Citadel Alpha

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Citadel Alpha
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards

Product line:

Cardan-class space station


Cardan III-class space station


Space station

Technical specifications


Cargo capacity:

35,000 metric tons


2 years

  • Planetary defense
  • Fleet support

Taldryan Navy


Taldryan Home Fleet

Known owner(s):


Known commander(s):

Major Braxis Codi

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Citadel Alpha, in its multiple forms, has been owned by Taldryan since the 25 ABY. having earned it as part of its victory in the Seventh Great Jedi War. Recently upgraded, it is now a key part in Taldryan's defense of her home system, Kr'Tal.

Station Information

It was the middle-most of the Cardan-class space stations both in name, and in relative power. While all variants of the Cardan space station saw use, the Mark III model was among the most commonly used throughout the Empire.

To fulfill its role as a defense platform, the Cardan III possessed a number of turbolaser, laser cannon, and ion cannon batteries in addition to a quartet of proton torpedo launchers. In addition, it had capacity to carrry a complement of four twelve-unit TIE Fighter squadrons—the same number of TIE/LN fighters carried by an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer—for patrol and space superiority. It also usually operated in conjunction with rapid response fleet elements.

As with other Cardan-class space stations, the Mark III could repair vessels or even build them from scratch. With its integrated shipyard facilities, a Cardan III was capable of building and repairing vessels as large as a Victory-class Star Destroyer. While featuring considerably less firepower than a Golan space defense platform of comparable size, this ability to repair and construct vessels made it a valuable asset to Imperial fleets far from the Core.


XQ5 Platform

The Original

The XQ5 Platform was acquired by Taldryan after the Seventh Great Jedi War. With the Iron Throne secure and an expanded Dark Council waiting for direction, the Grand Master started his renewed tenure by commissioning the reconstruction of the Dark Hall. He also commissioned Dark Council Embassies to be built in each clan system. The Grand Master announced to the Consuls that the Dark Council would place in each system a Platform to be used by visiting Dark Council representatives, but to be run and controlled by each Clan. Taldryan took advantage of the opportunity and positioned the platform orbiting their home world, Karufr. Designated as Citadel Alpha, the facility is used by the House for business transactions and as a short-range defense platform.

Citadel Alpha: Upgraded

Following the outbreak of the Horizon's plague, and the destruction wrought by the vengeful Zorro and Fae, Taldryan felt it necessary to bolster the defenses of its home systems. One of the key ways to do this was to secure the transition from an old Xq5 Platform, to the more capable and strong Cardan III class Space Station.

Able to house more starfighter squadrons, and possessing superior firepower and armoring, the upgraded station will make the Kr'Tal System even more secure, enabling Taldryan's fleets to operate further from home, with more confidence.

Complement & Assignment

Citadel Alpha is assigned to orbit directly above Taldryan's Headquarters in the Kr'Tal System, and is part of the Taldryan Home Fleet.

Ship Commander

Main article: Braxis Codi

Major Braxis Cody, of the Taldryan Starfighter Command is the ranking officer aboard the Citadel Alpha.

Attached Vessels

Second Taldryan Home Defense Wing

  • TIE Interceptor: Keirdagh Squadron
  • Scimitar Assault Bomber: Turbulence Squadron

Also permanently stationed aboard the Citadel Alpha, is the Baudo-class star yacht Expedition. Though it is often being used as a shuttle for ranking members of Taldryan, when not on assignment it calls the Alpha home.

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