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Geraro (Rarely used, see Trivia) Pel
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

19 BBY

Physical Description









Dark Brown


Light Blue

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

(Light)Red sabre-NOT PINK

Lightsaber Form(s):




Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:

T/D "Falchion"

Known masters:

None Formally



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Pel is a Sith member of Clan Tarentum (formerly of House Tridens of Tarentum while it existed). He has served at every level within the Clan and House, holding them together through some dark periods (the deposing of GM Zoraan from his position, and the rule of Chi-Long as GM) that seriously demoralized the members and leaders of Tarentum.

Character History

The Early Years

Pel always wanted to be a fighter pilot, and attended the Imperial Academy (like so many others). After leaving the Academy he (again like so many others) went and joined the rebels. Quickly dismayed by their lack of organization, Pel left the rebels and returned to Imperial Space. Due to having experience in Rebel fighters, Pel joined the Infiltrator's Wing of the Emperor's Hammer. He also joined Imperial Engineering, Inc as a test pilot.

In a short period of time Pel rose to the rank of Brigadier General, and was in Command of Eagle Squadron aboard the MC-90 Warspite, as well as becoming the Chief Test Pilot for IEI, aboard the ESC Apocalypse. At this time a new entity was being formed and Pel volunteered to be a member of the Aggressor Wing. Unfortunately at this time Pel's fighter suffered both a hyperdrive and communications systems failure while on a mission deep in Rebel controlled territory. It was several years before Pel again was able to return to Imperial Space, and while he was relieved to find the EH itself still in existence, Pel was never again going to fly in a Rebel fighter. This time Pel joined the TIE Corps proper.

Finding the True Path

Shortly after joining the Corps, Pel met some other new recruits, and one already established officer aboard the mighty SSD Sovereign. The recruits were Ciara Tearnan, Hades, and Zsinj, while the officer was Zoraan. Spending off-duty hours with these fellow pilots, Pel discovered that aside from being pilots, these individuals were very in tune with the Force, specifically the Dark Side of the Force. Ciara and Hades were Krath members of House Gladius, while Zoraan was a Sith leader of House Tridens. Eventually Pel discovered that his natural piloting ability was actually a manifestation of the Force, and joined House Tridens along with Zsinj to become more learned and powerful.

Pel's piloting and organizational abilities soon had him serving as a Wing Commander aboard the ISD Colossus, when again tragedy struck his career. A wandering Force-witch took advantage of his inexperience with the Force to dominate his will, and established a strong hold over him. It took him months to break free and return to the Clan and the Corps. By this time he had been given up as lost by the Corps, and nearly so by the Clan, but Rene "Pappy" Le'Gar gladly welcomed Pel back, and took him under his wing for a while. Pel now quickly began to re-climb the TIE Corps ladder, and almost as quickly the Brotherhood ranks.

Gaining Real Power

Flight Leader led to Squadron leader and then on to Aedile of Tridens. This was shortly after the Houses had become single order, and Zoraan had gone from QUA of Tridens, to CON of Tarentum. With Zoraan's ascension to the Iron Throne, Pel was able to attain the Quaestor-ship of House Tridens. With each assumption of duties, came a commensurate power boost, as the secrets of the Dark Side unfolded to Pel, sometimes revealed to him by the out-going Sith, and sometimes scratched out with grit and determination from the very essence of Castle Tarentum. With Pel riding the coat-tails of GM Zoraan, his future ascension to the Dark Council was all but assured. At this time Pel was admitted to the Society of Envoys and swore an Oath to the Iron Throne and the Grand Master. He has never rescinded his Oath, and although the Society itself was disbanded and reformed many times, Pel still maintains the honors and traditions of his time as an Envoy.

After the tragic fall of GM Zoraan, Tarentum found itself with new leaders - Pel as PCON to CON Kodiak Tonaloc. Together they kept many from leaving the Brotherhood, and worked together to re-vitalize the three Houses. This arrangement worked well until Kodiak went off to meditate on his own, leaving the Clan in Pel's hands. Pel's old friend Ciara meanwhile had been busy leading the Krath of Gladius in all sorts of mischief. She agreed to become his PCON. Pel served the Clan capably, and no major ills befell the Clan under his leadership. It being a time of general peace within the Brotherhood, no remarkable events happened during his reign either.

Seeking True Knowledge

Eventually Pel stepped down from leading, wishing to go back to flying (and to concentrate on his TIE Corps endeavors). He was still a member of the House and Clan during the Exodus, and even served as Sith CMDR and (briefly) as Aedile again.

Putting it all Together

Pel has recently returned to the DB after a long absence spent meditating alone.

Physical Description

Pel is slightly taller than average for a human, but does not appear to be so - having spent so many years of his life in a ship's cockpit, he has a naturally stooped and hunched stance. For similar reasons his arms are much more developed than his legs, although there is no lack of grace to Pel's walk - what was lost due to disuse of physical muscles is more than compensated for in Force Attunement. His face is rather generic, no scars or birthmarks and it is beginning to show signs of aging, a slight thinning of the dark hair and a tiny bit of grey at the temples indicate that Pel is no longer a young man, yet again the Force connection keeps the physical ravages of time barely at bay. Dislike of shaving leads to a beard somewhere between perma-stubble and scrufy nerf-herder- but the strong moustache is clearly a conscious decision, a relic of the old Imperial Fashion. Pale blue eyes that are surprisingly quick to laugh for a Dark Jedi complete the man under the hood.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Pel has been Sub-Zero CMDR and Hammerhead CMDR in House Tridens

Pel has been AED (Twice!) and QUA of House Tridens

Pel has been PCON and CON of Clan Tarentum


Pel briefly used Geraro as a pseudonym during what is now called the Exodus, in order to hide his identity while openly serving as an Admiral in the EH TIE Corps.