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Born on the 13th of May 1987 in a small hospital in a suburb of Durban, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, Archangel and his twin spent most of their early years flying around. His father works in the oil industry, and was posted to Paris, France and Houston, Texas as expats, and he brought Archangel with him.

In Grade 3, he moved to Cape Town, where he attended Bergvliet Primary School and then Westerford High School (ranked #1 high school in South Africa). He was an average student, but one of the best sportsmen in this school (having been accepted on his sporting accomplishments rather than his scholastic abilities). He played cricket and tennis in the summer, and hockey and (occasionally) rugby in the winter.

Half way through his second year at Westerford, he and his parents moved to The Hague, The Netherlands, as his father got a job at Shell Global Solutions. Archangel was then enrolled at the International School of The Hague. His grades improved incredibly, but due to the lack of a sports program only had hockey at Klein Zwitersland club and rugby in his senior years.

After high school, he attended two university courses, both of which did not suit him. He found a job at Spellborn International, an MMO game developer which created the Chronicles of Spellborn.

He married his longtime fiancee, Rayne, on the 26th of June 2010. They now live in Fort Worth, TX!

Online History

Archangel joined the Emperor's Hammer in 2003, and remained there until he was expelled in 2006 for helping a start up group that the EH's commander thought was a threat. In the Emperor's Hammer, he attained many ranks, the highest of which was Admiral, and in command of one of the subgroups.

After his expulsion, he moved to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, where he started out in Clan Plagueis, before moving to Clan Scholae Palatinae, then Independent House Revan, then back to Scholae.

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Emperor's Hammer

  • Served as Consul of Tarentum for six months and won Rites of Supremacy
  • Served as Wing Commander of Wing XX and won the Battle Group Commander's Judgment four months out of six
  • Former member of Avenger Elite Squadron, brought in for Freeworlds MP and general SP and activity.
  • Served as President of the Corporate Division Sub Group for seven months
  • Assisted in the founding of the Nightstalkers Special Operations platoon as well as the 1st Special Operations Group and served there for ten months
  • Held the following ranks in the EH:


  • My very first IRC nickname was Archnagel. No, I didn't spell it wrong... there's a bot called Archangel in another Undernet channel, so I couldnt use it. :/
  • Brodo was voted in as Mr EH for 2005