Anahorn Dempsey

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Anahorn Dempsey
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

17 BBY

Physical Description





182 cm


65 kg





Personal Information




Lightsaber Color(s):

Single yellow blade

Chronology & Political Information
Personal Ship:

modified Delta DX-9 transport Andromeda ; Victory-class Star Destroyer Sinister

Known masters:

Joruus C'baoth



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"Una salus victis nullam sperare salutem."

Anahorn Dempsey is a woman with a mysterious past. Although some details are known, most of her past remains a mystery. Her presence on worlds and her role in certain events usually end up as classified, and so her journey through life is hard to reconstruct. The information below is limited to that which is on public record, or which she has chosen to reveal.

Character History

Early Life

Anahorn Dempsey was born of a mother who served aboard a Bothan cargo freighter. Her father is unknown, and although Dempsey has long tried to unravel the mystery of his identity, thus far she has failed. The only certainty she has is that her conception was not voluntary on her mother's part, but the exact nature itself is also a mystery. Anahorn's journey through life began at an early age, when the freighter was destroyed by Imperial TIE Fighters who discovered it to be a smuggler's ship employed by the Rebel Alliance. Ever since, she has blamed the Rebel Alliance for the death of her mother, and the life she was forced to lead.

Born on the 5th day of Selonia, in 17 BBY, Anahorn's happy childhood was a short one that ended with the death of her mother at age 10. After the destruction of the cargo freighter Holm'starn she was rescued by slavers who sold her on the slave market of [[starwars:Despayre|Despayre]} in the Atrivis Sector. Life there was rather unpleasant, as it usually was for young girls. Several years after her entry into the household of a rich merchant, in the dead of night, she massacred the family with a knife she had stolen from the kitchens and fled. Although the authorities were never able to confirm the Havital' massacre was Dempsey's work, the testimony of Jardyn, the only survivor, and her disappearance were enough the seal the verdict. And so, at the age of 15, she had her first death warrant.

Imperial Training

Soon after the events on Despayre, Dempsey joined the Imperial Navy to become a TIE Fighter pilot so she could have her revenge on the Rebels. She flew her first missions in a TIE Fighter under then Vice Admiral Thrawn aboard his flagship, the ISD Vengeance, where she was soon noticed by Thrawn for her exceptional skill in the unshielded TIE starfighters. Within a few months, she was promoted to lieutenant by Thrawn himself, faster than anyone aboard the Vengeance had ever reached that rank.

At the time of the Battle of Endor, Anahorn Dempsey served aboard the ISD Manticore. Due to hyperdrive malfunction, her ship was unable to join the Imperial Fleet at Endor, where she was to have played a starring role in the destruction of the Rebel Alliance. Because of the unforeseen betrayal of Darth Vader and the subsequent death of the Emperor, the glorious battle at Endor ended in disaster for the Empire, and ISD Manticore soon joined the Imperial Remnant under Grand Admiral Thrawn, before he, too, was killed.

Shortly after her transfer to the ISD Manticore, she was transferred to the ISD Chimaera by order of Thrawn himself. This was due to the excellent skill she had shown as a pilot under his previous command of the ISD Courageous. On the Chimaera, Anahorn soon rose to the rank of General in Thrawn's Empire, serving as a Bridge Officer on his flagship. Once she was so close to Thrawn so often, it did not take him long to notice her Force sensitivity. The reaction of his ysalamiri was very clear. Her career on the bridge of the Chimaera has always been a mystery to most, considering Dempsey's gender and the fact she was only 26 years of age at this time.

First training

Anahorn had always been interested in the ways of the Force, the Jedi, and the Sith. However, she had always feared the response of the Emperor or Darth Vader should she ever step forward with this interest, and so had hidden it from everyone, secretly learning all she could. It wasn't until she served on the Chimaera 's bridge that she got the chance to expand her learning.

Aboard the Chimaera, Anahorn received a basic training in the ways of the Force from Joruus C'Baoth, clone of the former Jedi Master Jorus C'Baoth. From him, she learned the meditation and self healing skills the Jedi were famous for, as well as developing her sixth sense and tune it into the Force. For a short while, he even instructed her in the art of dueling with a lightsaber. Unfortunately, it was during her initial instruction here that Thrawn was killed by his Noghri bodyguard Rukh. Anahorn, though present on the Chimaera 's bridge a the time, was unable to stop the Noghri. Her senses were not skilled enough to detect the betrayal and act in time to save Thrawn.

This is where her training ended, as soon after Thrawn's death, she disappeared. It is certain that she was no longer aboard the Chimaera when it was called to serve the clone of Palpatine, but the questions of how she disappeared or where she went were never answered. She has never disclosed the knowledge to anyone.

Emperor's Hammer

After this, reports of Anahorn's career are non existent, until recently when she found herself in a region of the galaxy under control of the Emperor's Hammer. She re-enlisted, and started her career anew. She again quickly rose through the ranks, and joined the Command Staff within a few months of joining, when she was offered the position of Tactical Officer, a position which she still holds until today.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

However, she always desired to learn more of the ways of the Force. Her hunger was never satisfied, even as she reached the rank of Sith Battlemaster. She realized that what the Hammer had to offer her wouldn't be enough, she needed more Force-wielders if she wanted to learn more. Even if it meant giving up her lightsaber for awhile... And even though she joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, her new rank and station not allowing her to carry a lightsaber, it is still on her every moment of the day.

Physical Description

Anahorn Dempsey is a woman with a slender figure of just above average height for a human female. Although her youth is far behind her, she manages to keep the signs of advancing age at bay, and doesn't look as old as she is. Her dark black hair is half-long and usually tied in some way. Underneath her loose fitting clothing lies a muscular form. She has green eyes and a rather pale complexion.


Historic Record
Date Event
17 BBY Born on Bothan cargo freighter Holm'starn
7 BBY Destruction of Holm'starn, sold as slave on Despayre
2 BBY Havital massacre and escape from Despayre
7 BBY Assigned as TIE pilot aboard the ISD Vengeance
0 ABY Assigned a command rank aboard the ISD Manticore
3 ABY Assigned to the ISD Chimaera
9 ABY First real Force training under Joruus C'baoth
9 ABY Death of Thrawn and disappearance
15 ABY Return to service in the Emperor's Hammer
38 ABY Joined Dark Jedi Brotherhood
38 ABY Ascension to Dark Jedi Knight in the DJB