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Altheseus Levathan
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Azure Mist (icy blue)

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Grey Jedi


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House Tarentum



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Altheseus Levathan is a man who has lost his past. His mind is filled with holes in his memories; to the point where his childhood and adolescence are nothing more than a few images and short recollections, thus making him socially inept, prone to speaking his mind with absolute bluntness and being curious about everything. This causes him to pursue tangents of thought, lore or research for extended periods (at times, for years.)

Character History


Levathan’s memories of childhood are limited, to say the least. There are only two recollections that are accessible; his earliest memory, was of being raised on a cold yet sylvan world away from civilization, and that of a being he knew simply as grandfather, who trained and conditioned him in the martial arts of hand-to-hand combat and the use of staff and sword. He does not recall the actual name of this “grandfather,” however the skills taught to him are recalled more through muscle memory than conscious memory.


Modified Mercenary YV-664
Levathan’s earliest, continuous memory, was that of waking on board a mercenary ship by a former republic soldier, he knew only as Regis. According to the solder, the mercenaries had retrieved a single capacity escape pod of unknown design or origin, as they were passing through the Bonadan system on their way to The Shroud via the Hydian Way hyperspace route, in order to take up a contract for the Dark Brotherhood. He was then forced into servitude to the mercenary band; cleaning and maintaining their ship for a short time. Upon nearing their destination, one of the mercenaries decided to point a blaster at him and attempted to place a slave collar on his neck, likely to be sold as a slave to the brotherhood. It was then that his body, sensing the danger, proceeded to protect himself from harm. (it is later revealed by the instructors at the Shadow Academy that he sensed the danger because of his Force sensitivity.)

When the mercenary ship arrived at the Tarentum controlled outpost, just outside the The Shroud. Levathan was the only living being to exit the ship, with blood in various hues covering his sleeves and splattered across his face. The Dark Jedi that greeted him only had a cold smile on her face, before sending him to the Shadow Academy.


Levathan’s time as a journeyman has been an extended one. Since the beginning of his training at the Shadow Academy through to his subsequent transfer to Tarentum and his (relatively) quick rise through the ranks of the Journeyman, he has been in pursuit of knowledge. This, in turn, led him to join the Krath Order for its basis in acquiring knowledge. This is the result from having lost his memories and thus he seeks to find some clue, some shred or whisper of knowledge that can lead him to his past. However behavior is contradicted by the fact that his pursuit of knowledge has lead him in directions that are unlikely to lead to the answers of his childhood; knowledge such as Dark Brotherhood history, rumors of ancient artifacts or even scientific knowledge that he finds interesting.

This behavior has particularly stunted his advancement in the brotherhood; the pursuit of esoteric knowledge as opposed to knowledge and practice in the Force. He frequently left the Brotherhood, by various methods, to traverse the galaxy in search of whatever had caught his interest, infrequently returning from time to time. This action, in particular has essentially made him a very long standing Jedi Hunter. However it has also left him with a wide and varied view of the known galaxy and its species, thus making him mild mannered as esoteric himself.

Upon his most recent return to the Brotherhood and Tarentum, he found himself in the middle of an event that shook the Brotherhood and his clan to the core; the Horizon event. He joined his Quaestor DJM Anshar Khan, in an attempt to discover the source of the virus and stop it out, of a renewed obligation to his House and his home. Levathan had seen the devastation this event caused across the Brotherhood and subsequently decided that it was his time to settle down, at least for now, and focus on assisting his house in whatever way necessary. Needless to say, he is determined not to let his mind lead him off jaunting through the galaxy for a while.



Levathan can only be described as colourless, silver haired, grey eyed and pale, chalk like skin. However when he is overcome with particularly strong emotions, his eyes turn a shade of burnished gold, almost seeming to glow. With a preference for dark, loose clothing, he can almost always be seen in his order robes.


Levathan appears in most ways to be simply a very pale human with and strange feature to his eyes. Bio scans cannot penetrate very deeply into his body or genetic structure, but they have shown that he has several peculiarities such as increased bone density, and a higher acidity to his blood rendering it a darker colour. However these differences seem to only be superficial, thus for all intents and purposes he is very similar to a heavy gravity human.


Having lost his childhood and adolescence, his emotions are closed off, however they can flare and fade very quickly and suddenly. Not one to outwardly smile, laugh or appear anything but stoic, he has bouts of emotions that can change in an instant, from laughing one moment to fury the next. When communicating with others he is also very blunt, saying exactly what is on his mind with little or no consideration to the consequences, usually only realizing said consequences after the fact.

He is also particularly paranoid about leaving his quarters unarmed, at the very least in some small way. Even without his swords, he always carries several daggers. He claims that he feels, "completely naked without the comforting weight of at least one weapon." When deprived of this protection he becomes increasingly paranoid and suspicious of those around him.

DJB Facts


Possessing a skill for metal forging, Levathan forged his own weapons consisting of, a two handed vibrosword; single edged with slightly curved blade measuring 170cm including the hilt, and a short vibroblade of the same fashion, at times using them in tandem, but with a preference for the sword.

He also keeps a number of daggers on his person, hidden in various places; boots, sleeves, between his shoulders, etc. These are mainly kept as a backup weapon, as well as providing peace of mind to him.

Former Positions Held

Tetrarch of the Battle Team Keepers Of the Night

Tetrarch of Battle Team Zurhidon

Tetrarch of Battle Team Reinthaler

Current Position

Commander of the Grey Wolves

Outstanding Achievements