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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





5 foot 6 inches.


200 pounds.


Anga has thick, wavy hair flowing half way down her back. Her hair is dark brown with auburn highlights and is usually bound in a large braid during battle.


Anga’s eyes have green irises flecked with gold and black pupils with long, black eyelashes.



Personal Information

Clan Taldryan, Cuchulain Darkblade Palpatine, Timbal, Trevarus Caerick, Saitou.



Lightsaber Color(s):

DJK’s saber, Purple blade.

Lightsaber Form(s):

Shii-Cho and Soresu.

Fighting Style(s):

Hapan Boxing is the main form.

Chronology & Political Information



Dark Voice Editor.


DB present era


Clan Scholae Palatinae, House Acclivis Draco.

Personal Ship:

too poor and low ranking to have a ship of my own.



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Character History

The Beginning

Anga Salinas was born in Babali [1], the only daughter born to Tau and Kerana Salinas. This is not to say that Anga did not have siblings, but they were all male. Anga’s parents were historians and archaeologists on the planet of Babali, which was the home to one of the Obroan Institute for Archaeology [2] campuses.

From an early age Anga accompanied her parents on digs of ruins throughout the system and she was taught to keep careful notes and sketches of everything she saw. Her brothers followed their parents’ footsteps, with her brother Arepoko finding the ancient ruins of a Jedi temple on their home planet during his tenure as archaeology professor at the Institute.

A New Path

Though she enjoyed archaeology and history, Anga felt that there was ‘more out there’. Anga went to Coruscant where she worked as a weapons manufacturer’s trainee. After a short time working at this tedious job she decided to leave once more.

Eventually, Anga Joined a special branch of the Bureau of Ships and Services known as the “The Gatherers”. As a member of this special group she was able to practice her infiltration skills while tracking down and apprehending individuals who falsified their starships’ transponder codes.

Anga was on duty as an undercover agent when she met a mysterious woman. This woman told Anga about a special society that could teach her many new things and provide her with a meaningful existence. Anga accepted the invitation and made her way to this secret location.

Finding Darkness

Anga arrived at the Shadow Academy with little more than the clothes on her back and a few pictures of her family. Upon her arrival at the Academy it was clear that Anga’s strengths were in the academic areas. She was fairly inept when flying the shuttles or when practicing fighting stances with her fellow students. The only thing remarkable about her athletic abilities was that even though she was an obese woman, Anga was extremely flexible and could do a neat side kick.

The Power of the Dark Side

Upon her graduation from the Shadow Academy Anga was once again approached by the mysterious woman. This woman identified herself as being Sabé, the Quaestor of House Acclivis Draco. This was the home of the Krath within Clan Scholae Palatinae. This woman had felt the Force flowing through Anga, though at that point in time the Force was neutral. The stranger felt that Anga could be molded into a useful part of the Brotherhood, and House Acclivis Draco, thus she extended an invitation to join them. Anga accepted the invitation, determined to make her own path in life.

Clan Scholae Palatinae

It did not take long for Anga to feel as if she belonged. With a lot of hard work she was able to get promoted and eventually she was invited to participate in the Master-Student Program with Timbal as her Master. She felt this was a great honor and privilege as he and his fiancé, Alisande Sayeesa also known as Kerridwen (Kerri) Jorddyn [3][4], had taken her under their wing and made her feel as though she belonged. They soon became an inseparable threesome.

Timbal and Anga made a great team, winning first place in the Master-Student Competition’s Team Events and with Anga, helped by her Master, placing first in the Master-Student Competition Personal events.

A Time of Upheaval

Tragedy Strikes close to home

A year after joining the Clan, Anga was attending Timbal and Ali’s wedding as a bridesmaid when she received the news that most of her family had perished when their archaeological camp was attacked by raiders. The attackers were looking for artifacts that they could sell in the black market. There was only one survivor, Anga’s youngest brother Aramí.

Cuchulain, the father figure in CSP, helped console her and channel some of the raw fury she had. He and Trev made the decision that having some Clan responsibilities would help her get on with things and keep her mind occupied. This is when Anga became House Envoy.

A New Chapter

Anga flourished in her new position but nothing helped her get through this difficult time as her newfound friendship with Sharad Taldrya Hett, the Obelisk High Commander of the Brotherhood.

Her relationship with the OHC continued to grow until people in the HAD fortress had begun to think that Sharad lived there with them. It came as no surprise when Sharad proposed in the midyear of 17 ABY. Anga accepted his proposal and began planning the wedding.

Anga and Sharad on their wedding day
Soon after accepting Sharad’s proposal Anga felt the need to leave CSP to follow her fiancé into Clan Taldryan. There she was welcomed and assigned to Phoenix Phyle of House Ektrosis. Here she made friends with Lady Alanna Taldrya and Bubbles, two high ranking women who were of strong mind and soft hearts. Even though she began to feel accepted, Anga still had regular contact with the family she’d left behind in CSP. They were all invited to the wedding, which finally took place in late 21 ABY.

The Exodus: Time of Pain, Anger and Confusion

Tragedy hit close to home during the Exodus, when Ali decided to stay behind with some of the others who had been brainwashed by the tyrants.

Timbal had disappeared and left his son to be raised by Saitou, who didn’t know what to do with a child to raise. Anga took time off from her duties in order to help him out as much as possible with frequent visits and constant communication to show her support.

House Ektrosis

Anga took her duties in the Dark Brotherhood very seriously, but was occasionally forced to go on hiatus to search for those who killed her family. She was joined by her brother Arami in this quest.

Her career in Ektrosis was choppy, but when she was present Anga was very active and noticed wherever she went. Clan members generally like her and made her feel welcomed. She was even given the job Battle Team Leader for Hex at one point. This was a position she would only hold for a few weeks as she had gotten news about the whereabouts of the men who killed her family.

Yuuzhan Vong War

After a long absence, during which Anga and Arami found and killed her family’s attackers, she came back just in time to find that the entire system was under attack by fierce invaders known as the Vong.

Anga put all her efforts into helping the Brotherhood defeat the Vong [5]. At one point she even tried to establish diplomatic relations with CSP in order to make sure that all of the Brotherhood forces formed a united front against the enemy. This ideal crumbled when Clan Tarentum and Clan Naga Sadow forces turned their weapons on Taldryan.

After the bitter battle that followed, and the forced retreat, Anga could not believe that the Clans had turned against each other at such a critical time. She began to doubt the survival of the organization as a whole.

Returning Home

As the clans were fleeing from Antei and trying to recoup, Anga felt as though she needed to return to her roots. After much soul searching, and discussions with people who were important to her, Anga finally came to the decision to leave Taldryan and rejoin CSP.

Sharad was not happy with the decision but knew that this was something Anga needed to do. They worked out a schedule that allowed them to spend as much time as possible in each other’s company.

This warbanner shows Anga's ties to both Ektrosis' Phoenix Phyle and House Acclivis Draco
Anga and Sharad during one of their Leaves of Absences from the DB

DJB Facts

  • Married to Sharad Taldrya Hett
  • Was part of the Master/Student Program with Timbal as a Master.

Positions Held


  • Once tie dyed Cuchulain’s robes, with some other girls, as an effort to revitalize HAD.
  • With the help of Sabé, Ali, and Cym Anga redecorated HAD HQ by hanging yellow smilie faces on every wall, once again an effort to revitalize HAD.
  • Was known to dress Colonel Ernie, the squirrel, in tutus and get him drunk.
  • Loves the quirky clan trivia that is used in the fiction writing…Colonel Ernie, Jay’s underpants, cookies, ice-cream, pies.
  • Placed first place in the Master-Student Competition: Team Events.
  • Placing first in Master-Student Program Competition: Personal Events.

Clan Scholae Palatinae Title Of Nobility

Anga was made a Baronness within Scholae Palatinae Titles of Nobility system, and as such was:

Anga Salina's cloak and clasp show her ties to HAD and the Krath Order
  • Granted the right to wear the cloak and clasp of corresponding House Acclivis Draco
  • Awarded an honor guard of one soldier
  • Awarded a parcel of land