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The Damnation became the Flagship of the Naga Sadow fleet in 38 ABY. The Flagship's initial commander was the Consul and Commander, Locke. The initial purpose of the Flagship was to assist the fleet as a juggernaut. The size and armament of the ship enables it to turn the tide of virtually any battle that it is brought into.


  • Commanding Officer – Locke Sonjie
  • Executive Officer – NPC
  • Weapons Officer – NPC
  • Navigation Officer – NPC
  • Chief Engineer – NPC
  • Wing Commander – NPC


The ‘Damnation’ spear-heads the Warhost Fleet. The Destroyer was cosmetically overhauled upon being acquired by Naga Sadow. With a generally dark grey design, it also sports two long golden stripes down the sides, as well as the exterior lighting being matched to the color scheme to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Role in the Warhost Fleet

The Flagship of Naga Sadow is a line breaker, the powerhouse of the Warhost Fleet. Outstandingly armed and outfitted, the Damnation can dramatically change the tide of any battle that it’s brought into. With its firepower and capacity to carry troops, the Damnation spear-heads just about every major operation that's undertaken by Naga Sadow.

During the Eleventh Great Jedi War, The Damnation was taken with the rest of the Warhost Fleet to Korriban to aid in the military and strategic efforts that took place. It played a pivotal role in assuring the survival of many CNS members during the combat.

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