Odin Vaaj Corsair

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Odin Vaaj Corsair
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180 m


75 kg





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Clan Tarentum, House Tridens



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Odin’s Character History

Odin “Mad Thunder” Rai Vaaj Corsair is a Sith Battlemaster and devoting himself to the Arts of Pain in his fervor of Sith Alchemy. “I was not born as a fighter, nonetheless I prefer to win a fight without fighting. That’s the best victory to earn.” He will choose the fights as his last options to the matters he encounters. He is blessed with unique sense of investigating things, thus becomes his dedication as a researcher and Sith Inquisitor on the other side of his life.

Timid Confinement: Early Ages

The Cherish Days

Losing the Ties

The Adventure: Jedi Healer

Escape in the Darkness

A Gloomy Scene: A Hope or Distrust?

The Rising Passage

Future Break

Home of the Undead

The Brothers to Mend

"You’re not born to win, but to defend "
Karel’s comment at Odin in the middle of a ground combat

The Abyssal Pain: Sole Rumination

The Aether of the Corsairs

DJB Facts

Positions Held


Memorable Achievements


  • ICTE All Star 1x
  • The First Champion in Event #4 Outer Rim War 3

Personal Accomplishments

  • Odin tries his best to improve himself in various aspects of combats. Going down to the battlefields with average ability and low opportunity to win, the results prove on the contrary in some occasions. However his intention to always get better avoids him to be neither drowning in diminutive satisfaction nor haughty.

"Above the sky, there is still always another sky. "
―Odin Vaaj’s motto

Training Lines

In time of sharpening his knowledge and skill, Odin went through some training. Even though the Dark side of the Force is mere individual attainment and unique to one another, as lectured in the Dark Side Compendium, however he would not forget the friendship, as an “affection” to empower his dark side liveliness.

Learning to

  • DJM Zero Tarentae (The Envoy in Odin’s early time in the Brotherhood)
  • SWL Rekio Corsair-Tarentae (Leadership Mentor)
  • SBL Ma’ar Tyrius Ga Tyr (Odin’s Knighthood Master)
  • SBM Karel Tarentae (Odin’s mentor at ground combat)
  • KAP Selene d’Tana (Continuing Ma’ar’s tasks to Odin in Arcona to reach his DJK)

Formal learning to

  • DJM Anshar Kahn Tarentae – The Consul of Clan Tarentum (in Odin’s time as the Aedile and Quaestor of House Tridens)

Teaching to

  • SBM JScumm
  • DJK Kyra Starfire
  • JH Sikes Aurelius (MIA)
  • PRT Vampre Gortose

Upcoming Objectives

  • Dedicated himself in the path of Watchers, Clan Tarentum Power of Necromancy
  • Always searching time to serve Clan Tarentum and the DJB as general
  • Finding a cruel mentor to drill him about better writing


  • Odin had to deal with his dial-up in such horrible pings. It was a marvel to him so far; he could play such games and won a few.