Archanis' Redoubt

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Archanis' Redoubt
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards

Product line:

Cardan-class space station


Cardan III-class space station


Space station

Technical specifications


Cargo capacity:

35,000 metric tons


2 years

  • Planetary defense
  • Fleet support

Taldryan Navy


Taldryan Home Fleet

Known owner(s):


Known commander(s):

Colonel Ark Lassik

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The Cardan III Class Space Station Archanis' Redoubt is the newest defense platform serving Taldryan, and is one of three in the Kr'Tal system.

Station Information

Commissioned to replace the ageing Infinity Station, Archanis' Redoubt was purchased following the Tenth Great Jedi War. Commanded by Colonel Ark Lassik of the Starfighter Command, a veteran combat pilot, and solid tactician, Lassik is the overall Commander of Kr'Tal's Home Fleet, reporting directly to High Admiral Tak Vordin and the Taldryan Strategic Operations Council (TalSOC).

It was the middle-most of the Cardan-class space stations both in name, and in relative power. While all variants of the Cardan space station saw use, the Mark III model was among the most commonly used throughout the Empire.

To fulfill its role as a defense platform, Archanis' Redoubt possesses a number of turbolaser, laser cannon, and ion cannon batteries in addition to a quartet of proton torpedo launchers. In addition, it had capacity to carrry a complement of four twelve-unit TIE Fighter squadrons—the same number of TIE/LN fighters carried by an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer—for patrol and space superiority. It also usually operated in conjunction with rapid response fleet elements.

Archanis' Redoubt can repair vessels or even build them from scratch. With its integrated shipyard facilities, Archanis' Redoubt is capable of building and repairing vessels as large as a Victory-class Star Destroyer. While featuring considerably less firepower than a Golan space defense platform of comparable size, this ability to repair and construct vessels makes it a valuable asset to the Taldryan Navy.

Complement & Assignment

Archanis' Redoubt is assigned to orbit directly above Taldryan's Headquarters in the Kr'Tal System, and is part of the Taldryan Home Fleet.

Ship Commander

Main article: Ark Lassik

Archanis' Redoubt falls under Colonel Ark Lassik's command.

Attached Vessels

First Taldryan Home Defense Wing

Taldryan's First Home Defense Wing or the Violator Wing is based aboard Archanis' Redoubt in the Kr'Tal System, and operates in a Close Support capacity. Consisting of two squadrons of Shielded TIE Interceptors, its mission is to protect vital intra-system facilities, and offer support to any other Taldryan forces in system. Home Wing I is commanded by Commander Tavion Kennison, of Katarn Squadron.

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