowed to celebrate a moment of reprieve.

Aeotheran was home to many splendorous parties for celebrating the 36 ABY New Cycle, but few could compare to the magnificence of the Seng Karash Block Party, housed in the heart of the Commercial and Leisure District. Just as the cheering populace finished their countdown “3, 2, 1…” hundreds of lightsabers sprung to life and struck down the unsuspecting Karashi citizens. The casualties were in the thousands and survivors who fled the scene immediately spread the word that House Shar Dakhan was not to be trusted.

Course of Events

As members of House Shar Dakhan return from War with The Collective, they are ambushed at the Seng Karash spaceport and their shuttle was destroyed by a golden thermal detonator. Once outside of the spaceport, after pursuing the assumed assailants, the members of Shar Dakhan recognize the odd, gold-plated blasters being used by what appears to be Aeotheran citizens. Interrupting an attempt to interrogate the civilians, a timed series of terrorist attacks throughout the city go off, resulting in the complete obliteration of all of the Shar Dakhan space and ground armada, major ground weaponry, and even significant marring of The Lion's Tooth, the seat of Shar Dakhan's operations. Upon receiving the damage report, it became clear that all off-world communication had been blocked, leaving the members of Shar Dakhan to their own devices. Every citizen of Aeotheran over the age of thirteen had been armed and began participating in the violent activities against members of House Shar Dakhan.

Within a month, the Dakhani forces had been pushed underground, forcing them to live in the sewers of the once great city they ruled over with an iron fist. Unable to send any form of message to their superiors in the Orian system, they had been left to fend for themselves. What had been an offensive to reclaim the city had turned into a full blown route and the Dakhani members had scurried underground for safety. It wasn't until Morax Darkblade decoded a secret message, meant for the leaders of the militia forces, that the tide of war slowly turned to their favor. The Dakhani proceeded to try to capture their attackers alive in order for Aul Celsus to get samples of blood from them in order to research what it was that made their attackers so strong. With this evidently failing to produce conclusive results with answers, the Quaestor decided to try to take one of the prisoners alive by himself and set off into the sewers alone.

Sadly, the assailants seemed to be able to harness the Force. This forced the Quaestor into a trap and he was beaten in combat by the mysterious foes using the Force to catch him offguard. Luckily, they thought him dead after he was flung into a wall and fell unconscious. Leaving him be, the attackers moved on in search of the rest of the Dakhani forces.

Days later, Aul was able to make it back to the outpost and revealed his findings to the remaining Dakhani forces, preparing them for a foe that was not only well organized, but also able to harness the Force and provide a formidable fighting force even in the sewers.

Shortly after, Jurdan Krennel, Aul Celsus and Locke Sonjie were summoned by an overexcited Erik Cato and Drae'lath Rahath as they had found a book taken from one of the dead prisoners. The title of the book The General’s Commands to the Dakhan Acolytes, suggested their opponents were working on behalf of old teachings of Shar Dakhan, the General himself. Now their opponent had a name, The Army of Dakhan.

With this new knowledge, Aul commanded that they must read the literature and become the enemy. With this newfound knowledge the Dakhani prepared themselves to fight back and to finally fight their way back to the surface and establish communication with and summon the Sadowan fleet.

Fiction hosted at the Dark Brotherhood Discourse

The Participants

  1. Morax Darkblade (1st)
  2. Jurdan Krennel (2nd)
  3. Erik Cato (3rd)
  4. Evelynn Wyrm (4th)
  5. Xuner Holst (5th)
  6. Macron Goura Sadow (6th)
  7. Locke Sonjie (7th)
  8. Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes (8th)
  9. Aul Celsus
  10. Malik Sadow

The Results

Phase 1 Results
A Cryptic Warning Fight them where you find them! Guerilla Warfare Hold your ground! Marring the Beast Massacre
  1. Morax Darkblade (1st)
  2. Erik Cato (2nd)
  1. Jurdan Krennel (1st)
  2. Evelynn Wyrm (2nd)
  1. Macron Goura Sadow (1st)
  1. Morax Darkblade (1st)
  2. Erik Cato (2nd)
  3. Jurdan Krennel (3rd)
  1. Jurdan Krennel (1st)
  2. Morax Darkblade (2nd)
  1. Erik Cato (1st)
  2. Jurdan Krennel (2nd)
  3. Morax Darkblade (3rd)
Phase 2 Results
A Final Decode Applying Ancient Wisdom A Regal Regale Call in the Cavalry The General's New Clothes Unmasking the General
  1. Morax Darkblade (1st)
  2. Evelynn Wyrm (2nd)
  3. Knight Xuner Holst (3rd)
  4. Warrior Erik Cato
  1. Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes (1st)
  2. Jurdan Krennel (2nd)
  1. Erik Cato (1st)
  2. Morax Darkblade (2nd)
  1. Xuner Holst (1st)
  2. Jurdan Krennel (2nd)
  3. Morax Darkblade (3rd)
  1. Jurdan Krennel (1st)
  2. Erik Cato (2nd)
  3. Morax Darkblade (3rd)
  4. Locke Sonjie
  1. Morax Darkblade (1st)
  2. Adept Malik Sadow (2nd)
  3. Battlelord Evelynn Wyrm (3rd)
  4. Erik Cato (4th)
  5. Xuner Holst (5th)
Run-on Results
  1. Locke Sonjie (1st)
  2. Erik Cato (2nd)
  3. Macron Goura Sadow (3rd)
  4. Xuner Holst
  5. Jurdan Krennel
  6. Morax Darkblade
  7. Gen Solari
  8. Malik Sadow


Reports about the event can be found below:


Part 1

Part 2

Final Standings

This event was created by Aul Celsus. However, due to his sudden departure of the Clan this event has no ending fiction.

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