Archean Erinos Tarentae

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Archean Erinos Tarentae
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Archean Erinos Tarentae is a young Sith Battlemaster of House Tridens in Clan Tarentum. A cunning Warrior and a great friend, Archean is known for his commitment to his friends and to his Clan, but is feared by others who have made the mistake of crossing his path during times of war.

The Beginning

The Family

Alexander Crayne was born in 8 ABY to his parents Malcolm and Kylie Crayne. Malcolm, his father, was a well respected Senator in the Corellian Parliament, having passed many important laws that were imperative to the well being of Corellia and all it's surrounding cities. His mother was a homemaker. Her career was cut short when Alexander and Ladelle were born. Before that, she worked at a bank as a Secretary. Alexander had a sibling, an older sister named Ledelle. Alexander began his life in the capital of Corellia, Coronet. Alexander had many friends around Coronet, all of them usually his Father's Colleague's kids. As Alexander grew he began studying Politics at a very young age, one day hoping to follow in his father's footsteps.

The Incident

One night when the family was asleep an intruder broke into their house and began rummaging through their things. The Assailant silently walked up the stairs into the Crayne's Master Bedroom, with what was later reported as a vibrosword, the thief used the butt of the sword to repeatedly bash the face of Malcolm. Kylie awoke to the sound only to see the attacker batter her husband, Witnesses said cries could be heard all the way down the street. The thief tied both Malcolm and Kylie up. The kids both woke up and ran through the house to see their parents. Alex and Ladelle were both told to run. Archean has not found out the exact details of his parents demise as it pains him too much.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Many years passed since The Incident occurred, Archean stayed in Corellia but hid away for a while, rarely leaving his new house. He trained every day and grew his hair long. Alexander changed his name to Archean so the assailant couldn't trace him. Archean walked to the city many times, as his house was not far from there. He stumbled upon a patrol of Jedi. Alex at the time didn't think anything of it because Jedi were always on Corellia, having meetings.

One of Archean's walks through the city he was stopped by a person he had never met before, which was odd as this never happened before. The mystery man was a Dark Jedi from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Specifically house Tridens from Clan Tarentum. The Incident that claimed the lives of Archean's mother and father was actually a carefully orchestrated plot by Clan tarentum to kidnap the child and take him back to Yridia. Archean to this day does not know of this.

Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir asked Archean if he would like to go back with him to Yridia and be a part of Clan Tarentum. Archean went with him and began his training as a Dark Jedi.


The Corellian arrived in the hangar of Castle Tarentum. Looking around with anxiousness and excitement he saw many other people going about their business. They were chatting away, fixing their ships, doing every day things.

After Archean's induction, he hasn't looked back and has been lucky to be a part of Tarentum.

A chance meeting

On a standard recon mission to the planet Shili for Tarentum, Archean came across a young female by the name of Adriel. Visibily taken by the beauty of the Togruta he asked her to spend time with him, telling him of the various aspects of the planet and the Togruta culture. Watching her, Archean sensed her ability to do things far beyond what a normal Togruta could do. Her reflexes were above standard. Archean left the planet with Adriel very much in mind.

The next few years, Archean came back to the planet to see Adriel, as their bond grew and grew, Archean asked Adriel to come back to Yridia with him to study the ways of the force under his guidance. Adriel declined the first time, as her sibling was too young to look after her family. Disappointed, Archean left the planet. The Sith returned a year later to find Adriel training profusely. The time was right and Adriel left Shili with Archean to begin her training in the ways of the force.

Induction into the Tarentae

The young Warrior was escorted to a room in Castle Tarentum by his friend and Aedile Welshman Corsair Erinos Tarentae. The Warlord shuffled his Quaestor into the dimly lit room and gestured to stay where he was standing. Welshman silently moved into the darkness, which cloaked the room. Archean's force sense rose, he could sense a very powerful force connection within the walls. Archean's boosted force sense revealed that Tarentum's elite were gathered around, waiting silently for the quroum to begin. The moment had come, they granted Archean the highest honor in the Clan, the honor to use their name, Tarentae. The Sith lowered himself to one knee and bowed his head as a show of respect, his body shivering in delight, to be recognized by his peers in such a way was the greatest reward he could ever receive.

The loyalty shown to Tarentum had now been set in stone and only death can break that bond.

Death Dealer

Archean is currently studying the ways of the Death Dealer under the tutelage of Maxamillian von Oberst

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