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Balia Donos
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33 ABY (age 26)

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165 lbs





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Broken Gate, Hapan, Jakelian, Echani

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Cook(former)Dark Jedi


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"If you're scared of what lies behind you, then how are you going to move forward?"
―Balia Donos

Balia Donos was a Dark Jedi Knight in Clan Tarentum. He died honorably for the Tarenti cause, serving as a pilot in a battle above the surface of Yridia IV.

Character History


Naboo, Balia Donos home world.

Balia Donos was born on the planet of Naboo. He does not know who are his real parents for he was found on the doorsteps of an orphanage. Just in a few months of being at the Orphanage Balia was adopted by Dale Donos and his wife Seria Donos. The couple also had a baby girl that was born just two days later then Balia. Their daughter’s name was Catherine.

Balia had a good childhood. When he was of the age of eight he was already ahead of his class in reading and writing. When he would come home from school Balia and Catherine would go out and play in the yard. After they had there supper both of the kids would go and do their homework. At the age of twelve both kids Balia and Catherine had started to learn to cook and work at their father’s Cantina. Now after school instead of going out to play they would go to work and then do their homework.

Teenage years

When Balia turned fifteen Dale and Seria told him that he was adopted. They thought that he could handle it when he was that age. But Balia had fit about and had a huge argument with his parents. Later that night when everyone was asleep Balia went and took his father’s pistol, and went into his parent’s bedroom and killed them both. At that time his sister was just getting out of the restroom when she saw Balia did that. When Balia went to go kill his sister he saw that she was not there, He knew where she went. Balia declared that he would leave Naboo for now and then come back to kill his sister.

His sister had gone and went to go get the law enforcement. By the time that the officers got to the house Balia already had his things packed and was on the run. He snuck on several hover vehicles to go to the main port of Naboo. From there he snuck onto a ship that was heading to Coruscant. When he got to Coruscant he quickly went to the lower levels of that planet. He founded himself a job at a cantina as a cook.

Balia worked there for two years saving up his money. When the young adult turned seventeen he got a couple of comma’s tattooed on to his lower back part of his neck. They where to remind him of his parents that he had killed. When he was of the age of eighteen Balia discovered that he could move the spices a little bit with out touching them. It scared him at first for he did not know what to do about it, or what was it that he could do.

Balia was at the age of nineteen when he and his boss got into a huge argument. His boss was saying things like: I gave you a job, a home, and money why are you now screwing up on me. Balia walked out on him and went into the alley way and his boss followed him and grabbed Balia’s arm. He was about to tell him that he couldn’t leave until he got paid back. That was a mistake as Balia pulled his arm free and turned to face his boss. Balia opened his hands up and pushed his boss with out touching him into the wall. The wall had a small pipe sticking out of it and it went threw the Cantinas owner chest.

A figure in a dark cloak saw this and came up to Balia. He stated that Balia had some talent there. Balia told him to go away and try to walk away. The dark Figure used the force to stop Balia from walking and said “not until you hear me out.” Balia had no choice so he stood there and listen to him. The figure told him about other people like Balia. He said that he could learn how to use his powers if he would come with the figure. Balia had nothing else for him so he went to get his things and left with the Figure to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Joining The Dark brotherhood

Balia Donos is being trained in the art of the saber by Archean

When Balia Donos went to the Shadow academy to take the test of Lore he was nervous. He passed the test and was put on a ship and sent to House Gladius of the Clan Tarentum. Balia had a rocky start with his leaders, but everything was then settled downed. Balia Donos quickly rose threw the ranks and became well known with his leaders. Balia grew in knoweledge and power as he kept working towards his way to become a knight. Balia is now one of the two Apprentices of Archean Erinos Tarentae. The Other one being Adriel Ferore. With the discover of the MC80, Balia was called by his master Archean to come and help them search the ship. With all that was going on all of the Crystal Tear Ghost possessed several of the high ranking members of Tarentum which forced everyone to fight the possessed. One of them that was possessed was Balia's and Adriel Master Archean which resulted both young protectors to get a few cuts, brusies, and Injuries.

With Balia Donos becoming a Sith Flight Leader and then Sith Commander for Arcano Signum he had less time to spend with his master. Balia made a decision and went to his Aedile Scion and Quaestor Apollo to tell them he would like to speak with Anshar. When Donos got to the Castle Tarentum He spoke to his Consul and he got it changed that Balia would have a new Master. Windos Helkin Tarentae have agreed to take Balia Donos under his wing as his new master.

The First meeting

Donos went on a mission to find some shards of the Crystal of Tears with some members of Gladius including his new master Windos Helkin Tarentae. They had troubles during there time on the planet of Samur. The Gladians had to either fight some vulture droids or dig holes in the sand to hide themselves. That was the minor problem of the four that there was.

They found a shard but there was one problem the Cestians from the house Cestus had found it first. There was a quick battle which involved Gladius taking Ronovi as a hostage. Ronovi got away and in the end she and Scion had a deul for the first crystal wining in Scion’s favor. House Cectus came to her rescue but in then end both Cestus and Gladius decided to split in opposite directions.

As Gladius found them selves a second shard they had a distress call from Cestus requesting for help. Eight Yuuzan Vong solders had attack Cestus. The battle end with badly with a few injured some severely and others not so bad. A Yuuzan Vong broke Balia’s left arm, and the same Solder before that had made a deep gash in Cestus Rollmaster Guardian Vai Azexel right thigh leaving him crippled to where he could not fight.

The fight with the Yuuzan had done the most damage to Balia’s master. Windos has received so much damage to his body that if it wasn’t for Sith Bloodfyre and his Necromancy powers Windos would be dead and not in a new body.


All through out his time in the Brotherhood, Balia Donos been trained by various people in Tarentum. Some more than others like His late master Windos Helkin Tarentae, and Archean Erinos Tarentae. His master had tried to teach about different types of weapons, But Balia only stuck to a few. Balia mainly stuck to throwing stars, any form of a knife, and his lightsaber. Balia Donos has no love for blasters of any shape or form. While learning under his late master Balia Donos has gotten very proficient in the lightsaber style called Form III, other wise know as Soresu.

Promotion to DJK

Donos' Saber

Balia Donos's last and final task was for him to build his own lightsaber. Balia left the Sword's Sheath and went back to his home planet. On his home planet he broke in his old home and killed his sister. After slaying his sister, Balia stolen there mothers necklace wich had Hurrikaine crystals in it. Balia put all of the pices together and finally constructed his own lightsaber. When Balia got back he had a friendly deul between his master when Scion Altera inturupted them. The Inturuption is what caused Balia to killing his master. With killing his master Scion and everyone else promoted Balia Donos to Dark Jedi Knight.


Balia Donos was a steadfast pilot in the ranks of Tarentum, serving in the naval fleet. In 33 ABY, the Church of Infinite Perception invaded Yridia space, occupying Yridia IV and demanding conquest. Donos immediately jumped at the opportunity to take down the enemy ships that had breached the Yridian checkpoint, and while he attempted to shoot down a Corvette, he was fired upon and killed in his fighter's subsequent explosion. He was included among the honored dead once stability to the system had been restored.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Former Sith Commander for Arcano Signum

Former Apprentice to Windos Helkin Tarentae