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House Kaerner
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House Kaerner, named after Magnus Kaerner, was a part of Tarentum, formed in 32 ABY after the dissolution of House Cestus, House Tridens, and House Gladius. However, its presence in Tarentum was short-lived, as severe death and damage counts forced the clan to downsize to a house in 33 ABY. Its sister house was House Reinthaler.


Formed in 32 ABY, House Kaerner was established following Clan Tarentum's house reshuffle along with House Reinthaler.

Led by Scion Altera and Tyyravis Nami Dantes at its outset, House Kaerner quickly developed a goal, one forwarded by Scion himself: To build an elite, private fleet of fighters, one to rival or eclipse the famous Tau Squadron. The ultimate goal was to prove themselves so valuable in battle that the Sith King was inclined to make this new fighter group his personal guard fleet.

To accomplish this goal, House Kaerner had established itself as a pirate group, attacking ships and ground installments, pillaging them of all valuables that can be sold or traded. The loot was then turned into disposable income that is used to purchase ships, modify them, and train House members as elite fighter pilots.

House Kaerner never attacked targets that serve the interests of Tarentum. They often used Clan missions to forward their pirating ways, and the Clan Summit tolerated Kaerner's pirating as long as it did not interfere with Clan business. The pirate group was never named, though House Kaerner had desired to establish a name that struck fear into the hearts of their prey.


Unnamed ice base complex on Joran, the second moon of Yridia VIII.

Battle Teams

Those To Be Reckoned With

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The Reckoners continue to operate out of Eden City as an elite covert paramilitary force even without the supervision of House Kaerner. They work directly with Tarentum and Tarentum's allies in the city, taking on special and delicate tasks that only a highly trained group could be trusted with. They also act as extra security throughout Eden City, available to handle problems and crises that the civilian police of Eden City are unable to deal with.

As masters of espionage, interrogation, and assassination, the Reckoners are a shadowy group, operating oftentimes unseen, though their existence is rumored throughout Eden City through the whispers of the populace. The Reckoners are quickly gaining a respect from the people, one laced with fear.


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Spectre continued to operate for several months despite no longer being affiliated with House Kaerner, until it was closed near the end of 33 ABY. They were a group of highly trained soldiers whose first priority was the defense of House Tarentum, and they were a special military black ops force, handling some of the more delicate of Tarentumr's pirating ventures. They also operated as a mobile militia strike force, spearheading most of the pirate assaults on ground installations.

Quaestors Emeritus

  1. Scion Altera