Divine Reborn

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Divine Reborn
Organizational Information
Title of Leader:

Master Drosk Nunes


New Reborn



Official Language(s):



Marka Ragnos

Historical Information
Planet of Founding:


Other Information
Notable Members:
  • Master Drosk Nunes
  • Lord Remus Xemo
  • Lord Pekka Yalawari
  • Lord Antar Nakcohh
  • Lord Ravened Magnum
  • Lord Kennex Mariell
  • Lord Bhindi Tisa
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The Divine Reborn is a faction of the New Reborn, who were defeated on Korriban by Luke Skywalker and Jaden Korr.


After the defeat at the Battle of Korriban, a few remaining Disciples of Ragnos fled to the Maw and sought refuge at Sinkhole Station. There they learned the methods of the Mind Walkers and continued to build their skills in the ways of the Force. The Mind Walkers were a group of force-sensitives, much like the Disciples of Ragnos, but they had learned how to separate their minds from their bodies in order to go to a realm of the Force called “beyond shadows”. The group did not originate from a single Force-tradition, but many various traditions. The Disciples learned from this and adapted it to their needs and desires.

The Disciples once again grew in power and numbers, with a human named Drosk Nunes placing himself as their leader. In 30 ABY, Nunes appointed himself the rank of Reborn Master and created a new faction of the Disciples called the Divine Reborn. Reborn Master Nunes and his handful of followers left Sinkhole Station in search of recruiting new members and continuing on with their main purpose of once again resurrecting the ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos. From there they moved their headquarters to the planet Elom, while a few remained searching the Outer Rim. Drosk personally trained Remus Xemo, Pekka Yalawari, Antar Nakcohh, Ravened Magnum, Kennex Mariell, and Bhindi Tisa, before giving each the rank of Lord, and allowing them to train their own students. During the Divine Reborn's attack on House Marka Ragnos, all members wound up killed and most notably Drosk being killed by Teu Pepoi while captured.


  • Drosk Nunes leads the Divine Reborn
  • Lord Remus Xemo, Pekka Yalawari, Antar Nakcohh, Ravened Magnum, Kennex Mariell, and Bhindi Tisa, each command a group of 6 to 12 Dark Jedi.


Drosk Nunes

Drosk Nunes is the equivalent of a Equite 4. He is a human from

Remus Xemo

Remus Xemo is the equivalent of a Equite 2. He is a former Mandalorian that almost killed Kano, and has known Kano for some time before becoming a Dark Jedi.

Pekka Yalawari

Pekka Yalawari is the equivalent of a Equite 1.

Antar Nakcohh

Antar Nakcohh is the equivalent of a Equite 1.

Ravened Magnum

Ravened Magnum is the equivalent of a Dark Jedi Knight.

Kennex Mariell

Kennex Mariell is the equivalent of a Dark Jedi Knight. Kennex is a human male from Agamar.

Bhindi Tisa

Bhindi Tisa is the equivalent of a Dark Jedi Knight. Bhinidi is the only female lord, and is a Twi'lek.

Dark Jedi

Each Dark Jedi under the command and training of the Lords, have a working lightsaber, and are the equivalents of Proselytes all the way up to Jedi Hunters. These dark Jedi are various species and races.