Unrest in the City

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Exodus era.
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Unrest in the City
Conflict: Rogue agencies begin to stir up civil unrest on Aeotheran and its capital of Seng Karash against the Dlarit Corporation threatening the Clan's hold on the planet
Date: 27 ABY
Location: Aeotheran, Orian System

  • Deliverance
  • Ven Dastari

  • C.A.R.E
  • Voice of Justice

  • Hundreds of Civilians
  • Numerous Dlarit Operatives
  • Deliverance
  • Ven Dastari
  • C.A.R.E
  • Voice of Justice

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"Unrest" Campaign
27 ABY to Present
The Underworld, Unrest in the City, Ekind Uprising, << REDACTED >>
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Unrest in the City was a conflict between Clan Naga Sadow through the Dlarit Corporation and a group of rogue agencies bent on the downfall of the Dlarit Megacorporation whom held control over the planet. The event was unknowingly the third conflict in a campaign against the shadowy overlords of the Orian System by an unknown organization. The conflict was swiftly resolved by the Sadowans although not without heavy cost to the Corporation with power, mining and tourism affected by the actions of the Voice of Justice terror organization.

Conflict Details

Into the Lion's Den

  1. Infiltration
  2. Rail-system disruption, death of hundreds of miners due to switch, VoJ implicated
  3. Discovery of Unknown Creature

Change of Plans

  1. Ties between Ven Dastari and the Voice of Justice uncovered
  2. Attempted capture of Generator Two leads to its destruction, Fremoc Pepoi reprimanded by Malisane Sadow for impending repercussions on Aeotheran
  3. Sith-spawned Ewoks deployed on Aeotheran to quarantine Unknown Creature

Last Stand

  1. << REDACTED >> orders Ven Dastari off-world with Deliverance
  2. Deliverance plans final strike against Dlarit by destroying the isle of Lor Zatean
  3. Following announcement of impending destruction, Clan elements move to infiltrate and eliminate the Voice of Justice
  4. Battle between Malisane Sadow and Robert Fett results in Fett's capture
  5. Ven Dastari slain by Deliverance before final battle; Clan disrupts plans and repurposes explosive for use against VoJ survivors, narrowly escaping before detonation


Conflict Logs

Prologue to the Unrest conflict can be found in these logs.

Beginning of Sadowan response can be located in these logs.

Although the final moments of the "conflict" occur prior to these events, this would be the official "end" to this conflict.

Attack on Mucenic << REDACTED >>
"Unrest" Campaign

27 ABY
Ekind Uprising