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"This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi

The lightsaber is a weapon used by Force Users. Lightsabers consist of a blade of plasma that is powered by a kyber crystal and emitted from hilts of various styles and shapes. The beam is held by a containment field that allows the blade to maintain its shape and size. It is a weapon that required skill and training, and was greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with the Force.

Despite being the weapons of the Force users, Lightsabers are made available to all members of the Club, whether or not they are aligned to the dark side or the light.

For detailed information on the various Lightsaber Forms used to wield a lightsaber, please refer to the Lightsaber Forms article. This also will cover how Non-Force Users handle Lightsabers.

A Knight's Tale

The Knighting

Regardless of their Path or Order, all Force-sensitive members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood go through a journey of trials to earn the coveted rank of Knight. Along with earning their first saber, once Knighted a member is offered the full benefit of studying and perfecting the various forms and styles of Lightsaber combat known.

Knights of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood are able to adhere to the following lightsaber Forms: Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, Djem So, Niman, Jar'Kai, Juyo, Shien, Sokan, and Vapaad.

Any member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood may use the Weapon Construction Tool found on their administration page to choose a lightsaber for themselves, based on their rank, Society status and Clan allegiance.

The tool is located on the administration page, under "My Dossier". Once inside the tool, the member must select weapon, style and color and, once satisfied with the desired look, press the "Submit" button located below the three drop-down menus. This lightsaber will then be displayed on their dossier. Lightsabers may freely be changed at will, depending on the member's preferences and aesthetic tastes.

All modern Lightsabers come in at least five different styles and six different blade colors, while older lightsabers may only have up to three styles and five blade colors depending on the design.

Types of Lightsabers

A lightsaber duel

Different options for lightsabers unlock at different ranks. Initiates (Novitiate 1) are all granted access to a Training or Armory Lightsaber. At Knighthood (Journeyman Rank 4), access to pre-designed Lightsabers becomes available via the construction tool on your Administration page.

Training or Armory Lightsaber -- Novitiate 1 to Journeyman 3

The armory lightsaber is a generic metallic cylinder with a limited range of colors. While dull in appearance, the blade itself matches the same potency as a standard lightsaber. It is available through Possessions.

Lightsaber -- Knighthood

The standard lightsaber for a Knight of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood can come in a variety of single-hilt styles (standard, long and shoto hilt). They have the ability to deflect blaster bolts, sear through any material (with the exception of rare resistant materials like mandalorian iron or sith swords) and cauterizes wounds dealt to an organic being. Contrary to popular belief the cauterization effect is *not* instant, and blood can indeed be spilled in the dramatic moments it takes for the wound to seal over.

All lightsabers posses the ability to deflect blaster bolts. For Soresu, Shien, and Sokan users specifically, lightsabers can also be used to be aim and redirect blaster bolts into specific targets.

True to what has been established in Star Wars duels, a lightsaber has the ability to “ground” Force Lightning. For the purposes of realistic combat, a character should have their lightsaber at the ready and facing the opponent head-on. While not taxing, it is an action that would require the character to be focused on the incoming attack, making it less believable in a situation where the Lightning is thrown by surprise. Powers like Precognition can come in handy with this, but are not required.

  • All members gain access to standard lightsabers upon reaching Knighthood (JM4). These lightsabers are available through Possessions.
  • Further selection of pre-styled Lightsabers become available as you move through the ranks of the Brotherhood.
  • Custom Lightsabers can be commissioned through the Herald Staff at the rank of Equite 2. These lightsabers are available through Possessions.

Special effects

Equite 3 (EQ3) have the option of requesting any of the following effects on their lightsaber blades: Unstable, Electric, Fire, Digital (Gree). Select your desired option when requesting a new custom skin.

Elders (EL1) gain three more options: Faded, Dark, and Changing.

These effects, as well as the corresponding lightsaber crystals available through Eos Exotic Kyber Bazaar, are illustrated in the image to the right.

Dual Lightsabers

Some Jedi choose to wield two lightsabers simultaneously. It should be noted that when it comes to lightsaber combat, two is not strictly better than one. The inability to grip a hilt with both hands removes a great deal of the power a user is able to put into each strike. The Jedi typically will block or parry with the blade in their non-dominant hand, and perform offensive strikes with their dominant. These principles can vary between the different forms.

  • Members can begin to use standard Dual Lightsabers upon reaching Knighthood. These lightsabers are available through Possessions.
  • Custom Dual Lightsabers can be commissioned through the Herald Staff at the rank of Equite 4. These lightsabers are available through Possessions.

Alternative: Selector dual option

Equite 2 (EQ2) and above may request a selector lightsaber in pair with a custom lightsaber thus creating a dual lightsaber combination. To do this, they must have the desired selector lightsaber available in Possessions and they must select it in the request form available in the admin menu.

Double-Bladed Lightsabers (Saberstaff)

The saberstaff is a lightsaber with a beam emitter at both ends. Originally developed by the Sith in the Old Republic, double-bladed lightsaber combat was eventually learned by the Jedi as well. A double-blade lightsaber can be constructed by simply attaching two lightsabers together by the ends, and therefore, typically a saberstaff hilt is significantly longer than a traditional lightsaber. Both beams generally can be activated independently, and when both are active, the user’s motions and fighting bears a significant resemblance to combat with a traditional quarterstaff. The long, sweeping motions necessitated by having a blade on both ends limits the Forms that a Jedi can employ when wielding a saberstaff. As the saberstaff was significantly less common, many opponents are caught off guard when facing against one.

  • Members can begin to use standard Double-Bladed Lightsabers upon reaching the rank of Equite 2 (EQ2). These lightsabers are available through Possessions.
  • Custom Dual Lightsabers can be commissioned through the Herald Staff at the rank of Equite 4. These lightsabers are available through Possessions.

Custom conversion type lightsabers

A conversion hilt is a saberstaff that can transform into a different type of lightsaber, be it a Lightsaber pike or dual lightsabers

  • Custom conversion type lightsabers can be commissioned through the Herald Staff at the rank of Equite 4. These lightsabers are available through Possessions.

Elder Lightsaber

Dual Phase Lightsaber

The "Elder Lightsaber" is considered the pinnacle of lightsaber craftsmanship. Dual phase and black core lightsabers fall into this category.

Dual-phase lightsaber is an extremely rare variant that incorporates an adjustable blade of two distinct lengths, often of different colors. It is usual for the second length to be longer, if not double, the length of the ordinary blade, though there is nothing preventing the user from aligning the crystals in order for the second blade to be of appreciably shorter length.

The use of a dual-phase lightsaber should not be taken lightly and they typically require intensive training to be used efficiently. Like many of the more common lightsaber variants such as the double bladed variety a dual-phase lightsaber can be more a danger to the adherent than his opponent if he is inexperienced in its use. This is especially true for extended blades where the additional length can make the weapon ungainly and awkward to wield properly during combat. In the past many who have built dual-phase lightsabers have come to reconsider their usefulness and taken to using the extended blade more for purposes outside combat than during a duel.

The weapons are rare primarily due to the rarity of the focusing crystals required in their construction. The variable phase emitter means the crystals must be able to handle much greater power outputs and be constructed with a level of precision far greater than even that needed for an ordinary lightsaber.

Black core lightsabers are a type of lightsaber blade that has a dark black core blade surrounded by a white glow. These blades, while similar to the legendary Darksaber, are still only available in the standard type of lightsaber blade design, as the secrets to forge the flat, sharp ended blade of the true Darksaber have been lost to history.

  • Custom Elder Lightsabers can be commissioned through the Herald Staff at the rank of Elder 1. These lightsabers are available through Possessions.

Lightsaber rank unlocks

Weapon Availability
Rank Possessions selector Custom Skins
NV2 Novitiate Armory Lightsaber --

Knight's Lightsaber

EQ1 Any standard Lightsabers available through Possessions --
EQ2 Shoto, Saberpike, Double-bladed Lightsaber

Single Lightsaber skin

Optional: Selector dual option

EQ3 --

Dual Lightsaber skins (identical hilts)

Special effects: Unstable, Electric, Fire, Digital (Gree)

EQ4 Conversion type Lightsaber

Dual Lightsaber skins (varied hilts)

Double-bladed Lightsaber skin

Conversion type Lightsaber skin

EL1 Elder Lightsaber

Elder Lightsaber skin, Elder effects (black core, etc.)

Lightsaber Gallery

Examples of Lightsabers
Selector single hilt Custom single hilt (EQ2) Custom dual hilts (EQ 4) Custom staff/Conversion hilt (EQ4) Elder hilts (EL1)
"Unstable" Special Effect (EQ3) "Digital (Gree)" Special effect (EQ3) "Fire" Special effect (EQ3) "Electric" Special Effect (EQ3) Elder blade (EL1)