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Khan Kunar
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150 BBY

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Old Republic, Rise of the Empire, Rebellion, New Republic, Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era





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Character History

Like for most of his race, secretive is a way of like. Unusual for a Shi'Ido Khan developed an affinity for the Force which would lead him to join the ranks of the Jedi in the time of the Old Republic.

The Jedi

150 BBY to 19 BBY

Like many of his race, Khan left his home planet in his early 50s driven by their lust for knowledge. Two hundred years before the Clone Wars, Khan befriended a pair of Jedi while surveying an old Jedi Temple on Dantooine and from them he learned of his Force Sensitivity. Taking advantage of the dig he was running, he explored more of his newly discovered raw abilities and after a few decades chose to take on the training of a Jedi.

Taking a new identity, Mohan, he started his training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant where he spent most of his time for the next two centuries. Training under Master T’ra Saa, the Tree-woman, Khan traveled with his master in many missions, soon gaining the rank of Jedi Knight. After a century of traveling and missions for the Jedi Council he was elevated to the rank of Jedi Master, having trained many Padawans in the past decades, but he was never allowed inside the Council due his lack of interest for such kinds of activities.

A skilled fencer, Khan trained in many different lightsaber techniques becoming a master of Makashi and a skilled practitioner of Soresu. Being both former Padawan of Master T’ra Saa, Khan befriended the young Mace Windu and the two worked together for years to create the future Vapaad technique and later trained Sora Bulq in this complicated style.

Soon after the invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation, Khan felt in an uneasy position due the return of the Sith to the galaxy. Maybe his Vapaad training drew him too close to the dark side; maybe his friendship with another Makashi master, Count Dooku, or maybe it was the work of Lord Sidious himself, but the fact is, soon after the death of Darth Maul and Dooku’s retirement from the Jedi Order Khan found himself in service of the Sith, accomplishing many missions for both Tyranus and Sidious, thanks not only to his Jedi training but to his natural Shi’ido shapeshifter abilities. It’s under Sidious' watchful eye that Khan started to learn the basics of Juyo. Like most Jedi Masters he served as a General in the Clone Wars, and because of his long experience was assigned to command, among other things, one of the Delta clone commando units. In this time, thanks to his skill as a pilot he helped Anakin Skywalker design the Eta-2 starfighter for the Jedi fleet.

The Sith

19 BBY to 11 ABY

After the execution of Order 66 and the birth of the Empire, Khan was appointed by Sidious as one of his Dark Adepts and a member of the Secret Order. Now under the name of Imperius he served as an agent of the Emperor, supervising many covert projects as well as more menial tasks such as spying or assassinations. It was after the battle of Yavin IV that Khan first met the spirit of Exar Kun, an encounter that would later be pivotal in his development as a Force user. It is unclear which event led Khan to obtain a unique lightsaber crystal from an experiment gone wrong on Kashyyyk, but it is clear that Khan still possesses the Bane’s Hearth he gained from a clone of General Grievous in his lightsaber.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, Khan went rogue and spent the next few years in hiding on Yavin, starting his new training under the guide of Exar Kun and finally receiving the Sith name of Khan along with a Sith tattoo on the back of his neck, a symbol he still use on his banner. There he trained for about a decade under the watchful eye of his Master and completing his training in Juyo, hiding both from, first, Imperial and, later, Republic forces until he was forced to leave the planet when his old friend’s son, Luke Skywalker, chose Exar Kun’s temple as the place for his new Jedi Academy.

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Founder of Clan Exar Kun.