Elyon de Neverse

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Elyon de Neverse
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

37 BBY

Physical Description





1.65 m


70.0 kg


Long brown



Personal Information

Alice de Neverse


Dax de Neverse



Lightsaber Color(s):


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Chronology & Political Information



Republic era, New Order era

Personal Ship:

Sheathipede-class Transport Shuttle

Known masters:
Known apprentices:
  • Eva Gagemon


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"“Even in the greatest darkness, I still believe that the light can never go out.”"
―Elyon de Neverse

Elyon de Neverse is Human Jedi, and comes from an old family situated on the moons of Naboo. A member of Clan Odan-Urr she was originally part of the Old Jedi Order. From the beginning, Elyon was a good pilot. After Elyon joined the Old Jedi Order, she became a healer at the Jedi Temple thanks to her Master, the overall Chief of Jedi Healers. These skills helped her to survive Clone Wars and Order 66.

Character History

Early life (37BBY - 32BBY)

As a child, she roamed Theed, watching people, and trying to help them. At this time she noticed that she could do things which none of her family could do, hinting at a connection to the Force. This was quickly suspected by her parents, an engineer and pilot respectively, as she benefitted from an innate understanding of nearby technology.

Apprentice and Padawan (32BBY - 22BBY)

Her life changed when she met a visiting Jedi Master at the age of seven. She was trained as a youngling by Master Yoda and served the Chief of Jedi Healers as a Padawan before the start of The Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars (22BBY - 19 BBY)

Elyon was fifteen years old when the Clone Wars began, and became a Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. She primarily served as a healer, assisting her Master in healing all Jedi that returned back from war to Temple. However, thanks to her pilot abilities, Elyon also fought in a number of siege battles and reconnaissance flights.

She participated in a number of major engagements, notably helping to evacuate areas being targeted by the Malevolence and the Battle of Coruscant. Elyon returned to Naboo several times during The Clone Wars, notably during the Blue Shadow virus crisis. This virus was created by Doctor Nuvo Vindi to use against the Jedi and Clone Army. After the crisis’ end, Elyon felt the need to find her family and see if they had been impacted by the war.

The Last Days of The Clone Wars and Order 66

Elyon was serving as a healer on Kamino when Chancellor Palpatine executed Order 66. That was the darkest day in Elyon’s life, watching Clones she considered to be friends turning upon her. Only with the guidance of the Force did she escape Kamino and hid on Naboo moons. As the Jedi were hunted down one by one, Elyon chose to disappear. Holding onto several holobooks and a single holocron with knowledge of the Jedi Order, she knew that it was only a matter of time before the Sith sensed her. To escape them, she carbon froze herself and these items, guarding them until the day the Jedi could rise once more.

Elyon’s family hid her carbon frozen body in an old temple of the Elders on Naboo’s second moon, Ohma D'un. Only temple keepers, members of the Church of the Force, knew of her existence. This secret was kept within her bloodline until the temple was found by two members of Clan Odan-Urr: Ka Tarvitz, and Gui Sol. She awoke to a very different age.

Modern Age (38 ABY - Present)

Elyon awoke to a different galaxy. Sixty years passed from the end of The Clone Wars, and with it both her family and the Jedi Order were gone. Both Jedi wanted to help her, so they suggested that it would be better to stay on Naboo and acclimatize to this new time.

After a few months of peaceful life on Naboo, Elyon yearned to return to her past duties. The Jedi Order was her life and she had promised to guard and share its knowledge with others. So, she pleaded for an opportunity to join the New Jedi Order. Jedi accepted Elyon’s argument and decided to help her join the Odan-Urr. Tarvitz was chosen to become her Master and finish her training, given his knowledge of the old Order.


Elyon de Neverse is a girl with long brown hair that reaches half her back. Her round pink face is highlighted with kind blue eyes and always adorns a friendly smile. She is a medium figure with strong arms and agile feet.


Elyon is someone who will never leave anyone in the lurch. According to her, helping others is the goal of healers as well as the entire Jedi Order. She considers herself a direct person who demands the same from others, as Honesty and the ability to admit a mistake are a very important aspect of life.

Elyon’s main advantage, however, is that she differs and deviates from the ranks. She doesn't want to go with the crowd, quite the opposite. She is an infinite optimist who tries to find something good in everything. She is emphatic, alive, and strong in the things she believes in and is willing to do anything for them. She cares about everything she does and always tries to be a support, a good and beneficial member of all societies.