Attack on Mucenic

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Exodus era.

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Attack on Mucenic
Conflict: Divine Reborn assaults Mucenic to eliminate the Disciples of Ragnos
Date: 27 ABY
Location: Mucenic, Tarthos

House Marka Ragnos

Divine Reborn

  • Drosk Nunes

  • Divine Reborn
  • Assorted Cultists

  • Several Civilians
  • Divine Reborn

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The Attack on Mucenic was an assault on the sanctuary of Mucenic by the forces of the Divine Reborn in an attempt to eliminate the "false" Disciples of Ragnos. The conflict was subdued the same night it began with all members of the Divine Reborn slain by the hands of the Disciples and Drosk Nunes arrested by the Clan Summit before being assassinated by Teu Pepoi.

Conflict Details

  1. Assault begins
    1. Kalei reported the attack
    2. Fremoc Captured
    3. Assault reported to Kar Alabrek and Markosian City
  2. Night Hawks & Night Raptors infiltrate Mucenic
    1. Bob rescued children
    2. Methyas informs Clan Summit of assault
  3. Final Stand
    1. Night Raptors helped rescue the Quaestor
    2. Teu kills the Divine Reborn leader


  • The Story Arc was credited as a feud between the battle teams of Night Raptors and the Night Hawks by Fremoc Pepoi
  • With Bal Demona stepping down from Aedile, Methyas was chosen as his successor at the end of this arc, with Kano taking over as Night Raptors BTL.
  • This was referred to the Red versus Blue conflict on many occasions since the Night Hawks at the time were led by a Sith, making it red, and the Night Raptors were lead by an Obelisk, making them blue.

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