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Marcus Kiriyu
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Date of Death:

35 ABY

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Personal Information

Renna Kiriyu


Darin Kiriyu

  • Tasha
Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Purple
Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Lightsaber
Fighting Style(s):
  • Broken Gate
Chronology & Political Information
  • Professor of CORE Studies

Naga Sadow

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"True power comes from those that dare to take it when the opportunity presents itself."
―Marcus Kiriyu


Early Life

Born to Renna and Darin Kiriyu, Marcus was by all means an average boy in an average Panathan family with no real wealth or power to his name. Leading a sheltered life, away from the cruelties on the streets of Panatha, his parents thought that he'd become a great warrior. They were wrong. Throughout his childhood Marcus was bullied and used as a punching bag for the older children, frequently coming home with dried blood on his face and clothes. He grew up with hatred in his heart for those who abused him and those who flaunted their physical power.



At the age of 9, something changed but it didn't appear to be Marcus. His bullies left him alone and his peers seemed afraid of him. His parents noticed, but figured he'd fought back causing the bullies to stop. When he turned 10, his parents found out; Marcus was gifted with the Force and he'd been using his latent power unknowingly to imprint his will upon others. A mind trick. As a result his parents sent him to the nearby Temple, where it's Dark Priests tutored him.


When Marcus turned 13, he was sent to Antei, to be trained by Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He was taken in and, because of his latent abilities with the mind, given to the Krath Order. Here he studied the mind and the Force's influence on it, alongside many other esoteric powers.


As Marcus came of age, he was promoted and assigned to Clan Naga Sadow under House Marka Ragnos. Here he was tought by Shikyo Keibatsu but on reaching the rank of Protector, Marcus left to wander the edges of known space. Hitching rides, stowing away and sometimes stealing a ship, he made his way through several systems and planets. Those he crossed came after him, but Marcus had become skilled in tracking himself, evading them with relative ease.

Marcus rejoined the brotherhood roughly 6 years later and was approached by Cethgus, Proconsul to Naga Sadow, who asked him if he would finish his training. Agreeing to finish his education, he was again taken in by the Zabrak's clan but was placed in House Shar Dakhan. Inarya was assigned as his master and under her guidance Marcus flourished. He gained promotion after promotion and even helped track down and recruit hopefuls to the academy, strengthening his clan. Many of these new recruits eventually became his friends later in life.

Before The Inquisition


Originally entering the Brotherhood as an eager student, Marcus was assigned to the Krath Order. Here he quickly advanced through the ranks and completed various studies. Excelling in several Force techniques as well as small-team tactics, Marcus was quickly fasttracked into Devil’s Shroud, a Battleteam then under the command of Atra Ventus.

What Lies Beneath

During the events of ‘What Lies Beneath’, most of the team lost contact with the rest of the Clan and a rescue mission was planned. Marcus, having not yet transferred to the team’s staging location, was directed to assist in the rescue. Once on the ground, Marcus and his team moved out and began searching for traces of the lost battleteam, eventually finding that they had been ambushed by strange robotic creatures that dwelled below the surface of Aeotheran. Together with his team, and reinforced by the members of both the Summit and Marka Ragnos, they were able to drive back the invading force and restore peace to the planet.

After Aeotheran, Marcus was quickly promoted to Battleteam Leader in place of Atra Ventus, who had agreed to serve as Rollmaster for the Clan. Together with Daedric Turelles he devised a plan to relocate Devil’s Shroud from the floating city of San Korinar to the lush jungles of Aeotheran, creating a new settlement called Mymidon. However, before he could see this project to completion, an opportunity presented itself, one that he had to take. Leaving the team and Mymidon in the capable hands of Bentre Stahoes, Marcus transferred into the position of Rollmaster.



Several months after the events of ‘What Lies Beneath’, Marcus began receiving visions through the Force. Initially plaguing him, he was shown a future where he stood in front of the Clan, amongst his peers looking up at him. In this future, he had wrested control of the Clan from Locke Sonjie and stood victorious before the Summit and Sons of Sadow.

Acting on his visions, Marcus incited rebellion among the Sadowans, causing several Journeymen, as well as several Elders to follow him against both Locke and Darth Vexatus. The initial fights seemed easy; as Locke and Vexatus focused on getting the crystals needed for the ritual, Marcus’ followers focused on stealing the crystals from their finders. Ultimately many of his allies betrayed him and tried to end the conflict, but the ritual had already been started. Marcus and Bentre Stahoes raced to the ritual site where Marcus took the shard that Bentre had collected and threw himself into the Force energies that had been evoked by the ritual.

The next thing Marcus remembered was waking up in the brig of the VAC Turmoil, his body covered in dark scars where the energies from the ritual had hit him. Marcus claimed to want to want to see Locke, and soon the Proconsul, Cethgus, came to bring him before the Consul. Receiving a pardon from his actions, Marcus was begrudgingly released by the clan’s second-in-command and returned to his base of operations, the Absolution. Here he returned to his own reflections and studies, focusing his efforts on the new cadre of Journeymen that had come to Naga Sadow.

The Inquisition

Near the end of Awakenings, the Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood unleashed the Inquisition upon the unsuspecting Clans. Labeling many aliens as undesirable and declaring the old Orders to be void, the Inquisition descended upon the leaders of the Krath and the Obelisk, as well as thousands of alien students, rooting them out or wiping them from the map. Many near-humans and half bloods made it through that day and now hide in the ranks of the Inquisition.

Marcus was no different. As soon as news reached him about the goings on he shed his Krath affiliation and pledged his loyalties to the Inquisition forces. There, he hid from their scrutiny and helped several undesirables escape their clutches. Naturally he also had to perform his duties, as sickening as this was, he performed them with distinction, rising quickly through the ranks until he reached apprentice Inquisitor.