Cymbre Kall

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Cymbre Kall
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Physical Description



1.5 m.


41 kg.


Blonde (with changing accents of amethyst, rouge, or azure)


Firey Gold

Personal Information
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Chronology & Political Information
  • Rise of the Brotherhood Era
  • Exodus Era
  • New Order Era
Known apprentices:

Kystal Wiska (deceased)



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Savant Cymbre Kall is a Dark Path Force Disciple, formerly known as Krath Archpriestess Xiao Long, The Little Dragon 小龍. She is currently a member of House Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan.

Physical Appearance

Cymbre Kall is the daughter of a human father and half Human / half Firrerreo mother. Being only one quarter Firrerreo, her appearance mostly favors that of a Human, but is unquestionably more striking.

Her facial features are what would be considered exotically beautiful, with a straight nose, high cheek bones, and full lips, often painted in what is the newest fashionable lipstick color. Although she usually wears a mischievous grin, flashing pearly white teeth with just slightly sharper canine teeth, she struggles keeping her face emotionless when needed. There is no mistaking when she is unhappy or angry. Her eyes are a fiery gold color, but without the Firrerreo trait of nictitating membranes.

Cymbre prefers to wear her hair fashionably, changing the style and color often. Her hair is not as “two toned” as a fully blooded Firrerreo. Instead, it is a mass of gentle waves of naturally light golden and flaxen blonde hair, but she often accents it with several other shades of amethyst, rouge, or azure (giving it a true - although ever changing - two toned appearance). Cymbre’s golden skin tone also shows hints of her Firrerreon roots. However, it does not turn silver when angry or frightened, another Firrerreo trait.

Under the tutelage of Chi-Long, Cymbre once took the name Xiao Long 小龍 - which means “Little Dragon”. It is no wonder why this name is fitting, for she stands only 1.5 m and weighs 41 kg. What she lacks in strength and size, she makes up in speed and agility.

Growing up on Coruscant, Cymbre was pampered by her wealthy parents. Because of this she still has a taste for fashionable attire and jewelry. Unless she is in disguise, one would never find her in what would be described as “simple robes”.

Early Life

Sunset on Coruscant
Cymbre Kall was born on Coruscant, the only child to Aradann Kall and Solana Kall. Tremendously wealthy, the Kalls spared no expense on their daughter. Cym was sent to the finest schools, given private lessons in dance and languages, and taught the art of weaponry by one of the best weapons masters on Coruscant - her own father Aradann. From a young age, she would often accompany him to Dorumaa for hunting expeditions at the Tropix Island Resort, a resort paradise known for its exotic wildlife adventures. When not traveling, or at home on Coruscant, the family spent their time at their home on the coast of the moon Alakatha’s Northern Continent.

The product of growing up in such an extravagant lifestyle, left Cymbre spoiled, entitled, and above all else - easily bored. As she became a teenager, her interests in studies and hunting with her father lessened, and her love of all that was frivolous grew. Putting aside her normal responsibilities, she spent her time surrounding herself with friends as flippant and vain as she. Spending her parents credits, socializing, and being the most shocking and in vogue of all Coruscant became her new all consuming ambitions.

Aradann and Solana tried often to get through to Cymbre about her recklessness. They had never expected any grand accomplishments from their daughter. Their idea of success was just to have her settle down a bit, perhaps eventually marry and have children, if fate allowed. But the more they pressed, the more Cymbre acted out. And as fast as she had something, she was becoming bored with it. Eventually, she found herself drinking more and partaking in Glitterstim, sometimes going missing for days. Although she was unhappy, she knew no other way fulfill her desires.

Embracing the Dark Side

A New Life

Endlessly searching for something more, she found it, as so many do, where least expected. On a typical night of partying, she found herself in a particularly seedy night club. It was there she met an enigmatic Dark Jedi named Mathais.

Fascinated by the powers he possessed, strangely attracted, and unable to say no to the man, she accompanied him back to his home. There he revealed that he had actually sought her out, watching her for a long time now, feeling her naturally strong connection the Force. He knew her dreams, he understood her, and saw within her a soul living unfulfilled.

The time had come. Cymbre could choose to stay on Coruscant, living her idle life, lost and alone day after day. She could settle down anywhere in the galaxy, live a simpler life and grow old someday. But it could never be enough. The answer was here and she embraced the Dark Side.
The Shadow Academy

Senryaku of Aquillas

Mathais escorted Cymbre to the Dark Council, where to her horror, it was decided she would attend the Shadow Academy and be assigned to House Senryaku of Clan Aquillas. Angered that she could not be trained by Mathais himself, she considered leaving all together. She was also infuriated not to be immediately given a lightsaber. After some persuasion, Cymbre resigned herself to do as the Dark Council wished and attended the Shadow Academy.

While in Aquillas, she thrived, totally embracing the Dark side and focusing her anger into crafting her newly found powers. It is also where she first met and was influenced by Syn Kaek, a man who would eventually become one of her closest confidants. She thought she was perhaps finally where she was meant to be…

But it was only a matter of time before her life came crashing down again. After the Clan’s dissolution, Cymbre, feeling jaded, decided to also discontinue her training at the Shadow Academy and go Rogue. At this time she joined The Emperor's Hammer and started her career in the TIE Corps and Directorate, making a small name for herself, but never truly finding a niche.

Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae

The late Kystal Wiska, Cymbre's only Apprentice
Realizing many of her colleagues were also still members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and encouraged by them to return, Cymbre decided to resume her Shadow Academy training. She once again left it in the hands of the Dark Council to decide her new Clan and she was transferred to House Acclivis Draco of Clan Scholae Palatinae, led by Cuchulain Darkblade Palpatine.

Shortly after her arrival on Antenora and completing her Shadow Academy training, Cymbre was elevated to Tetrarch of the House’s Dragon Guard Phyle and given the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. At this time Michael Halcyon, was beginning the first official Master-Student Program in the Brotherhood. A young woman from Zeltros by the name of Kystal Wiska was assigned as Cym’s apprentice. The two hit it off right away and became the closest of companions. After a shift in the leadership of the Clan, Cymbre became Aedile of the House which was now under the leadership of Quaestor Sabé Dracaena.

Once again, Cymbre was thriving. She felt like she was somewhere she belonged. She developed close friendships with Sabé, Kystal, and Anga Salinas. Even despite her training and new position of authority, the new Cymbre was still very much the same as the former Cymbre. Her love of fashion and material objects never faded, and although she always completed her tasks thoroughly, her general outlook on life was still more carefree than most of her fellow Dark Jedi. She and the girls of House Acclivis Draco were regularly up to their eyeballs in mischief, usually with their own Consul Cuchulain as the unfortunate victim of their pranks. However, real trouble was soon on the horizon…

Attack of the Clone

Kystal Wiska battling side by side with Cymbre Kall during her rescue on Kamino

To the confusion of the Clan Summit and to Sabé Dracaena, Cymbre abruptly resigned her position as Aedile, abandoned her close friend and apprentice Kystal Wiska, and left Antenora. It was later exposed that she had traveled to Clan Satal Keto to give up sensitive information and betray Scholae Palatinae. Understandably hurt and angry, most of the Clan sought vengeance against her.

Knowing her friend and master too well, Kystal set out to prove Cymbre was innocent of these wrong doings. She uncovered that is was actually Jerrica Karishnor, a clone of Cymbre Kall, that was behind the corruption, and aided Cymbre in her escape from imprisonment from the clone facility on Kamino. The women were able to destroy the clone and reveal the truth behind Cymbre’s disappearance to their Clansmen in Scholae Palatinae, but Kystal succumbed to her injuries from the fallout before reinforcements could arrive.

Devastated by the loss of her friend, Cymbre sank into a deep depression. Although her Clan on Antenora welcomed her back with open arms, she could no longer continue with her duties there. She spent most of her time in isolation, meditating, and questioning her role in Scholae Palatinae.

Picking Up the Pieces

Determined to make a fresh start she openly visited the Clans Naga Sadow, Taldryan, and Arcona, searching for new opportunities. During this time, she also made acquaintance with Chi-Long, a man who would influence her life with the Brotherhood for years to come. With a heavy heart, she informed Scholae Palatinae of her decision and Cymbre was soon on her way to the Arcona Citadel in Estle City, Selen.
The Arcona Citadel

Life at The Arcona Citadel

During her time in Arcona, Cymbre remained close with the members of the expanding Long Family, especially Chi-Long, often coming to him for guidance. At this time, he extended an invitation to join the Long Family and pronounced she would be named Xiao Long - The Little Dragon 小龍 (although she often still just answered to Cym or Cymbre).
The Little Dragon 小龍, shortly after taking her new name

Eager to go where she was needed, she was transferred several times from the Clan’s Houses, Qel-Droma and Oriens Obscurum, in order to lead their battle teams as either Tetrarch or Sith Commander.

Emerging beyond her Clan, she also took a post as an Eclectic Pedagogue in the Brotherhood’s Shadow Academy. She found much irony in the fact that she, who had put aside her studies on Coruscant in favor of revelry and who had withdrawn previously from the Shadow Academy, was now there to guide up-and-coming Dark Jedi. However, she took pride in her work and was well rewarded by Acxodim Pyralis for it.

A New Home

Clan Exar Kun
‎Although, she was bestowed with several achievements during her time in Arcona, she found herself becoming increasingly restless once more and craving more command than just leading Battle Team after Battle Team. Originally, leaving the Arcona Citadel to follow an opportunity in Clan Tarentum, Cymbre was shortly stopped by Chi-Long with an offer - to once again serve in House Summit as Quaestor of House Byss of Clan Exar Kun, where he had recently taken reign as Consul. She accepted, but upon arrival was shocked at the state of the Clan.

After Jac Cotelin announced the Dictum of Two Skies, the merge of Exar Kun and Satal Keto, Cym was appointed as Quaestor of House Bane in the newly formed Clan Plagueis. Although the House is eventually dissolved and she did not take on any new position, she remained in the shadows of Plagueis supporting Chi-Long until his departure as Consul.

Clan Tarentum and Disappearance

Cymbre Kall

Going back to her original plan of joining Clan Tarentum, the Little Dragon headed to the Yridia System. She quickly made a name for herself in the Clan, eventually earning herself status in the Inner Order of Tarentum. However after several years, and with no explanation, she completely disappeared.

The Return (and Swift Departure) of Xiao Long

Zeltros, a world of never ending revelry

The Little Dragon re-emerged for a short while, revealing that she had been living on the planet Zeltros in the Inner Rim.

Whether she was unwilling or unable to leave the opulent planet is still unknown, but the death of Chi-Long forced her back into her senses. She reached out to Xia Long, the new Long Family Matriarch and found that her return would be welcome.

Upon her return to the Brotherhood, she found much had changed. After consideration, she decided her best course of action would be to follow Xia Long to the Clan Naga Sadow.

However, a mere months after her reemergence, she once again went off the radar. Some speculated that perhaps it was because the changes to the Brotherhood were too new and different. Others believed because of her fickle nature and instability, she just returned to the opulence of Zeltros.

Finding Her Place

After over 6 years, rumors began spread that Cymbre had been in contact with several members of the Dark Council and many of her former allies. Many were skeptical of Cymbre’s motives. They questioned her sudden eagerness to return and demanded an explanation of her absence. She disclosed that she had simply been traveling the galaxy, living quite comfortably off her parents’ credits, but where she had been no longer mattered.

Still unsure of her place, she immersed herself in Shadow Academy studies. Fascinated with the new courses that were unavailable when she was originally a student or even when she was part of the Shadow Academy staff, she began consuming as much knowledge as possible. Her thirst for knowledge, power, and glory only rivalled that of her desire to serve the Dark Brotherhood. After briefly exploring her options back in Arcona, she decided she could better serve in Taldryan. It is here that she stepped into the role of Aedile of House Ektrosis, and then quickly transitioned to the position of Quaestor of the House.


Cymbre Kall wielding her lightsaber and favorite power - Force Lightening

  • Served as the first, last, and ONLY Quaestor of House Bane of Clan Plagueis.
  • Served as the last Quaestor of House Byss of Clan Exar Kun.
  • After the death of her apprentice, Kystal Wiska, Cymbre never officially took another student again.
  • Was once known as Cymbre Aquillarum Kall - adopting the name in honor of her first Clan, Aquillas. Although she no longer uses the name, she still holds the disolved Clan and its memories in the highest of esteem.
  • Cym is rumored to have another clone simply named "Caladhel", but she has never yet come into contact with her. As far as anyone knows, Caladhel was not involved in Jerrica Karishnor's treachery.