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"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, who am I? And if not now, when?"
―Ancient philosopher from a world similar to Alderaan


Sometime shortly before the Battle of Yavin

Cello's parents moved the family off of Alderaan, fearing that the pacifist policies of the Alderaan government coupled with the intrigues of her representatives to the Imperial Senate would cause the Emperor's hostility to be directed towards Alderaan. Some suggest, given Cello's gifts, that they perhaps foresaw what was to happen to Alderaan. In any case, the knowledge of where they went is unknown.


At age 13, Cello received as a gift several texts describing galactic history, and was intrigued by the different Force philosophies. He devoured knowledge on the topic, with a voracious zest that would come to become his trademark. His parents noted his Force potential over the next few years - perhaps this was a reason for the gift.... Reading Holonet histories of the various battles from the Jedi point of view, Cello could not help but wonder whether they seemed arrogant and dogmatic regarding their view of the Force. During a vacation trip on the rapids of an Alderaan river, a spill lead to a seemingly minor head injury. However, strangely his Force potential began to be realized exponentially faster afterwards.

10 ABY

While traveling to Coruscant for a young leaders conference, his ship was boarded by a party led by Judicials who were clearly Force adept, whose names he does not know. They seemed wary of him for some reason without being overtly rude. As his Force potential continued to be realized at home, he found supportive parents who encouraged his studies.

Dark Brotherhood Years

Cello joined the Caliburnus of The Clan Scholae Palatinae after a chance encounter with Robin Hawk in the year 27 ABY. His first Master was Yzarc Rellik Kaeth and he progressed rapidly, acing Shadow Academy courses at a rate that nearly saw him complete every course inside of some 4 weeks. He rapidly progressed to the rank of Guardian during this time. However, for reasons unknown to him, Yzarc then failed to contact him for a long period. Disillusioned, Cello did not continue his studies as rapidly.

Eventually, he sought out Robin Hawk who, having been his introduction to the Brotherhood, had already sensed something in Cello that others had not. After the closing of Caliburnus, Robin Hawk suggested that he join Dorimad Sol and he became Robin Hawk's Padawan.

Other Notes

  • The idea of embracing all aspects of the Force is appealing to Cello.
  • He is an extremely open-minded individual who walks his own path.
  • He has a remarkable ability to instantly center himself well under pressure.