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April 8, 1986


Ft. Worth, TX

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140 lbs





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This is the official user page for the person behind Rayne, currently being in the Brotherhood since January 2007.

"I'm absolutely, 100%, crazy... just the good kind of crazy."
— Rayne's admission about her sanity.


Rayne grew up in a small town of Decatur and has lived there for 18 years. She has no brothers or sisters and she is adopted. She has moved only once to Petaluma, California in the 7th grade because her dad's job was relocating. They had decided beforehand that they were going to move back to Texas 7 months of moving to California. They returned back home to Decatur and remained there up until Rayne graduated from high school. Rayne moved again to a new town at the end of 2004 which she is currently living there today.

She has a noticeable Texan accent and says 'y'all' and 'ain't' and 'howdy' quite often. She was born a natural blonde and is proud of it, although she can surprise most people by not being a stereotypical 'dumb blonde' which she has strived hard not to be apart of that group. She has green eyes and her skin is white. Literally, she never tans and has a skintone perfect for the earlier eras in history and is another attribute she intends to keep. Rayne is a very fun-loving, easy-going, animated person who loves to have fun and make people laugh. She enjoys being a unique person, and not being exactly like everyone else.

She's a profound lover of animals, however she's not a fan of PETA's over-zealousness and isn't a vegetarian and never will be. Rayne is more of a cat person, but also likes certain breeds of dogs as well. Currently, she has 2 cats and volunteers at the local animal shelter when possible.


In real life, Rayne stands at 5'10 and has legs for days. She has shoulder-length golden blonde hair with a very slight bit of a red cast to it and currently with highlights, sage green eyes, and natural ivory skin.


Rayne is a bubbly, stubborn, unique person. Not so much stubborn that she always has to be right or have to have things go her way, but if doesn't want to do something, she won't do it and also vice versa. On few occasions when she has been wronged, she can have a 'red-head temper', but generally, she is very even-tempered and very easy to please. She is very curious about everything mostly, and likes to go investigate if she sees something that intrigues her.


During her years at high school, Rayne was pretty much a bad child. Hanging out with the 'wrong' crowd as the adults would say. Smoking and drinking before she was of legal age and just being a rebellious adolescent, thinking she was invincible to everything. However, once school was over, Rayne realized life is alot scarier and more real than she anticipated and had to grow up alittle bit. So she has been reformed and is now a decent citizen of society. After moving and starting over in life, Rayne tried college and it didn't quite work out as she was working just under full-time. She worked in a couple of places before trying college once again and went for Cosmetology, which she is now licensed for. Two months after graduating, she found a great job and has a fun time working as a hairstylist.

Introduction to Star Wars

While visiting her aunt when she was 7 years old, her mother had a movie that Rayne should see. At first, Rayne was an impatient 7-year-old child that wanted to go outside and play rather than watch a movie she knows nothing about. However, once the Star Destroyer loomed over the screen at the beginning of Episode 4, she was intrigued about this move and continued to watch the whole thing. She then discovered that there were more movies to Star Wars and watched the other 2. Each movie getting better and better in her eyes. She was hooked to Star Wars ever since that day and to this day still watches the saga. Rayne also plans to have her kids raised around Star Wars.

Finding Love

"There's only one woman's words that should affect the mood of my husband. Those are mine."
— Gorgo

In early 2007, Rayne met Archangel because he had gotten to know her friend that introduced her to the club. In April of that year, Rayne and Archangel decided to make a relationship and she's astonished and glad that it's lasted to the present day. They've met twice and have hopes of marriage within the near future. The quote above has much meaning to her and is one she lives by.

Alot of how Rayne and Archangel act in character almost mirror that of King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo from the movie, 300.


Some hobbies Rayne enjoy are video gaming, reading books, IRC, acting at the local theater, clubbing, dancing, admiring beautiful cars, star-gazing, as well as thunderstorms. She loves music, and has many favorite songs in almost every genre. Although, her favorite instrument is the piano, both playing and listening to. She had lessons when she was younger and knows the basics of music. Rayne used to sing in all 4 years of high school and still does today, just not with any organization anymore. She loves sports in general as well. Rayne has played soccer and basketball. Rayne loves football and is a Dallas Cowboys fan, even if they aren't always the best.

Discovering the DB

On Myspace, Texas Johnny, had posted a bulletin describing a little bit about Dark Brotherhood. The two friends had gone to high school together and had become friends so she thought it'd be fun to look at this club he was apart of. Rayne had looked at a few Star Wars clubs beforehand, though none existing anymore. The Dark Brotherhood actually looked organized and she decided to join. She was surprised at how different this club was than the others, which were mostly forum-based.

Originally being placed in Clan Arcona, Rayne was learning the few basics of the club. She transferred to Clan Plagueis not too long after to be with the friend she found this place from. She progressed through the ranks to Guardian before transferring to Clan Scholae Palatinae to be apart of the same Clan as Archangel.


Rayne's appearance today.
  • Her nickname in real life is Donna. Once, she had long, well-maintained, natural blonde hair. She's been commented from many many people who have met her say that she looks like many different celebrities. But mostly, that she looked, sounded, and acted just like a blonde-haired Donna off That 70s Show.
  • Since the video game BloodRayne, she fell in love with the name, Rayne. It also reminded her of one of her favorite pastimes of enjoying rain. She's uses the name online as much as she can, and has also used it in real life.
  • Her other name, Erianna, is just a combination of her name in real life and the name, Arianna. The resulting name seemed Star Wars-esque and she decided to use it. She doesn't use this name often and could be subject to change at some point in time.


  • To have a family of her own soon.
  • One thing Rayne would love to learn is to dance various styles, for example: Brazilian dancing and belly dancing.
  • To grow her hair out again. She used to have hair down to her waist, until she went to college... now it's chin-length. (Oh how I miss it.)


  • Fruit:
  • Color':
    • Dark green
  • Drink:
    • Dr. Pepper
  • Alcoholic drinks:
  • Car:
  • Holiday:
    • Halloween
  • Flowers:
  • Jewels:
    • Diamond
    • Sapphire
  • Precious Metal:
    • Gold - (regular yellow gold and white gold)
  • Author:
    • Timothy Zahn

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