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She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid.
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Saltri Namon
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

16 BBY

Date of Death:

14 ABY

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Personal Information
  • Korath Lorren
  • Rahl Mandaal
  • Kyuzo "Kaine" Mandaal

Kaine Mandaala

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Lightsaber Form(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Jedi Knight

  • Galactic Empire
  • New Jedi Order

New Republic

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Saltri Namon was a Jedi Knight, apprentice to Korath Lorren who met her end at the hands of Korath's first student, Kaine Mandaala.

Childhood: 16 BBY - 4 BBY

Born the only daughter to a family of dishonest business owners, Saltri learned early on how easily trust can be manipulated. Ryl and Beb Namon were in the business of wholesale redistribution, selling mass quanities of small parts for use in industrial applications, such as starship construction. They often undercut their clients, including large manufacturers like Incom and Sinear, shorting the companies several hundred units and charging full or an inflated price. They also frequently created a false demand, claiming to have the only substantial supply of any given part and hike the price to double or triple its worth.

By her fifth birthday she realized she had a gift for suggestion, though felt ashamed for using it against anyone except her parents. Her brothers Jylan and Ral tried to pressure her into using this new gift to force patrons into agreeing to astronomical prices, but she resisted, and in turn used the power to convince her own family into taking less - or taking slightly above cost, yeilding minimal profit - for the same items. Shunned for her perpetual honesty and sickened by her family, she left home at the age of 8. She Vowed not to ever deceive anyone in such a manner ever again, and sought to find people with a similar outlook.

She made her way to Nar Shaddaa using the Force to con her way onto transports, but she would always repay them as best she could. One pilot, a Corellian named Wick, truly appreciated her foresight in his own business dealings. He would keep her in the cockpit and negotiate all business in front, all the while facing her. When he'd glance at her, she knew that as her signal to probe the seller's mind to see if they were genuine.

During one such business meeting they all found the tables suddenly turned. As she attempted to probe the mind of the buyer, she was met with a probe into her own. The shock knocked her out of the seat. Wick ran to her aid, as did their customer. Jedi Knight Rahl Mandaal sensed the power in the Twi'lek girl and urged her to come with him for further training, for the number of Jedi was dwindling at an alarming rate. Wick understood and also talked Saltri into going for her own good.

"Smugglin' an' all these underhanded deals ain't no place fer a little girl like you," Wick grumbled. "Though I loved havin' you 'round, we both know you need ta go on ta better things. Take this man's offer! Turn inta the champion we both know ya are."

She agreed and soon found herself as part of the crew of the YT-2400 "Vindicator", where Rahl Mandaal talked with her at length about the Jedi code. As she absorbed it all, she finally felt a sense of calm about her. The ideals of the Jedi are exactly what she has wanted since she discovered her power. Aside from Jedi lore, she learned how to pilot the Vindicator in case of emergency. He taught her as much as he could about the life of a Jedi, but knew he wasn't able to properly guide her to becoming a Knight. He did the best he could for many years, but sought to find proper training.

Landing on Dantooine, Rahl attempted to contact his Master in hopes she could teach the twi'lek girl. The signal was a trap, and Rahl was assassinated by a Gran bounty hunter named Seeni Mundari. His lifeless body fell at the feet of Saltri; His lightsaber still attached to his belt. Grabbing it, she ran as fast as she could back to the ship. Running though emergency procedures, she set the ship to autopilot to Corellia.

Teenage Years: 4 BBY - 6 ABY

When she landed near a house southeast of Coronet, she was met by Rahl's brother, Kyuzo "Kaine" Mandaal, and his father Stihl Mandaal. Through tears she tried her best to explain what had happened, though it was just too traumatizing for her to talk about it. She tapped into the mind of Kyuzo and replayed the scene in vivid detail. Angered by the visions, he sought revenge, though he knew he was not ready for it. Over the next six years he trained, physically and mentally, for the undertaking. During this time he worked with Saltri as best he could to help her hone her Force powers. Though his own power was not anywhere near as great, he could sense when she was improving.

During this time, the two became very close. Casual flirting and occasional awkward silences turned to romantic expressions. When the time finally came for Kyuzo to leave, he demanded she stay on Corellia with Stihl. The old man was blind and alone, and needed her help. She argued, but he convinced her that it was the best place for her. He asked if she knew anyone who could help, and she smiled. Saltri contacted Wick, who was saddened by the news of Rahl's death but was more than happy to assist is the revenge.

Stihl died peacefully after a prolonged illness in 4 ABY. Saltri tried to contact Kyuzo several times for a few months but was unable to make contact until 5 ABY.

Young Adult: Jedi's Path 6 ABY - 14 ABY

Perhaps it was due to her extreme lonliness, but during her solitude Saltri began to fall deeper in love with Kyuzo. The few transmissions they shared being her only real contact with anyone drew her even closer to him. Sensing this, Kyuzo came back to Corellia and flew her to the newly formed Jedi Academy personally. He let her know that, though he did love her back, he did not have time for her until his brother's killer was found.

Arriving on Yavin IV, Saltri was distracted from her feelings. She was pleased to find others who thought and felt how she did about the Force. Working with the younger students, she practiced the rudimentary Force training and studied the disciplines strictly. Every once in a great while her distraction was broken, for Kyuzo would send her a note or a transmission just to see how she was doing.

Sadness filled her heart when she learned of Kyuzo's death. For days she wept in her room over the fall of her love. She was truly unconsolable. She forced herself to become devoted to her studies. Unfortunately the diversion only worked when she was not alone.

14 ABY - Fall Of The Jedi

When Jodo Grett and Korath Lorren arrived at the Academy, she was curious. She knew of Grett from Kyuzo, so she wished to speak to him. When she was denied the opportunity, she was not happy but noticed that there was a lot of talk in the Academy about a new student and a new Master to deal with him.

After a few months of near-misses, she finally caught a glimpse of this mystery student - and it was Kyuzo! Her heart skipped a beat as she tried to restrain herself from crying out to him. A few days later she found Master Lorren alone and asked about his student. As best the elder Jedi could, he explained the circumstances surrounding their arrival and the training, but dodged any direct question about Kyuzo. She eventually learned that he was not Kyuzo Mandaal at all, but his clone who called himself Kaine Mandaala. Against the wishes of his Master, Kaine had constructed a lightsaber, eager to learn the art of dueling. After being scolded at length, he left the Academy, angry and confused.

She begged Korath to train her as he tried with Kaine. Retelling her entire history with the Mandaal family, she convinced Korath that she would be quite a powerful ally to get Kaine back to the Academy. For three months she trained with Korath, learning more about defense - both mentally and physically - than she had ever known.

Jodo Grett informed the Jedi that Kaine was on Ralltiir. The twi'lek woman felt confident that she could bring back her former lover's clone with little incident. Sadly, she was mistaken.

Encounter On Ralltiir

Saltri confronts Kaine Mandaala

In the late afternoon, she touched town with the Vindicator on the surface of Ralltiir. Ruins of an abandoned factory loomed in the distance across a large field. Saltri felt the presence of the Dark Side. As she walked toward the building, she saw Kaine striding toward her.

He drew his lightsaber, casting the violet light across the long blades of grass. As he raised his arm to assume a fighting stance, Saltri activated her own lightsaber.

"Kaine!" she cried. "It's me! It's Saltri! Don't you know me?" She tried to suppress all her emotion but seeing him just a few meters away made it too difficult.

He tilted his head and his eyes changed from anger to curiosity.

"Who?" he inquired, chuckling.

Her face displayed her frustration. "Saltri Namon. When you were on Corellia, training to avenge Rahl, remember? You and I..." Her voice trailed off, husky with emotion.

His gaze drifted past her as he searched his memories, but nothing stood out - remembering such a beautiful creature should have been easy. He couldn't help but think it was some kind of trick.

"I was hoping to pick up where we left off. I want us to reconnect..." The jedi apprentice reached out with the Force, but found only the cold void surrounding her opponent.

Startled, Saltri moved toward Kaine, hoping that if she could look into his eyes, somehow she could connect with him again. It was the last motion she ever made. In a sweeping motion, Kaine swung his saber. The violet glow silently struck her across the waist, cleaving her in two.

To add insult to her pointless death, Kaine kept her lightsaber, changing the crystal to red.