Grant of Arms

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The Grant of Arms (GoA) was the precursor to Warbanners. They were displayed on dossiers, displaying similar items such as a crest and field. Differences include allowing members to choose:

Examples of early GoA's
  • escutcheon
  • helm
  • nameplate
  • motto scroll
  • medallion

Parts Defined

A multi-sided shield on which the crest of the arms were displayed. The area (field) could be any color, though divisioning and patterns were restricted by rank. The number of sides was determined by Rank.
Sitting above the Escutcheon, this was an actual helmet (or Hood). They were specific for each order, however Sith and Obelisk could opt for a Krath-style hood in their order color. Dark Side Adept or greater could request a black hood with the order color edging.
Simply a plate below the Escutcheon displaying the member's Jedi name.
Motto Scroll 
A parchment scroll above the Helm displaying the member's motto. These did not always match the member's quote.
If a member was on the Dark Council or Dark Summit they were allowed a gold Medallion above their Escutcheon, below the Helm. This Medallion was multi-sided, depending upon the member's Rank.

End of the GoA

The end of the Grant of Arms was directly related to the departure of former Grand Master Chi Long. Though a replacement was already in the works, it was formally abolished by Herald Kaine Mandaala shortly before the end of his reign.