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Exodus era.New Order era.
Production information

Corellian Corvette (CRV)

Technical specifications

150 Meters

Max speed (space):

22 mglt

Max speed (atmosphere):

950 kph

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 2


400 SBD


188 RU

  • 6 Dual Turbolaser Cannons

30-165 depending on configuration

Minimum crew:



Up to 600, depending on configuration

Cargo capacity:
  • 3,000 Metric Tons

Warhost Fleet

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The Hyperion serves the Warhost Fleet in many different ways due to its modular design, but most commonly it is used either for diplomatic or undercover missions where the larger and more advanced ships of the Warhost Fleet may attract too much attention.


  • Commanding Officer – Lieutenant Commander Sarisa Duine
  • Executive Officer – Lieutenant Dav Sobusk


A versatile starship, the CR90 was used extensively across the galaxy by governments and private interests. The interior of the CR90 featured a modular design to allow for easy reconfiguration of the Corellian corvette from one function to another.

Common configurations included a troop carrier, light escort vessel, cargo transport, or passenger liner.

Role in the Warhost Fleet

The Hyperion serves Naga Sadow in different ways depending on the mission parameters, it can be used to transport cargo or troops, it can serve as an escort to other ships in the Warhost Fleet. But most commonly it is used to transport key personnel whether they are on missions of a diplomatic nature or if they are on missions of a more covert nature where the CR90 Corvette will be less likely to stand out between other ships of the galaxy.


Led by Sith Warrior Lexiconus Aurelius, a two shuttle team from Special Operations was tasked with capturing the CR90 Corvette Hyperion. Having acquired clearance codes from an unknown source, the two shuttles docked with the corvette. Dispatching any security troops that stood in his way, Lexiconus sliced his way to the bridge. Being too far away to reach the bridge officer that had just stepped out of the bridge door, Lexiconus launched a wave of spiked discs from his lanvarok through the closing bridge door, killing or maiming several inside. After the door was unsealed, Lexiconus sped inside past the guards, damaged the main navigation console, and threatened the ship's commander with death if he did not surrender the ship to him. With the bridge under his control, Lexiconus dispatched a member of his team to assist the rest of the boarding party around the ship’s brig. Two hours later, all resistance had been crushed and the ship was repaired and headed back to Sadowan space.

It was quickly pressed into service as a useful, multi-role warship. The corvette supported the Consul's actions at the Dentavii Conflict in 39ABY, serving as a rallying point and safe storage location for his supporters. Following the conflict, the ship was commandeered by Malik Sadow to observe the resulting effects on Ombus.

Later, the corvette provided aerial precision turbolaser support over the Shadowlands on Sepros, when the clan was attacked by a mysterious group of droids. It's turbolasers could penetrate the thick forest canopy and assisted the clan in breaking up larger enemy formations on the ground.

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