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Production information

Ptolomea, currently


uncertain, possibly Industrial Automaton

Product line:



R5-series astromech droid


Astromech droid

Technical specifications

0.96 meters


Masculine programming

Sensor color:



Buzz saw, electric pike, fusion welder

Chronological and political information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Rasilvenaira StormRaven, Clan Scholae Palatinae

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R5-K7 is commonly just called R5. He, along with Verlassen, came into the service of Rasilvenaira StormRaven when she became the owner of the NyghtFyre.

Rasilvenaira's best estimate on R5's age is somewhere around 50 BBY, but she isn't sure how accurate that is. As far as she can determine, he has never had his memory wiped, but some early parts of it have been either altered or simply lost to the damages of time. He is extremely quirky, and has a unique personality. Spunky, opinionated, stubborn, often to the point of completely refusing to obey orders from people he doesn't like, Rasilvenaira is the only person he will obey without question. He hates to be left behind, and is fiercely jealous of the fact that Rasilvenaira also owns two other astromech droids.

Despite his flaws and his quirky personality, Rasilvenaira trusts him and will most often call on him in preference over the other droids she owns. She is quite fond of him and refuses to have his memory wiped, even though many have recommended it. R5 is rather skilled at Pazaak and he and Rasilvenaira would play each other quite often as a way to pass the time on long journeys.

His body is black with silver trim, with a red sensor eye. He is equipped with a few things beyond stock equipment, but Rasilvenaira has never really detailed those features.